Naruto: Prince of White Fire

Chapter 1: Family


Greetings to any Avatar, Naruto fans or fans of my work, with the coming release of the The Last Airbender movie I decided to write my own Naruto/Avatar crossover.

The story itself was adopted by me, although the idea belonged to Weasleyrule as he was the one that thought of it, with a few changes from me, but was still kind enough to let me give it a try at the story.

I do not own Naruto or Avatar what so ever or any of the characters the only Character I own are my OC's

Currently sailing from the Eastern coast of the Earth Kingdom and in the middle of the sea between the Western Air Temple and the North Pole, a massive fleet of over one hundred metal Warships sailed, led by a massive Empire-Class Battleship. This fleet was being led by the Fire Nation's greatest General, General Iroh, also known as the Dragon of the West, son of the Fire Lord Azulon and Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, next in line for the throne.

Iroh was currently returning home with his army after his failed attempt to conquer Ba Sing Se. Iroh had laid siege to the city for 600 days, and successfully breached the Outer Wall, a feat that had never been equalled before or since the war began. However, before he could breach the Inner Wall, his only son Lu Ten was killed on the front lines, and in his grief Iroh abandoned the siege and decided to return home with his army.

Iroh was currently on the catwalk of the bridge of his ship looking out into the open sea, thinking about his now dead son. Soon after Iroh called for the Captain of his ship, saying, "Captain, I want you to signal the rest of the fleet and tell them that we're to head west instead of south".

"But Sir, why?" asked the Captain.

"There is a large storm coming, I can smell it in the air and tell by the way the sea-gulls are flying", Iroh answered.

"But sir, are you sure? There's not a cloud in the sky, the weather is perfect, and if we do this, it will delay our return to the Fire Nation by several weeks, if not more", objected the Captain.

"Trust me Captain, I'm sure, so please signal the fleet, as I'm sure the men would rather delay returning home by a few weeks rather than never returning at all", Iroh replied.

"Very well sir, I will signal the ships and have the fleet turn west" the Captain acquiesced.

"Thank you captain", replied Iroh, whereupon the Captain saluted and went back inside to the bridge, while Iroh continued to stare out into the horizon.

Unfortunately, even though the fleet made the alterations as Iroh had ordered and headed west, the storm was much larger than they had expected, and they were still caught by it.

Fortunately though, thanks to Iroh's leadership, the fleet was able to stay together and though they did suffer some damage and lose a few men, the majority were able to continue. However, a few ships did sustain some heavy engine damage, while others lost valuable rations. In addition, the fleet found that they had been blown far northwest, and found themselves too far away from their land to continue without docking somewhere else first.

Once all the damage was assessed, Iroh decided to try and find somewhere they could make repairs and find fresh water and supplies to restock their ships.

After nearly a week of sailing and seeing no sign of land, the fleet, along with everyone in it, were beginning to lose hope that they would find land and were starting to think that they would never return home to their families.

But just when all hope was lost, a large landmass was spotted, and soon after they found a city with a large, where they could make repairs and stock up on supplies.

Naturally when the people of the city saw the massive fleet of unknown metal warships, many people got scared, believing that some foreign nation had come to conquer them. Knowing what would happen, Iroh came ashore in a small boat with along with a small escort.

Iroh then met with the lord of the city, where Iroh explained his fleet's situation, assuring the lord that neither he nor his fleet had any intention of invading his city or their country.

The lord of course remained sceptical of Iroh's story, believing that it could be some kind of trick to have them lower their guard so that Iroh and his forces could conquer the city with little trouble. But eventually, they came to an agreement where the majority of Iroh's fleet would remain out in open sea, and only three ships at a time were allowed to the docks to make repairs. The crews of the ships would remain on-board their ships under heavy guard. However, small groups of unarmed crewmen and soldiers would be allowed to enter and roam the city for shore leave, as long as they caused no trouble.

Supplies of food and water would be sent to the ships, although Iroh and his fleet would have to pay for all of them along with the things they needed to make the repairs on the ships.

Fortunately though, Iroh had plenty of gold on-board the fleet, so payment was not a major issue, although the arrangement would prolong the amount of time they had to spend away from home.

-In Konoha a few days later-

Currently running through the streets, an eight year old Naruto, wearing black shorts sandals and a white shirt with spirals on it, was running through the streets trying to hide from a mob of angry villagers.

