*looks around* Where the hell am I? It seems familiar. . .

Raven: You're in your Teen Titans Facebook Profiles Story. In the Teen Titans Archive.

*gasp* Damn! I haven't been here in awhile! *looks around again* It's so fascinating!

Raven: =_= Where the hell were you anyway? You've been missing for almost two months.

Well. . .


Raven: And who might you be?

Maka: Maka Albarn from the Soul Eater archive. Which is where this chick *points to me* has been hanging out in since NOVEMBER!

^w^ You know you guys love me.

Maka: =_O I have been in your mind. HOW DARE YOU PAIR ME UP WITH STEIN THAT WAY?

*shifty eyes* Uhhhhh. . .

Raven: *silence* Maybe you guys can have her back. . .


*joins Chrona in corner* Nobody appreciates me. ;_;

Kid: *notices Raven* YOU'RE PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL! *gushes*

Raven: O_O" Um. . .


Raven: WTH?

BB: Hey! Get off! She's mine! *tackles Kid*

Chrona: I don't know how to deal with all of this fighting!

*attempts to kidnap Soul and make a run for it while everyone is distracted*

Maka: *notices* MAKA CHOP!


Raven: *sees Maka Chop* You have got to teach me that. I could put it to good use.

BB: O_O Say wha?

Raven: *eyes glow red* You'll see-WOULD YOU GET OFF OF MY BELT!


And that is a. . .um. . ."short" dialogue of why I have been absent from the TT archive completely. Four words to sum it up: Soul. Eater. Is. EPIC!

Anyways, on to the story! XD

Basic Info

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 19

Siblings: None

Parents: N/A

Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Herald

Interested In: Men

Looking For: Friendship

Current City: Steel City, New York

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Political Views: I don't have any.

Religious Views: Methodist

Likes and Interests

Activities: Protecting my city, keeping the guys off each other, listening to music, going to the occasional club, walking around town.

Interests: Combat, music, dancing, shopping, and flirting. ;)

Favorite Music: Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, and R&B. I don't know why people think I like Rap just 'cause I'm black. =_=

Favorite TV Shows: They spittin' out all kinds of crap these days. So I hardly watch TV.

Favorite Movies: If anything, it's between Step Up and Take the Lead. So what? I like movies like that.

Favorite Quotes: "No person is your friend who demands your silence or denies your right to grow." –Alice Walker

About Me: All you need to know is that if you mess with me, I will do so much worse than sting you. Got me?

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Bumblebee (Karen Beecher)

(that little square box underneath your profile picture) Mess with the bee, your sure as hell getting stung.

Friends: Aqualad, Mas Y Menos, Jericho, Herald, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, Raven, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Wildebeest, Killowat, Hotspot, Argent, Bushido, Thunder Lightning, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, Mento, Negative Man, Robotman, Elastigirl, Kid Flash, Jinx, Red Star, Pantha

Bumblebee Guys are such assholes. Can't we have any more girls on the team?

16 min ago via Titan communicator Comment/like

Jinx I feel for ya. I would join, but you know Kid Flash can't sit still for too long. He's always moving.

Bumblebee Girl, you just might have it worse off than me.

Bumblebee Scratch that. I have it worse.

Jinx What happened this time?

Speedy I swear on my very soul, IT WAS ALL AQUALAD'S FAULT!

Bumblebee You do not want to know.

Speedy Hey, Bee.

32 min ago Comment/like

Speedy Don't ignore me, Bee!

Bumblebee What in the hell could you possibly want? =_=

Speedy Sorry I kinda, sorta, possibly broke the TV. . .

Bumblebee You are so lucky that I'm not obsessed with TV like you guys are. . .but it's still going to cost a lot of money!

Speedy I know. . .

Bumblebee *mischievous grin*

Speedy *shifty eyes* Bee. . .


18 min ago Comment/like

Mas Y Menos, Bumblebee, Cyborg, and Beast Boy like this

Bumblebee *shrugs* I only try.

Speedy =_= Facebook needs a dislike button NOW

Aqualad You are such a crybaby!

Speedy I least I don't wear some gay wetsuit and have long girly hair!

Aqualad =_= OH IT'S ON NOW BITCH!

Speedy BRING IT!

Cyborg Bee, send pictures.

Bumblebee I upload them later, kay?

Kid Flash What happened?

Bumblebee I'll send you a private message.

Yeah, I know. Not very creative. But it's like 2:30 Am and I'm feeling random, not exactly in my right mind.

Anyways, before I go. . .

If you were excited/happy/ecstatic/overjoyed that I update this, then I want you to thank Phoenix Flight. If not for them, I never would've updated this (due to my unhealthy infatuation to SE). They don't have an account (as far as I know), so just thank them in the comments. Do it. =_= I'll be watching. XD

So who would you guys like me to do next? Review and tell me please. :)

And as for what Speedy did, I'll just leave that up to your imaginations. As well as how Bee punished him.

Lastly, I will answer your review Phoenix.

Yes, I will eventually update one for Jericho. I don't know when though.

And I'm sorry about that. ^^;; I never noticed that. I'll fix it right away.

*waves* Okay. Bye everyone! I'm going back to the SE archive now! I'll come and visit you guys soon! ;)

SE Cast: Shinigami-sama grant mercy on our souls. o_o

Until next time~!