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I saw this done for Maximum Ride so I decided to do it for Teen Titans. Yes, I plan on doing EVERYONE from the animated show. Nothing from the comics though. All link are in bold.

Thanks to maxrideaddict97-10!

First up, ROBIN!


Me: Jordan. . .please?

Jordan: Can't you do it this time?

Me: NO!

Jordan: Why not?

Me: I just accidentally caught my hair on fire! ;_;

Jordan: Ouch. Fine. Ashleigh does not own Teen Titans or the Facebook network.

Yes, I really did just burn my hair. Please don't ask.

Basic Info

Sex: Male

Birthday: Not telling you

Siblings: None

Parents: Are dead

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Starfire

Interested in: Women

Looking for: Friendship

Current City: Jump City, California

Hometown: Gotham

Political views: I'm a superhero. I don't really take sides in that (Republican)

Religious Views: None

Likes and Interests

Activities: Fighting crime, investigating cases, hanging out with the team, chillin' with Starfire.

Interests: Kung Fu, Karate, Martial Arts, MMA

Favorite Music: Rock and Punk

Favorite TV Shows: CSI: Miami

Favorite Movies: Sherlock Holmes

Favorite Books: Two Minute Mysteries

Favorite Quotes: "Titans GO!" – Me

About Me: Previous sidekick to Batman. Picked up on his detective skills. Major in MMA. No powers but plenty of weapons.

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Robin (Richard Dick Grayson)

(that little box beneath your profile picture) I am the leader of the Teen Titans South. We're here to protect Jump City as well as the world.

Friends: Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Jericho, Pantha, Bushido, Bumble Bee, Mas Y Menos, Speedy, Aqualad, Melvin, Teether, Timmy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Jinx, Argent, Wildebeest, Hotspot, Red Star, Kole, Herald, Thunder, Lightning, True Master, Killowat

Robin just came back from a date with Starfire

20 min ago comment/like

Starfire likes this

Starfire It was most fun! Thank you!

Robin No problem. ;)

Cyborg Ha! Me and BB got blackmail photos on you guys! You two are so naughty.

Robin Shut up! *blushing*

Beast Boy Why'd you tell him about me? Now I'm going to get in trouble too!

Cyborg Not with what we got

Speedy Who are you and what have you done with Robin? Robin's more strict and doesn't go on dates!

Robin Put a sock in it, Speedy

Kitten Robbie poo! Did you miss me?

7 min ago comment/like

Robin How did you find me?

Kitten It's not that hard.

Robin Stay away from me!

Starfire Yes. Stay away from my Robin!

Kitten Make me!

Speedy Hey Robin! It should say Interested In: Women AND Men! XD

1 hr 3 min ago via Titan Communicator comment/like

Robin SHUT UP!

Speedy I'm sorry! Don't hit me with your purse!

Robin =_= Ihy

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That's it for now. Starfire's next. Review if you have any suggestions on a conversation and such.

Until next time~!