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Sunday Sex.

When they'd first gotten together, and he'd first said the phrase, and mentioned that it was one of his favorite types of sex, Brennan had rolled her eyes. "It doesn't make sense that days of the week can have types of sex, Booth."

But he'd just smiled, satisfied and sure, as he'd traced his fingertips all along her bare back. "You'll see when we have some, Bones." And when Sunday morning came around, he'd kept her in bed all day, lazily making her come over and over.

"Mmmmmm…" she'd sighed toward the end of the day after a particularly sweet orgasm from his particularly sweet mouth. "You have proved yourself true, Booth."

He'd laughed against her thigh and kissed her belly as he moved up her body, resting his elbows on either side of her shoulders. A lazy smile crossed over her lips as she lolled her neck on her pillow, her hair splayed out over the everyday white cotton. She lolled. In bed. On a Sunday afternoon.

The reality had surprised her, but she hadn't complained. Not one bit. He'd kissed her lightly and gently wrapped her legs around his waist before rolling them both to their sides as he began a smooth thrusting in-and-out motion.

And Sunday after Sunday turned into week after week, then month after month, and then a year, and then another year.

On this particular Sunday, Brennan stretched comfortably in their bed, arching her back against the perfect mattress. She looked around the room, noticing she was alone. She'd dozed a bit after some early morning sex and cuddling with Booth, but it took her a minute to register the sound of the shower from the bathroom. In actuality, he'd shut the shower off, and it was the ensuing silence that caught her hearing.

A sly grin slipped over her lips as she slid from the still warm sheets. There was a slight chill to the air, and she looked around for something to cover up in before spotting Booth's quickly discarded white dress shirt from the night before hung haphazardly from the end of their bed. They'd both stripped quickly as soon as they'd gotten home from their night out to dinner with Hodgins and Angela. As Brennan pulled on the shirt, buttoning it mostly all the way up, she felt a warmth emanate from the inside out. When she'd been in college, she would see people on double dates and wonder at the possibility of having a boyfriend and mutual friends who were also in romantic relationships. Her partnership with Booth had put an end to the boyfriend part, until he'd become her…well, whatever they were to one another. They didn't use titles very often. Not here, where it was just the two of them.

Brennan could see the door to the bathroom was open, and she walked toward it, feeling the bottom hem of his shirt against her upper thighs. She still felt a tiny thrill in wearing his shirt with nothing underneath, partly because it made her feel as if he was only hers, and also partly because of the look in his eyes that let her know he was thinking the same thing.

Sure enough, when she leaned in the doorway to the bathroom, his eyes met hers in the mirror, and he smiled, letting his gaze follow her reflection from the top of her tousled hair down to her painted toenails. He met her eyes again and grinned. "Morning, baby."

Rather than be annoyed at that nickname, she sidled up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He was slightly damp from his shower, dressed only in a snug pair of midnight blue cotton boxers. They molded to his thighs and buttocks and to the snug fit of his penis. He smelled clean and kind, and when she looked around his shoulder, she saw he'd pulled out his shaving kit.

"You're shaving?" she asked, surprised. "On a Sunday?" A frown furrowed her brow and she rested her cheek on his arm. "Are we going somewhere today? I thought we were staying in."

Booth patted her thigh beside him and leaned forward, moistening a face towel to begin. "We aren't going anywhere except back to bed. And I'm shaving because…" his eyes met hers again over the white towel he'd chosen to use on his face. "Because the last time we did this…"

With a purposeful gaze, he looked her over once again from head to toe, and Brennan felt the memory of whisker burn all up and down her body. "I see," she nodded, hoping the warmth she felt wasn't manifesting in a blush. "Then I say…continue."

Booth chuckled, and she felt the movement beneath her hands against his stomach.

"I'm going to watch, though," Brennan insisted, and Booth lifted one eyebrow.

"Okay, Bones." He shrugged a shoulder. "If you insist. It's not that interesting."

"I disagree," Brennan argued and watched him prepare the shaving cream and his straight razor. "I always find you interesting."

He paused, and she saw a flicker of uncertainty in his eyes, as if he still couldn't quite believe his luck. Then he smiled to himself and got to work.

And as he began his process, she was struck once again at how inherently male he was. Long, lean muscles, narrow hips, large hands, dark eyes…

Brennan couldn't help but trace her fingers along his back and spine as he began to lather up his cheeks and chin.

"Whoa," his hips rocked forward a bit. "Oookay…uh," Booth let out a nervous chuckle. "Razor in my hand here, Bones."