Every week, Naruto would be chased by a gang of angry people, all yelling "Die demon!" or, "Kill the demon spawn!" along with other things. When this happened one of three things would happen. They would corner him and beat him up, he would find a place to hide from them, or some masked ninjas called ANBU would come and knock the people out and take them away, bringing him back to his small apartment and then leaving.

As he ran, he quickly turned into an alleyway with a wooden fence at the end of it, where he saw a small hole in the fence that was just big enough for him to fit into. Moving quickly, he ran to the fence wall and squeezed himself through the hole. After he was clear of the hole, he quickly found a brown box, which he put in front of his end of the portal in order to provide some camouflage.

As soon as he did this, Naruto heard the voices of the people chasing him from behind the fence.

"Where did the demon brat go?" said one man.

"I don't know! I was sure I saw him turn into this alley", another man said.

"Well, he clearly not here, as the only things I can see are some old wooden boxes, and they're too small for him to hide in", said a women.

"Well he couldn't have gotten far, let's find him", yet another man said, after which Naruto heard them running off in a different direction.

When the gang of people left, Naruto sighed, and fell against the wooden fence.

This time, he had escaped another beating, but he could not help but wonder if he would the next time or the time after that. Every week since he was five, people have been attacking him, calling him all kinds of names, insulting him, and beat him. What got Naruto most upset, however, were the angry stares the people would give him, as well as how they would ignore him as if he didn't exist, which was the worst of all.

"Why do they hate me? Why do they call me demon? What did I ever do to have them so angry at me?" thought Naruto as he sat on the ground. The only person that had ever shown him any real kindness was the Hokage who was in a way like a grandfather to him. When he asked the Hokage why the people hated him so much, he would always change the subject or not answer at all, the same thing would happen when he asked if he knew anything about his parents.

Naruto was even more down today, as he had failed to pass the graduation exam to become a Gennin. He had hoped that if he could become a shinobi, he could train and become the Hokage so that people would stop hating him and treat him with respect, as he believed that it was the only way that people would acknowledge him.

Now though, he was beginning to wonder if that would ever happen, as even if he became a ninja for the village, would they ever accept him and let him be Hokage, not to mention how many more beatings would he have to go through before they stopped? At this, he began to become more and more upset, as he believed that Konoha would never accept him.

It was then that Naruto decided that if he wanted any kind of life for himself, he would have to leave Konoha. He was through with being the village's punching bag, dammit!

Quickly going back to his small run-down apartment, Naruto gathered his few belongings and some food and things before he the packed them up in his backpack. He then snuck out the village through a small hole in the village wall that he had found by accident when hiding one day.

After walking for a while, Naruto decided to have one last look at Konoha from the hillside he was on. After a few minutes of just looking, Naruto could not help but feel slightly saddened, as even though he suffered much hardship in Konoha, it was still the only home he had ever known. Eventually, Naruto pushed that feeling aside and started to walk away, not knowing if he would ever see Konoha again.

-One Week Later in The Hokage's Office-

Currently sitting at his desk was the Hokage, holding a file on Naruto, with a small photo of him in the top left hand corner.

It had been a full week since Naruto had disappeared from the village, and there had still been no trace of him yet. Naruto's disappearance had only been discovered about two days after he had left, when the Hokage had decided to check on Naruto through his mystical crystal ball, he could find no trace of him inside or anywhere near the village.

Immediately, the Hokage called for every available shinobi he had, and had them search for Naruto, unfortunately they could not find him, and his apartment looked like it had not been used in several days. Also, there had been heavy rain the following day after Naruto left, thereby erasing any tracks that Naruto may have left for the Inuzuka clan members to track him with.

They had no idea where Naruto went and what direction he took, when the Council heard this, the civilian members seemed happy and even suggested that they celebrate. Sarutobi, stating that if there was any kind of celebration in the village, then said people would find themselves spending the next three months in an underground eight by ten holding cell, quickly put that down.

The elders though, were greatly concerned that Naruto may have been somehow taken by one of the other shinobi villages, in the hopes of weakening Konoha, while strengthening themselves at the same time. Sarutobi quickly stated that Naruto was not kidnapped, as Konoha's Barrier Team had stated that no intruders had entered the village, leaving the idea that he had simply left the village as the only plausible explanation.

This of course made the Elders very concerned, since the idea of the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, roaming outside the village did not sit well with them. Especially since there was a good chance he may be discovered by another village and turned against them.

