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"This apartment belongs to Naruto Uzumaki, since he will be on the team that you will be leading you'll need to get a impression of what you will be in for..." As Sandaime Hokage said this he looked around the one room apartment. "... And that impression must be that he's clumsy and unpredictable but don't let that fool you, he might act like a attention seeker... which is true but he has the heart of a true Konoha shinobi, the Will of Fire burns strongly in him."

Sandaime then turned to the 13 year old's new sensei. "You should be able to learn a lot from him about what it is to feel the fire, specially since you're new to the ways of Konohagakure, Kisame Hoshigaki."

In repose, Kisame only chuckled, "Kheh, still trying to rid me of my bad habits, eh Hiruzen-san?"

Kisame had been inducted as a Konoha jyonin 2 months ago. Before then he was a S rank criminal running from Kirigakure for crimes against its country that included rebellion and assassinations, one of which was a Daimyo. He never liked his home country because of the way it had treated him when he was younger, those Kiri bastards only think of people as tools. When he was in the 'Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū', he had realised this and gone berserk.

For a while he enjoyed the life of a missing-nin, however he found that there was nobody to talk to and thus got bored very quickly. For you see, even though Kisame was a bloodthirsty killer, he was a talkative bloodthirsty killer, he loves to talk about his kills, his sword Samehada, his times in the 'Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū' and a lot more.

Kisame figured that he should join the most friendliest and talkative ninja village, Konohagakure.

All he had to do to gain access to the village was to give info of Kiri's doings, secrets, power and so on. To his surprise, the Hokage and the elders agreed to this and allowed him to be a Konoha jyonin with no punishment. The reason why was due to Samehada's ability to eat chakra, perfect for subduing the Kyuubi's chakra that was sealed inside Naruto.

The exact reason for them to pick him as Naruto's sensei.

The Hokage started to walk casually to the door to leave, as he was opening the creaking door he spoke to Kisame with his back still towards him.

"Naruto is very dear to me, he wants attention from the people in Konoha and wants to show them that he is not just some demon but a strong ninja with a human heart. I want him to be as strong as you are Kisame but I don't want him to be as bloodthirsty as you however."

Kisame only chuckled at that statement.

"You and him have had very similar childhoods, so you should understand him more than others. I wish you the best of luck Kisame Hoshigaki... Oh and by the way, its Hokage-sama to you." And with that he closed the door behind him and left the shark-man alone in Naruto apartment.

'Kheh, I see that he still doesn't trust me but oh well, better be off now to see my new team... and crush their spirits kheh heh he' And with that thought the blue man disappeared in a poof of smoke.

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'Kiri no Shinobigatana Nananin Shū'- The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.