"Gino..." Suzaku sighed. "What are you doing?" He looked up at the larger man standing in front of him, blocking his way out of his room.

"Well...you see...I wanted to talk to you." He admitted.

"Is something the matter?"


"Then come in." Suzaku waited for Gino to shuffle in and plop down on the end of his bed before closing the door.

"So what is it?"

"Well...you know how we're friends?"

"Of course." Suzaku walked closer to Gino. "Gino...what's wrong?" He couldn't see the man's face because he hung his head but leaning down Suzaku could see Gino was obviously upset and mulling over something before looking at Suzaku again, pain in lonliness in his eyes. Alarmed, Suzaku felt the back of his neck prickle. The look Gino just gave him haunted him greatly. A look he'd never seen from Gino and hoped to never see. He grabbed Suzaku's shoulders, dragging him closer until their lips connected, Gino's bruising Suzaku's with great force. Suzaku grunted slightly with impact and widened his eyes, staring at his friend and started to pull away, defensless against Gino's brute strength that flipped them so Suzaku was now laying on the bed, knees hanging off, and Gino on top, weaving his fingers through Suzaku's and pressing the smaller boy to the bed with his hungry lips.

"What I wanted to say..." Gino whispered between kisses. "I love you. With all my heart. You've let me be your friend and...I love you so much."

Suzaku let his words sink in, becoming totally limp and unresponsive. "Gino..." He looked at his friend who was busy ravishing his lips. "I-Guh!" Suzaku grunted as Gino's hand brushed against his member.

"I want you, Suzaku. If only one night, I want your body for my own."

"S-Suzaku..." A different voice cut into Suzaku's conciousness. A memory. "P-please...Suzaku..." Suzaku swallowed hard, remembering the boys raven black hair, mussed against the sheets under him. Drenched skin, loud gasps, the pleasure, amethyst eyes that were clouded with lust, vulnerable under Suzaku, submissive to his power.

"Gino! Stop!" Suzaku suddenly resisted the man who was trying to unbotton his pants. "GINO!"

The taller man stopped, looking at Suzaku. "Whats wrong?"

"I can't." Suzaku's eyes filled with tears. "There's someone else I already gave my body and soul too...I'm sorry."

Gino eased pressure on Suzaku, now only hanging over him before entirely moving to the side, frozen in shock. Suzaku sat up, not bothering to fix his dishelved clothes and let the tears fall from his face. "I'm sorry...I gave my heart to Lelouch." Lelouch would never remember those times ago...after the emperor erased his memory. But Suzaku still belonged to him, despite it.

"Don't cry, Suzaku." Gino touched the boy's face. "I'm glad. You should be happy with someone else." He gently let go and left the room, closing the door and leaving Suzaku to lay on the bed again, drowning in tears of forgotten lust and the knowing of hurting one of his best friends so severely.

Gino...I love you. But I won't betray Lelouch. Ever.