Seven years ago I fought alongside my brother Zidane against the former Queen of Alexandria and a man named Kuja. In that time we all grew into better people, stronger and wiser.

It was seven years ago we saved Gaia from its impending doom. It was far more complex than that though and even after our victory there were severe problems.

Lilith told us that four months after she and Zidane came back Lucifer came to her with a broken leg, saying he had went down to the Iifa Tree for an undisclosed reason. He departed Gaia soon after, saying he had other business to attend to. He haven't heard from him since.

Lilith had fallen pregnant with Kuja's child. After she recovered from her post-natal depression she moved herself and her son into Treno, living in the King's Estate and running the Auction House. She also became the First Enchanter of Alexandria and the castle became another home to her.

I had also become a frequent visitor of the castle. As Zidane was, in a way, my brother I could come and go from Alexandria as I pleased. I had taken up residence there now.

I had climbed the tower of the castle, staring out at the city. It was icy and cold. I didn't mind it though.

"I hope you are happy," I turned to Oblivion, who had his eyes narrowed at me. "I told Omen you were dead. Congratulations you crushed your brother."

"Took you seven years," I scoffed, looking away.

"You don't care?" Oblivion seemed tense and frustrated at me. "There is no getting through to you. Omen will still look for you and you will have to face him one day."

"I won't."

"You can't keep running," He sighed when I remained silent. "This will be the last time I speak to you, Ghost. My time is nearing its end and I will die."

"You have no heir," I said to him. "How will your power survive without and heir?"

"You are the only one capable of containing Death's power without it overpowering you," Fantastic. He'd have to tell me this when I have no choice. "You will not be my heir, but will have the power of Death until the true heir is found."

"... I accept..." I frowned. Oblivion nodded, staring out at Alexandria with me.

"I suppose you will be glad with me dead," He mused. "I will stop pestering you about speaking to your brother."

"... Make sure your death isn't in vain," We were silent. It felt strange when I realised he was dead. It felt strange to be... A substitute Death God...

Lilith's POV

Fifteen years had passed since Kuja died. I never forgot about him. Every day I thought about him. I loved him and missed him. I had grown stronger as well. While I missed him dearly I didn't let it consume me. I let his memory live on.

I told the stories Kuja told me all those years ago to my son. James was so like Kuja in many ways. He looks almost exactly like him, has his mannerisms and is also a powerful Mage like he was. He didn't hide his tail though, although he felt a little insecure about it. He respected his father greatly. I didn't hide the truth about what Kuja did but it didn't seem to make James hate his father.

He did, however, hate his step-father. Elijah and I married four years ago. We sort of hit it off during a state visit to Lindblum and we married soon after. I had to reassure James that although I loved Elijah no one would replace his father. It didn't stem Jame's dislike for Elijah. He had been away often in Lindblum attending to his duties while I remained in Alexandria.

We had a three year old daughter together. Morgan looked almost exactly like me expect her eyes were a deep grey colour. She was so sweet. James adored his little sister. I loved both my children so much.

"Mother," I looked up from my desk. I had to finish these statements for Garnet and Zidane's state visit to Burmecia tomorrow. I still had time for my children though. "When is Elijah coming back?" I didn't even bother trying to ease James into calling Elijah his father. He was too stubborn. "It's just that Tammy's been asking a lot tonight." Morgan's middle name was Temporis but we had given her the nickname of 'Tammy' which she loved.

"I'm not sure, I've not received any letters from him," I saw James frown. He had Kuja's frown. "Sweetheart is Tammy okay?"

"She's asleep now," He didn't move from the doorway. "She just wants her dad." I nodded slowly, dipping my quill into the pot and writing again. "... Mother?"

"Yes?" I signed my name at the bottom of the paper. While I wouldn't be there I would have my voice acknowledged. "James something is on your mind, you can tell me." He fidgeted with his ring. The ring Kuja gave to me. It was his now.

"I've been having... nightmares," He began. "Like something horrible will happen soon. I tried to talk to Aunt Ghost about it but she had no idea either..."

"James what are the dreams like? Are they premonitions?" I was concerned now. James was fifteen and I remembered that was around the time my powers became more potent. At least my son has someone he can go to about this...

"Sort of, I should think..." He pinched the bridge of his nose. "I keep having them every night and when I wake up I don't remember a thing." I stood, walking to the door and holding my son's shoulder.

"Let's go to the gardens."

I had my own private gardens in Alexandria castle where I grew most of my herbs. I thought if I cleared James' mind he may remember. We just walked through the moonlit gardens quietly. James seemed a little nervous, his tail twitching in anxiety.

"James is there anything else you need to tell me?" I asked. He frowned as I looked to him. He looked at the ground and stopped.

"... I feel like..." He sighed, crossing his arms. "Something is happening. Not just here but everywhere." There was only one way I could be certain was if I had a controlled prmonition.

"Sweetheart close your eyes for a moment," I touched his forehead and closed my eyes. I found his subconscious and found his dream.

I saw War, along with two men who may have been the other Horsemen. She was in a prison area, speaking to a woman who resembled her. Giving her orders.

I seen Dante, with Ghost and Omen in a beautiful city. Ghost seemed disinterested and awkward in the city as they walked but Dante was having a conversation with Omen.

The images sped up. I was losing control of them. I saw myself... shouting... fainting... hearing voices... So many voices right now.

Then War, she had a knife.

I gasped, staggering back and holding my stomach. My hands shook as I looked down. Blood was seeping out of me, staining my red dress. I felt like I was dying.

"Mother!" James caught me as I fell to the ground. I looked at him in complete shock. He had seen what I had seen. "Mother, it's okay, just hold on," He looked about frantically for any soldiers. "Help! My mother's been attacked!" I looked down the garden path. I spotted Ghost lingering in the darkness, staring at me with her mad eyes. James pressed the wound, trying to calm himself so he could try to heal me. "Someone please help! My mother's been attacked!"

The End

This concludes Welcome To Mystery. I'll soon be writing a Final Fantasy 8 story called "Pieces of Time" so keep an eye out for it.

I hope you enjoyed this story and the ones to follow.