She just smiled against his back and shoulder. "You can handle it. Weren't you trained to stay focused?" As she asked, she slipped her fingers around his waist to tease his stomach.

He groaned and closed his eyes for just an instant. "Nothing in my life ever could have trained me for you, Bones."

She knew it was a compliment because his voice was low and soft in the way it was when he wanted her to know something he considered very important. They smiled at one another, once again struck by the idea that this…thing between them…it was actually working. They were actually living together, and for the most part…it worked. Brennan knew that for all of her accomplishments, learning to live with Booth was one of her biggest challenges. After so many years of living alone, every once in awhile, her spine still stiffened when she heard his footsteps down the hall or rolled over in the morning to feel him there. And sometimes, she grew more annoyed with him, in ways she had never really considered. But also, she was finding that she liked it. She liked living with him. Booth had long intrigued her, and a part of her had feared that living with him would mean she had nothing new to learn. But he still had little quirks she'd never known about. Things like sorting his change by president or that he liked to cook breakfast foods for dinner. And that he used a straight razor…like this…

The scent of his shaving cream was heavy in the air, and it turned her on. Normally, she only caught a faint whiff of it along the crisp neckline of his shirt, when she kissed his cheek and helped him straighten his tie. But here, in the warm steam leftover from his shower and with their shared body heat, he smelled amazingly sexy. Her nipples pebbled under his shirt and she gasped slightly, unable to prevent her hips from rocking forward against his hard ass as her fingers began to caress his stomach and chest.

He was so hard, all over, and she knew he was trying to concentrate. She met his gaze in the mirror again and watched as he pulled the sharp straight razor across one cheek. The scraping sound was primal and close and represented everything that was dangerous about him. Her nostrils flared at the sight, combined with the scent and feel of him beneath her hands. She could see him growing aroused at her touch as well, and it was impossible for her to stop herself from placing soft kisses against his back and shoulders.

"Bones…" he grunted out a soft groan. "You're killing me here. Can't you wait just two minutes?"

Her response was to skim her fingertips down below his belly button and toy with the edge of his boxers. "No, I can't. And it doesn't look like you can either…"

This time he grunted out a soft groan combined with a laugh, and she knew she'd won. Smiling to herself, she tightened her arms around his waist. "Concentrate," she purred in his ear as she began to caress him through his boxers.

His jaw stiffened and his hand clenched at his side before he widened his stance a bit and leaned forward, keeping his eyes on his work.

Brennan grew more and more aroused by his complete competence. In his eyes she saw nothing but absolute control. "Impressive," she murmured and then was surprised by the slight twitch in his penis at the sound of her voice. A satisfied smile curved up her lips, and she measured the way the waistband of his boxers was pulling away from his body, his cock so hard it pulled his boxers away from his skin. Gently lowering the waistband, she allowed his penis to rest against his belly before placing his boxers back in place, the head of him protruding over the top. With one hand, she cupped his cotton covered testicles, and with the other hand, she traced soft patterns on the bare and rosy tip of his penis.

"Fuck, Bones…" Booth hissed and his hips, back, and shoulders shuddered. He set his palms on the counter for an instant, rocking into her hands a few times before steeling his shoulders and widening his stance, using his shaving cream along his neck line.

Except for her hands, Brennan stood completely still, her eyes pinned on Booth's reflection in the mirror. His bare chest was muscled and strong. His stomach muscles were defined and dark against the pale skin of her arms wrapped around him. His hips were narrow, his thighs set. She rested her cheek against one of his shoulders and watched him carefully swipe away at the shaving cream he'd applied. Willing her body to stop trembling, she clenched her muscles, knowing that even one rock of her hips might cause his hand to slip. It was dangerous. It was intimate. It was hot.

"You are incredible, Booth," she couldn't help but murmur when he wiped his razor clean and applied more cream to the soft skin above his upper lip.

He didn't acknowledge her, and she knew he was concentrating on holding it together. Still she continued her light touches between his legs, and she felt his stomach muscles contract when a drop of fluid pearled at his tip. Brennan used a light fingertip to spread it around, and he swallowed hard, closing his eyes once and inhaling deeply through his nose before he opened his eyes and began to work again.

Brennan felt her own arousal, so heavy she could feel it against her thighs, and she wondered if Booth's shirt was getting wet. That turned her on even more, and she began to rub her thighs together, if only to stem some of her desperation. The mirror expanded her arousal exponentially, the sight of her hands on his body was something she'd never seen before, not like this.

Then before she knew it, he was bending over the sink, running water into his hands before splashing it onto his face. His back muscles flexed and in the span of the next instant, he'd tossed his towel to the side and whirled around.

