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"ALEX! WAKE UP!" My little sister yelled in my ear. I sat bolt upright from a dead sleep and nearly burned her with a Flamethrower.

My little sister, Melody, apparently found this hilarious, and was rolling on the floor of my room, laughing.

"You keep that up, and I'll burn that little brown tail of yours right off." I growled at her. Melody gulped and pulled her tail close to her, then lay her ears back in an effort to look cute.

Unfortunately, it worked. I growled at her, and she scampered out of my room on all fours. I tossed the covers off, making sure that they didn't touch my tail, and started getting ready for school.

I sighed. Just finish this year, and it's off to college… and I still don't know what I want to be… I stood there, thinking. I finally just shrugged.

"Oh, well. If all else fails, I can just work in the family store." I grinned. "At least it pays well enough." My family sold evolution stones, TMs, and HMs for a living. None of those things came really cheap, but our family sold good quality stuff, and we sold it lower than other stores in the same general area. The closest store that rivaled our quality and prices was over five hundred miles away.

In other words, our family made pretty good money.

I then realized how late it was, and rushed to finish getting ready.

I rushed downstairs and nearly crashed into who knows how many things. I dashed into the kitchen and skid to a stop… with the stop being slamming into the wall.

I rubbed my head and winced, but it had happened so many times before that I hardly felt any pain now.

I sat down and put my tail under the chair as my mom finished making breakfast. She was a slightly plump Flareon type, so she didn't have to worry about being burned. Her fur was fire proof, anyways.

Sammy, my Houndour type sister, smiled a toothy grin at me. "Beat you again."

"Aww, go chase your tail." I retorted. "Oh, wait, you haven't evolved yet, so you don't have one!" Sammy growled.

"Stop fighting, you two." Our mom told us.

Sammy and I glared one more time at each other, then snorted out a little bit of fire each, and let it drop.

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Alex Spark, and I'm a seventeen-year-old Charmander type. I know, from the name you're probably thinking I'm a guy. Alex is actually short for Alexis, though. And you're also probably thinking She's seventeen and she's still a Charmander type? I know, I should have evolved long before now, but I have no idea why I haven't. So don't ask me.

My sisters and I gulped down our breakfast in a hurry, then grabbed our backpacks and raced for school. Sammy and Melody ran on all fours, while I just ran on two. I wasn't made for that type of running.

Maybe I should stop and explain the type thing. You see, a long time ago, to prevent our world from destroying itself, humans had to combine with the remaining Pokemon. The results were creatures that were half-human, and half Pokemon. It bred true, and here we are today.

Maybe I should describe a few of us, to give you an idea. I'll start with me. I have a Charmander's tail, muzzle, claws, skin, and coloring, but the rest of me is basically human. I can use Charmander attacks, but what attacks someone can use depends on their level. Fortunately, I was at a high level. High enough to be able to use all the attacks available to my type.

My sisters were at lower levels than I was. Sammy, the Houndour type, had Houndour fur, the metal bars, hands and feet that were a mix of Houndour paws and human hands and feet, and Houndour ears and a muzzle.

Melody, the Eevee type of the family, had brown fur with a white ruff, Eevee ears and muzzle, an Eevee tail, and, like Sammy, a mix of Eevee paws and human hands and feet.

We reached the Elementary school, and bid farewell to Melody as she dashed inside.

Just down the street was the Middle school, and Sammy sprinted to make it before the bell.

I ran across the street to the High school, went inside, and dashed down the halls to my first period class. I slipped into my seat just as the bell rang.

I was panting so hard that I accidentally used an Ember attack on my desk, setting it on fire. Meadow, my best friend, who also thankfully sat next to me, put it out with a small Water Gun.

"Thanks." I said with a smile for the Squirtle type.

"No problem." Meadow said with a cheerful grin back.

Meadow, as a Squirtle type, had the shell, tail, and coloring of a Squirtle, while the rest of her was human.

I may not be able to tell you why I haven't evolved, but I can tell you why Meadow hasn't. When she was little, she had an accident in my family's store. She fell into a large box full of Everstones, and by the time we managed to get her out, the damage had been done. Due to the influence of all of the stones, she would never be able to evolve.

Meadow didn't mind, however. She liked staying a Squirtle, so it worked out for the best.

So started the boring daily routine of school. We had to sit there, half asleep, while the teachers droned on and on, then gave us more homework than we could possibly do.

