I heard a growl pierce the silence and became afraid before I finally realized that it was actually me who made that sound. I walked into the kitchen, determined to get something to eat. I look around and don't see much that I can eat without my mom making it. Then, I see it, the cookie jar. I grin widely, but my grin starts to disappear as I start to wonder how I'm going to get to it. I look to my left and see the chair to the kitchen table, the one that my mom was so proud of, and knew that was the way. I grabbed the chair and started dragging it to the counter, it making a horrible screeching noise all the way. I climbed up on the chair and reached for the treasure I seeked. As soon as I opened the jar, I heard a yell.

"Sakura! What do you think you're doing?"

I looked back to see my mom standing there, hands on her hips, and a stern expression on her face. I quickly turn around, put my hands behind my back, and put the most innocent expression I can muster on my face.

"Nothing." I say innocently.

She gives me the I'm-not-buying-it expression.

"Don't give me that, young lady. I saw you reaching for the cookie jar." She states, the stern expression never leaving her face. She comes over, picks me up, and puts the chair in its proper place.

"You know better then to take cookies without asking." She chastises as she walks us out of the kitchen, through the living room, down the hallway, and into my bedroom. As soon as we got to my bedroom I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

As she puts me down, "Since you thought you could take without asking, you can stay in here to think about your actions."

I watch her walk out of the room and shut the door. I then look around my room. It's nothing really special, a bed in the left back corner, a dresser in the left front corner, and a shelf taking up most of my right wall. It's holding all my stuffed animals. I go and sit on my bed and do what she said to do, think. However, it's about different stuff, like how to get a cookie. I sit there thinking for a while and all I come up with is to sneak past her and get a cookie before she sees me. Hey, I'm only five! So, after a while, I go with that plan. I cautiously open the door and peek out. After looking back and forth, and deeming it safe, I creep down the hallway and freeze as soon as I get to the living room. There she was, sitting on the couch, watching t.v. This was going to be tricky.

I wait until I'm sure she's completely into the show, then dart behind the couch. I hold my breath, and when it seems she hasn't noticed me, I continue. I sneak into the kitchen, and find a problem I hadn't noticed till now. How am I going to get to the cookie jar? If I drag the chair again, it's going to make that horrid noise and she's going to know I'm in here. I look around the kitchen, but all I really see as a solution is the drawers and/or the shelf that's right next to them. . I'm suddenly filled with this, foreboding feeling, but I push it aside. What could go wrong?

I slowly open the drawers, careful not to make a sound, and start climbing up them to the counter. It seemed as if everything were going ok, until my foot suddenly slipped. I felt a rush of fear rush through me as I tried not to scream, as not to alert my mother, and reached out to grab something. I felt my hand wrap around something, but it seemed it wasn't heavy enough, and it came crashing down with me. And when I say crashing down, I really mean crashing down. It turns out that what I grabbed was a pan handle and I had pulled it, along with the other pots and pans that were on top of it, down with me. When the world had stopped spinning, I looked up to see my mom standing over me, arms crossed, with the same stern look. This is just a guess and all, but I think she heard the crash.

"Sakura Haruno, what have I told you!" she scolds, picking me up and sitting me on the kitchen table.

I'm guessing she didn't trust me on the counter with the cookie jar so near. I watch as she picks the pots and pans up and puts them back where they belong. Once she finished, she turned and regarded me with an expression that had me nervous. Walking over to me I see her give me a check over, probably to make sure I'm not injured.

"I'm sorry mama," I say, fidgeting nervously, "I just wanted a cookie."

Picking me up carefully she starts walking back to my bedroom. Sighing, I knew I was back to being confined. Putting me down gently on my bed, she looks at me sternly, though her eyes showed hints of concern.

"I know honey," she says as she ruffles my hair. I huff indignantly. I wasn't a child! Well, ok, maybe I was. "But not only did you not ask me, but you unknowingly put yourself in danger."

I look down guiltily, as I knew she spoke the truth. She ruffles my hair again, and I hear her walk out of the room. Now that she's gone I reflect what I did wrong. I mean seriously, how hard was getting a cookie? Apparently much harder then I remember.

Suddenly a thought hits me. I can feel my face reflecting the disbelief from my thoughts. No. No way can getting a cookie be that easy. Well, only one way to find out.

Opening my door, and walking down the hallway I am once again faced with the scene of my mom watching t.v. Walking over, I make no effort to disguise my footsteps. She hears and glances over at me with a raised eyebrow.

Folding my hands behind my back I shuffle my feet awkwardly. Her staring at me is getting unnerving. I take a deep breath and prepare for the worst,

"Mama, can I have a cookie?"

Glancing at her I see the stern expression never leave her face as she thought about my question. Finally I see the start of a smile into she full out grins.

"Of course dear."

My face settling into disbelief, I barely register her laughter.