Brennan gasped and almost came from the look in his eyes. "Booth…" escaped her lips in a gasp. Where she'd thought she'd held the upper hand while he shaved, she now saw that he'd just been biding his time. His barely leashed control had been unleashed, and now she had nowhere to go.

She had nowhere to go except for forward, and she practically lunged at him, desperate to run her lips over his cleanly shaven cheeks and chin. But he was too fast for her, and he grabbed her, turning her body so her back was to him, and she was now facing her own reflection in their bathroom mirror, his dark and hard body looming behind hers. She could see her nipples pointed straight ahead, poking at the crisp cotton of his shirt. His hands were pinned to her hips, and his erection pressed against her ass, her bare skin tingling underneath his shirt. He buried his face in her neck, and she felt his cheeks and smelled his aftershave and trembled under his touch.

"Are you wet?" he growled, pressing just a fraction harder with his fingertips on her hips.

"Yes," her head lolled back against his shoulder. "Oh, yes."

"Good…" was all he said as he began to rub his hands up and down the outsides of her thighs. The pressure caused the ache between her legs to intensify and she groaned, rubbing her bottom against his front. He nipped at her shirt covered shoulder before pulling back a bit. "Do you have one of those hair tie things?'

Brennan opened eyes she didn't even realize she'd closed. Over near her sink, she noticed a small elastic band, and she reached for it, meeting his eyes in the mirror.

He nodded and began to nuzzle the skin under her ear. "Pull your hair up," he murmured, and she was quick to act, pulling her hair up into a messy knot on top of her head. "Yeah," he kissed against her bare neck. "Just like that. I want to see you and kiss you here."

"Oh, Booth…" Brennan stared at their reflection, slightly amazed that after all the time they'd been together, he still managed to excite her so damn much. Then again, they'd never done it like this.

She knew what it felt like to have Booth kiss her all over, but seeing him devour her neck took the experience to a higher level. He was behind her, and around her, but seeing him in front of her too made her core literally ache to be filled by him. A thrill jolted through her limbs when the back of his shirt rode up a bit, allowing his erection to brush against her bare skin. "Booth…please, more. I want you inside of me. Now."

He wasn't in the mood to tease any longer either, and he wrapped one arm around her waist as he used his other hand to peel his boxers down to snug against his thighs. She felt his penis spring free against her ass, and she ground back against him, desperate cooing sounds emanating from her lips. "Now, Booth…please," she gasped. It crossed her mind that she could turn and take matters and him into her own hands, but there was something elementally desirous in watching it all unfold.

Her fingers went to the top buttons of his shirt, but he stopped her with a hand on her wrists.

"No," he commanded in his low, sure way. "Leave it on. I want to see you like this."

Brennan felt her breasts tighten immeasurably harder, her nipples scraping gently against the shirt. Booth noticed and rubbed her with his thumb and index finger. Soft pinches and rubs designed to soothe and arouse. "Yes…mmmm…yes, Booth…" she cried out, forcing her eyes to stay open.

But she was so entranced by his touch on her breasts that she was shocked when the head of his cock came to rest gently against the opening of her core. Brennan shoved her hips back, taking him in, and Booth moved forward, crowding her from behind as he entered her slowly. This position and angle didn't allow for very deep thrusts, but they were both so primed that the connection was still enough to make them groan in unison, clenching onto one another for support.

Brennan met Booth's gaze in the mirror across from them and didn't look away when he gently pulled her earlobe between his lips and tugged. The action caused a simultaneous tug of her internal muscles against his sliding penis, and she rolled her hips in reaction. Oh, this was going to be good. Watching Booth loving her and feeling it at the same time was the best erotica imaginable. His hands settled on her upper thighs as he rocked forward and back, never leaving his feet, just sliding in and out of her in smooth strokes. Brennan relied on his strength as she leaned back against his chest, reaching back to rub his hips and buttocks in her hands before letting her hands squeeze and press against her breasts to alleviate her intense arousal.

Booth groaned at that image and pressed his face to her shoulder. "Fuck, Bones…you make me so hot. I can't think, I can't do anything but just…"

His teeth sank into the skin of her neck before his tongue and lips gently soothed the mark.

"Oh, Booth!" she cried out, craning her neck back to grab at his lips with hers. Desperately, she moaned into his mouth as his movements between her legs became slightly less rhythmed and more erratic. Her own hips rocked back in time to the smooth slide of his tongue in her mouth. When she gasped for air and pulled back, he placed sucking kisses along the skin of her throat.