"Naruto my boy, where are you?" Sarutobi thought as he looked sadly at the picture in the file of a young smiling Naruto. Soon after, the Hokage laid the file back on the table and looked sadly at the photo of his former successor, the Yondaime Hokage, Naruto's father on his wall with the other Hokages. "Curse people's blind anger and hatred, Naruto no doubt left due to the people persecuting him so much, something no child should go through…I'm sorry Minato. I should have done more to protect your son, and because I did not he has run away from here, you and Kushina must be turning in your graves for what the village has done to him". As the Hokage continued to mope over his failings to protect Naruto better, a sudden puff was heard.

Where when the old Hokage looked up he saw Naruto's father last remaining student, Hatake Kakashi appear in front of him.

When Naruto disappearance was first reported, Kakashi had been one of the first to volunteer to go looking for him, as he felt responsible for not looking after his sensei's son. He had thought that his assignment in the ANBU black ops division would make him a poor role model and caretaker, and had recently resigned, hoping to be able to make things right for the unfortunate child.

"Kakashi, have you anything to report on Naruto's whereabouts?" Sarutobi asked, hoping for some news about Naruto.

"Hai Hokage-sama, I do", replied Kakashi, "Although I was not able to find Naruto, I believe I have found where he might be".


"As I was searching for any sign of Naruto, I met a travelling merchant on the road, not too far from the village. I had asked him if he had seen a blonde hair boy on his way here and then showed him a picture of Naruto. He said he had, and told me that a few days ago he remembered seeing Naruto. He remembered Naruto, because he noticed that Naruto was alone, and thought it strange for a boy his age was travelling by himself.

"Where was Naruto headed?" asked the Hokage urgently.

"According to the merchant, he had seen Naruto on the road, not far from the port city Gifu, where he seemed to be heading to", answered Kakashi.

Upon hearing this, the Hokage quickly ordered Kakashi to gather team composed of whoever he wanted and have them leave in the next hour to head to Gifu and find Naruto.

Nodding, Kakashi quickly Shunshin'd (Body flicker) away.

"Please be safe Naruto" Sarutobi thought as he turned around in his chair and looked out the window over the village.

-A Gifu port City—

Currently walking through the streets, Iroh was taking in the sights of the city; the last few days here had been very interesting for him. During his time in the city, Iroh bought several items, such as books and maps about the continent. He found it very funny, if not ironic, when he learned that the country he was in was called Fire Country. In addition, he wondered about the nearby Tea Country, wishing that he had the time to visit and try some of the country's namesake.

He also found it fascinating how very different this land was from the Fire Nation and the other Four Great Nations. In this land they had people called shinobi, who were skilled in the art of assassination and could do many different and wondrous things, like change into different things and make copies of themselves. He also learned that they could do things that they called jutsu's which resembled bending, but they did not bend the actual elements, instead they used an energy called Chakra to mimic bending. But still, from what he read about it all, it was still quite powerful and what was even more interesting was that unlike four great nations, these shinobi could learn to use more than one element, whether it was through training or natural ability. He even learned that these shinobi in a way had their own Countries inside the official Countries of the ones they lived in. This was shown by how they had their own land, laws, traditions, and ruled themselves by electing their own leaders. Although these leaders still answered to the lords of the countries they lived in, who were called Daimyos, and were expected to serve them during times of war.

It was all very fascinating, but what Iroh found most fascinating was the genetic traits called Bloodlines, which were the abilities, passed down genetically in specific clans. As only people from these select families could manifest their ability, this resulted in highly specialized techniques and styles, each unique to the originators.

As Iroh was walking down the street, he saw a small playground, where he saw a young boy, no more than seven or eight, and a young girl, slightly younger, clearly the boy's sister playing tag with their father.

Upon seeing this, a sad look spread across Iroh's face, as it brought back memories of when he played with his own son Lu Ten when he that age.

As he watched them, he suddenly felt someone pulling on his money purse on the side of his belt. Quickly turning around, he saw that it was a young boy with spiky, bright blond hair, wearing a dirty white T-shirt with a spiral on it along with tattered black shorts and broken sandals. Curiously enough, the child looked like he had whisker marks on his face.

Upon seeing that he was caught, the boy started to run down the street, causing Iroh to give chase.

-With Naruto-

When Naruto left Konoha, he travelled and followed the roads that people would travel to and from Konoha, as he did not know which way to go. For several days he kept follow the roads until he came to the shore and saw the wide-open sea. He could not help but be in awe at the vastness of the sea, as this was the first time he had ever seen it.