Hey, it was Friday, so I was supposed to complain, right?

Meadow and I were dragging our feet by the time we made it to last period, which was our favorite. Gym.

"Okay, you annoying little kids, pair up for battles." The teacher grumbled.

Meadow and I grinned as we faced off against each other. She shot a water gun at me, and I dodged it.

"You're getting too predictable." I told her. I then launched a tackle attack, sending her to the ground. She was quickly up again, and sent another water gun at me. This one I wasn't able to dodge, so I got drenched.

"Oww…" I groaned. Meadow didn't let up, though. She knew that if she did, I would yell at her later. She sent a bubblebeam straight at me, causing more damage.

I was on my knees, gasping in pain. I closed my eyes, and searched for something I could use. Within me, something stirred. My eyes snapped open, and Meadow took a step backwards.

My tail flame flared high, until it was almost as big as I was. I felt something tingle in my throat, so I opened my mouth, and the tingling moved there. I concentrated, and a pillar of flame, different from my flamethrower, shot out.

Meadow used withdraw, and escaped the worst of the damage. Still, when she came out of her shell, she looked pretty beat up.

"Okay…" She panted. "You win." She then sat down in exhaustion. Hard.

"You okay?" I asked, worried.

"I'm fine." She panted. She then grinned. "That was some Dragon Rage attack!"

I was stunned. I couldn't have used Dragon Rage. I couldn't be that strong… could I?

Because of our human half, we learned attacks later than a regular Pokemon would. So, say a Squirtle learns water gun at level 13. A Squirtle type would learn the attack at level 17.

So, a Charmander would learn Dragon Rage at level 43. A Charmander type would have to be at level 70 to learn the attack.

This jolted me. Not possible… I can't be at level 70… can I?

The entire class was gathered around us. Meadow had gone to see the nurse, while I just stood there dumbly.

I knew that I battled a lot, but had it been enough to make me reach level 70? I thought about that. I battled more than most people at school. Sometimes, someone wouldn't have enough to buy something at my family's store, so they would battle to make up the difference. The better they battled, the more they made up.

In fact, we had a policy. If they could defeat the one they were battling, they got the item free.

I thought back, and realized with a start that I hadn't lost a battle in over four years.

The teacher then walked up to me with a level teller. He attached the little suction cup thingy to the back of my hand, and pressed a couple buttons.

"Type: Charmander. Gender: Female. Attacks: Scratch, Tackle, Growl, Ember, Leer, Flame Wheel, Skull Bash, Rage, Slash, Earthquake, Thunderpunch, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, and Dragon Rage." The machine beeped out. The rest of the class gaped at me when they heard my attacks. "Level: 74." I started choking in surprise. The teacher had to thump my back to get me breathing right again.

"Seventy four?" I gasped when I had caught my breath. "That thing has to be wrong." The entire class shook their heads. We all knew that the machine was never wrong. And I had used a Dragon Rage.

This was where I fainted.


When I woke up, I was in the nurse's office. The principal and my mom were bending over me worriedly.

My mom hugged me. "I'm so proud of you." She said.

Then principal positively beamed at me. "Now that you're awake." She said, her Ursaring teeth gleaming in her smile, "I wanted to talk to you about entering the Tournament."

"Wait, back up. The Tournament? The Tournament held once every five years to determine the champion?" My mom and the principal nodded.

I nearly fainted again. "Please tell me you're kidding… I wouldn't stand a chance there!"

My Mom merely smiled. "You know very well that you're in the same level category, or higher, than most of the entrants. Besides, we already entered you, so don't complain. All we need is your signature, and it's a done deal."

"It won't be so bad." I turned to see Meadow sitting on a chair. She looked much better.

"Why do you say that, oh best friend of mine?" I asked.

She grinned. "Because they entered me, too. They said that anyone strong enough to take a Dragon Rage attack like that and still stay conscious would do well in the Tournament. Besides," And here she put on her pitiful look, "You wouldn't want me to enter all alone, would you?"

My Mom added softly, "Alex, you can do this. You're strong enough, and you're the best battler in town. We all know this. Especially you. You can do this."

I turned back to my Mom and the principal, thinking. Everyone waited.

Finally, I smiled. "Where do I sign?"

And so, I made a decision that would change the rest of my life.


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