Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy IX or its characters or any of the music or artists mentioned I only own the OCs featured. This story contains violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Summary: Christie, Grace and Lysander weren't the only ones reported missing when they went to Spira. Around the same time others disappeared as well, one of them being an eccentric actress and singer named Lilith Clark. Already entwined in a feud that's lasted centuries, once she goes to Gaia that just adds to her list of problems. Lilith has to deal with Gaia, Magic oppression and her new friends in order to get home, or find somewhere to call home.

Welcome to Mystery

"Lily c'mon, this place is amazing you'll love it!" Amy said. She was dragging me to a little cafe not far off from the hotel we were staying at. She told me to be fancy so I wore a powder blue knee length dress and high silver heels while she wore a short back cocktail dress and black pumps. It was summer and it was so warm it was lovely. I really loved Paris I wanted to visit all the time.

"I'm guessing everyone's here and I am the last one, again?" I asked with a smile, walking down the avenue with her.

"Yeah because of all your conspiracy theories and shit," Amy laughed, turning the corner and grinning. "Here we are, hey Adam! Hey George!"

"Hey girls, fashionably late as always," Adam grinned, kissing the both of us on both cheeks as did George. "This place ain't too bad Amy. For someone who's only been here three times you do know to pick the best places, can't believe I didn't even spot this place." Adam had lived in Paris when he was younger, until he was nine then he moved to Chicago. Now he was back because of the school trip here for the summer for all the art, drama and music students.

"Yeah sorry about that, blame Lily here," Amy said, making me narrow my eyes at her.

"Leave me out of this," I said, sitting down. We ordered some coffee and talked about our plans for tomorrow. It was either shopping or heading to the Eifel Tower. Personally I wanted to play my guitar or something. I went into my bag and took out the small wooden fluer-de-lis inside it, holding it in my hands.

"Hey look at that cutie over there," Amy giggled, pointing to a tall blonde man playing a guitar, singing along. I listened to it, realising he was playing an acoustic version of Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics. He was good looking that was for sure, and a good singer and guitarist. He was just casual in a red shirt, dark jeans and red converses. "Oh he's got nice arms too, fuck I've love him to buy me coffee."

"Hormone overload, hormone overload," I joked, making her push me.

"Shut up Lily!" She whispered giggling.

"Ooh he's coming over," George teased, making Amy giggle even more. The man walked over to us, no longer playing his guitar. He picked up a fedora and held it out to people so it was obvious he was a busker. He got a few cents and euros off other customers before coming over to our table and I put in some loose change I had in my bag and so did my friends.

"Merci beaucoup for the generosity," He said, giving us a bow. "Any requests for your entertainment? The night is still young."

"I know what Amy wants..." I sing songed, getting another push.

"Lily stop it!"

"Enarmoured my dear?" He grinned, making Amy blush red. He chuckled and shook his head. "Unfortunately I'm too old for you, but perhaps one of the good sirs here would like to court you?"

"Get lost," George said.

"Oui, casse-toi," Adam said. I think that was fuck off in French. The man simply laughed it off and looked at me and Amy.

"Well how about the ladies?" He asked, then looked at my jewellery. "Very lovely earring you have there." My snowdrop earrings, white gold. I touched them and nodded a little awkwardly.

"They were my grandmother's before she passed," I said. The man nodded to me politely. "It was six years ago."

"I understand," He said. "Well I better be off, unless you have my interest about other things. I do love a good conversation after all."

"Lily tell him about your pal," Amy elbowed me, making me furrow my brow. "You curious Mr..."

"Call me Mr. Sol," He said. "Well Miss Lily... care to?"

"No," I said. Mr. Sol smiled gently and I sighed. "My pen pal went missing last month, and I think him and his brother and linked to those random disappearances."

"Ah yes, Irish girl, girl from Manhattan and the boy from Australia," He nodded. "Now to add to it the brothers from Glastonbury, all in bizarre freak events... certainly weird."

"Lily thinks they're a conspiracy going on," Amy blabbed. "Yeah she thinks they're all linked in some way."

"Sorry for having an opinion," I snapped. I saw a group of people across the road staring at me and I got up. "I'm going back to the hotel."

"Lily!" I heard my friends call as I went around the corner, feeling as though I was being followed.

"Miss you shouldn't walk alone," Mr. Sol was coming after me so I walked faster. "Look you're upset it's something you didn't want to talk about I apologise for making your friend blab."

"Piss off," I told him, bumping into a woman who was walking in the opposite direction. "Sorry."

"Watch it," She snapped back then went on her way. Mr. Sol was giving up.

"I know what you are," I stopped and turned around, staring at the man. I shook my head and went across the street as I stopped the group of people at the corner. I wasn't too far from the hotel and the only person on the other side of the road was a man with red hair and a black coat with silver embroidery. "Lily please listen to me this is serious it's about the disappearances."

"Leave me alone!" I yelled, turning around and glaring at him. "You're nothing but a Mad Hatter!"

"Oh yeah?" He asked. "I'm not the one who's running into traffic!" I heard a car horn and screamed, feeling my body impact against the hood and throw me forward. I landed on the road on my back as it stopped but couldn't move as I saw several cars skid in vain to avoid crashing.

I saw the man in the black coat stare at me before the cars crashed and crushed me underneath them. The man had golden eyes.