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Bold= Inner Sakura, Kyuubi

Italic= thoughts

At the Konoha ninja academy, three newly graduated genins were left inside one of the classrooms waiting for their Sensei to show up. Originally their was thirty three genins in the classroom but one by one their Senseis came and took them away, after ten minutes, only a spiky blonde boy, a pink haired girl and a raven haired boy were left waiting...

That was three hours ago...

"Where the fuck is Sensei? Three hours and still no sign?" shouted the orange jumpsuit wearing genin, Naruto Uzumaki

"Cut it out Naruto! He probably got stuck with something important, you have to remember that he is a high ranking jyonin. He might be on a short mission or something." loudly explained the pink haired konoichi, Sakura Haruno.

Naruto had his head peering outside the door to look out for their Sensei while Sakura was standing 8 feet behind Naruto, facing his direction with her hands on her hips. It was then that Naruto decided to prank their late Sensei.

Seeing that Iruka had left the keys to the classroom on the front desk, Naruto quickly pick them up and went and locked the classroom door.

"HA! This is what Sensei deserves for being late!"

"Naruto you baka!" shouted Sakura crossing her arms. "I'm not going to be apart of your antics!"

'I love stuff like this!' Inner Sakura screamed.

It was at this moment that the third member of the team, the raven haired Sasuke Uchiha, decided to speak up. "Hmph, just because you locked the class door doesn't mean he can't get in dobe. No way could a superior ninja be fooled by a locked door." the Uchiha boy pointed out.

Team 7's new Sensei, Kisame Hoshigaki, began walking down hallway to the classroom where his new team were. He had been told by the Hokage to look around only ONE of his students homes but Kisame thought otherwise, although now he wished he hadn't now. Not only was he 3 hours late but he had found out something in which he hadn't wished for.

He had a snoop around the Uchiha compound, Kisame had hoped to find death and destruction still lingering in the compound (old habits die hard you see) but to his disappointment, there was no demolished houses with decaying skeletons, just dull empty homes that could make any cheerful soul become a lonely, brooding soul. A part of the Uchiha's personality, it seems to Kisame. Kisame then figured that the Uchiha kid could also have prideful and semi-arrogant attitudes because A: he was from the 'prestigious' Uchiha clan and B: being the so called 'last Uchiha' would only increase these these attitudes ten fold.

This was nothing new for Kisame, for in Kiri there was a lot of orphans with such arrogance and pride that it could put the Daimyo of Mizu no Kuni to shame. But it was not the Uchiha brat that gave him a slight panic attack. It was the female member, Sakura Haruno that did.

It wasn't because she was a little girl or the fact that her forehead was roughly a bigger size than his hand and Kisame has big hands, no it was only when invited into the little pink crayon's room by the flat chested mother crayon did he realise what she really was.

Sakura was a fanatic fan girl.

Kisame and fan girls DO NOT MIX. (A/N: No offence to the Kisame fan girls)

You might not think it but Kiri's academy, however brutal it is, has its fair share of fan girls and like the ones in Konoha, they were destructive. What's even worst is that the ones Kiri used Kisame in their complements (in a bad way) and insults nearly ALL the time. Things like:

"He's not an ugly mother fucker like Kisame!" That one was when a newbie came to the classroom.

"What's black and blue and smells like poop? Kisame! Hahaha!" A common academy rhyme among his classmates.

"Hell no! No way would I go on a date with you, Kisame! Zabuza-kun is the only one for me! Even if I have to pummel the other girls to death!... After all, you are strangely coloured, Kisame-baka." That one was from when Kisame tried to ask a girl from his class out on a date. This experience is what made Kisame dislike fan girls. (A/N: Again, no offence to Kisame fan girls)

Ohhhhhh was Kisame going to make this little girl's ninja life brutal...

The Shark-man was nearing the classroom, smiling away at thoughts of this new team of his.

'The Kyuubi brat should be very interesting to observe and that Uchiha snob, although in normal circumstances would be dull as a rock, would be humorous to see him interact with his exact opposite, Kheh heh heh! And I'm shaking in anticipation to torment that little pink horror of a fan girl, Khe-' Kisame's thoughts were broken however by his bandaged companion on his back.

"Gi Gi Gi Gi Gi" Spoke the sentient greatsword, Samehada.

"Hm? What is it Samehada?" Questioned Kisame. Unlike previous owners of Samehada, Kisame like to have conversations with the terrifying sword, a habit which made witnesses believe he had gone insane. Until they heard the roar of Samehada that is.

"Gi Gi Ki Pi Gi Gi... Mi Gi Gi" Answered the sentient greatsword.

"So you can still recognise the Kyuubi's chakra even after a hundred and thirty years, eh?... Looks like your not going senile YET Samehada, kheh, heh, heh." Teased the Shark-man.

"Gi! Gi! Gi!" Samehada did not like it when Kisame teased it about its age.

"Sorry Samehada, anyway we're here now... time for some fun, Kheh heh heh!" Kisame happily chuckled with his new future right behind the door in front of him.

Naruto heard the footsteps stop right in front of the door.

"Finally he's here! Lets see how he likes a looked door 'tebayo!" thought the knucklehead genin as he awaited the sound of foul words and curses.

But non came though...

Both Naruto and Sakura got confused at this, while Sasuke just went "hmph".

"What the hell?" Screamed Naruto. He jumped over to the door and pressed his ear next to the door.

"Kheh, heh, heh..." was all he heard.

"There is someone behin-" Naruto didn't get to finish as a hand burst through the door and grabbed a fistful of blonde hair.

Then the hand preceded to continuously smash Naruto's head into the door lock.

After a full minute of head banging, the lock broke. The hand let go of the bruised genin's hair and then began to waved at the other two in the classroom.

"What the? That hand is blue... What kind of freak do I have as a Sensei?" Sasuke thought as Naruto collapsed onto the floor holding his damaged face while going "ow, ow, ow". Sakura was to shocked to notice the unusually coloured hand waving at them.

A few moments later the hand went back through the hole in the door and opened the damaged door.

Their Sensei had arrive.

The years to come are gonna be the most brutal and challenging that Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke will face... Not to mention humorous!


New Teams and New Tests.

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Baka= idiot

Kiri= mist

'tebayo= Naruto's catchphrase (I am not saying believe it- SHIT I SAID IT! NOOOOOOOOO!)

Daimyo= Feudal lord

Mizu no Kuni= Land of water

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