"Enough," Brennan pled. "Fuck me, Booth. Make me come. I need to come. Please…"

"Okay," he nodded, letting his hands rest against her thighs again. Very lightly, he ran an index finger around her clit. Once. Twice. Then once more, just to tease her a bit.

Brennan rested her hands on his forearms and her nails bit into his skin there, her blood nearly bursting from her veins in an attempt to release all the pressure she was feeling. "Now."

"Okay," he repeated in a growl and then gently unbuttoned the bottom two buttons of his shirt, pulling back the material with his hands until her upper body was clothed in his white dress shirt, but her lower body was bare to him from the waist down. With the curtain of his shirt pulled back, they both could clearly see the way his penis slid in and out of her welcoming body, and Brennan shuddered. Booth let out the deepest and darkest moan Brennan had ever heard. Without looking, she knew he was watching their joining just as she was. His hands were on her hips, his shirt bunched up under his palms. Brennan twined her fingers in his, feeling the calloused skin of his fingertips in contrast to the white cotton there.

And then they watched.

They watched as his dark length disappeared deep into her pink flesh. Over and over. Mesmerizing. Intoxicating. Intimate. Desperate. Comforting. Special. New. Safe. Welcoming. Sliding. Clenching. Gasping. Inhaling. Coming.



"Oh, Bones…look up, please, Bones. Please look up." Booth called out her name as she clenched around him. Brennan's eyes widened and she looked up to see him staring at her face. She could see what he saw when she came, and she gasped, her eyes wide, her lips parted.

Her cheeks were flushed, her neck pink, his shirt draped over her skin. But her eyes…they were blue and bright and she knew she was seeing what he got to see normally. It tipped her over into one of the most satisfying orgasms she'd ever experienced. And then she was literally tipping over as the force of her climax caused her to pitch forward, grabbing at anything she could. Her hands clasped the sink as she bent over, pulling in deep breath after deep breath. The new angle caused Booth to slide in even further, and he groaned. She felt him harden further and spread her legs, hanging on and watching in the mirror as he clenched her hips in his hands and began to pile drive into her from behind. His neck was corded, his eyes black flame, his chest heaving, his hips rocking into her.

And she saw all of it as she felt all of it.

"Bones," he gasped. 'I'm coming. Here I come, Bones. I…I…oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…I…oh, Bones. I…Bones!" he cried out, his neck twisting to the side as he emptied inside of her.

He murmured praise to her as his thrusts began to gentle, and then he swore as his softened penis slipped from her soaking body. "Son of a bitch, Bones" he panted, gently collapsing against her before rolling to his side, leaning back against the sink and pulling her close.

Brennan wrapped her arms around him and held on tight. "That was amazing, Booth. You are so incredible."

He huffed out a breath and rubbed his hands over her body, the shirt now loose against her skin from where he'd unbuttoned it. He had enough room to roam his palms up and down her back and she sighed, placing soft and thankful kisses against his chest.

Somehow they managed to stumble their way back to their bed. Brennan continued to press light kisses against his body as she pulled the white sheet over their bodies, cocooning them in a pure and lazy hideaway.

"Bones…" her name was breathed in on an inhale, and a smile crossed his lips on the exhale. And Brennan smiled in return, kissing the oh, so smooth line of his jaw.

"Mmmm…you missed a spot," she commented when her lips hit a tiny patch of rough stubble.

"Ah," he swallowed. "Damn it." But she heard the smile in his voice as she continued to soothe him with light kisses. "I was kind of distracted though, so…"

Brennan chuckled and began to kiss down his chest. It was his turn to benefit from some Sunday Sex.

"Bones," he laughed in disbelief, his hand automatically coming to rest in her hair. He gently tugged at her haphazard ponytail until her hair spilled out, soft and long, all over his chest and belly. He grunted his approval of his own work, even as she began to lick softly at his nipples. His hips rocked up automatically, but he chuckled again, his voice hoarse and darkly laced with tired arousal. "Not that I don't appreciate this, but…there's just no way I can come again, baby. That last time…wow…"

His palm cupped the back of her neck as she kissed her way back up to his lips, lightly rubbing his tongue with hers. "Well…" she murmured, straddling his waist with her thighs. "Why don't we just see what happens. It is Sunday, after all…"

With that, she sucked lightly at the skin underneath his ear, slipping her still warm and wet flesh over his penis. "We have all day…"

Booth laughed and rested one arm on the pillow above his head while his other hand traced lazy patterns on her bare back. "Okay…okay…"

Brennan smiled against his skin and arched back into his touch. Sunday Sex was definitely one of her favorite kinds.


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