He had followed the signposts that lead him to the port city of Gifu, where he had hoped he could buy some food and maybe find a job to earn some money for a place to stay, and then he could then decide what to do next.

But when he got to Gifu, he was attacked by some older kids who took all his money and most of his things and he couldn't find a place to stay or any place where he could earn some money. This left him with nothing, leaving no choice but to sleep in a rundown abandoned building. After a few more days with no food, Naruto decided that stealing was his only option if he wanted to survive. Using some of the skills he gained from his time in the Academy, Naruto was able to steal some fruits and things, he didn't like stealing but he had no other choice if he wanted to survive.

During his time in Gifu, Naruto saw the massive metal ships being repaired in the docks that belonged to the foreigners that arrived recently from a country that was funny enough called the Fire Nation. He even saw from the distance the rest of the fleet and could only image what it would be like to command a massive fleet of ships like that.

He even notice some of the men that came from the ships and admired the cool red uniforms that they wore as well as the creepy armour that some of the others wore.

As he was looking at them, he noticed an older man, wearing a darker type of armour than any of the other foreign men. Naruto guessed that he must be some kind of commander. As he looked at the man he also saw a large money purse on his belt, Naruto had heard from some of the people in the city that the foreign men where quite wealthy as they had plenty of gold on them.

Upon seeing the money purse, Naruto decided to try and take it, he didn't want to but it was either steal or starve, hence he started to follow the man, but kept a good distance from him.

Eventually Naruto saw him stop to watch some kids playing with their father and saw a sad look appear on his face. When Naruto saw them, the same kind of look appeared on his face as well, along with a slightly envious look, as he had often longed to have something like that. To have a family who loves you, and be there to support you and care for you, would truly have been one of the most treasured things he could ever have.

Quickly pushing those thoughts aside, Naruto slowly and carefully snuck up on the man, where once he came behind, Naruto started to slowly undo the man's purse and just as he was slowly pulling it off, the man suddenly turned around and saw him.

Seeing that he was caught Naruto quickly ran off, fearing that he would be punished severely for it, as he ran he looked behind him and saw that the same man was now chasing after him, telling to him to stop and wait.

Naruto continued to run for a few minutes until he turned into a corner and ran into two Fire Nation soldiers who were just returning from their shore leave.

"Ouch!… Hey watch it kid!" exclaimed one of the soldiers when Naruto crashed into him and he caught hold of Naruto.

"Let me go…let me go I didn't do anything!" Naruto cried as he tried to get the soldier to let him go, and get away before Iroh caught up with him.

But just as the soldier was about to let him go, Iroh came around the corner panting heavily, "Stop! *pant* do not let *pant, pant* him go!" said the out-of breath General.

Quickly both solders grabbed a better hold of the now struggling Naruto who was pleading them to let him go as the Dragon of the West caught his breath.

"General Iroh Sir, did something happen between you and this boy?" one of the soldiers asked, where upon hearing this, Naruto stop struggling.

"He's a General" he thought in surprise, as he then started to get worried as he didn't think that Iroh was that important, he knew he was someone of importance but not by that much, hence he knew he was in a lot of trouble.

"Ah, yes it seems this young man decided to try and borrow some money from me without asking first", Iroh said in a pleasant voice as if there was nothing wrong with what Naruto tried to do.

"He tried to steal from you sir?" one of the solders asked, turning an angry frown on Naruto.

"Do you wish us to bring him to the authorities here and hand him to them, sir?" the other soldier asked.

"Now, now gentlemen I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation to his actions", spoke Iroh as he knelt down and told the men to let Naruto go.

Once they let go of Naruto, Iroh spoke to Naruto, "Now then young man, why don't you tell us your name?"

At first Naruto said nothing as as he wasn't sure if he should answer, and thought he should run. But he decided against it as he knew that they would just start chasing him again, and no doubt attract the attention of more of the foreign people and they would capture him again. So he decided to answer the man's questions, whereupon they hopefully would let him go.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto"

"Well then Naruto, my name is Iroh, it's very nice to meet you", Iroh said as he then held out his hand to shake hands, where Naruto hesitantly reciprocated.

"Now then Naruto, why don't you tell me why were you trying to steal my money, surely you know that stealing is wrong", Iroh said kindly.

"I know, but I had no choice, I was hungry and I had no money to buy any food, I didn't want to but I had to", Naruto replied sorrowfully, as he really didn't like stealing, he was just left with no other choice.

"If you were hungry, then why did you not go home, surely your parents would give you something to eat", Iroh replied, although he immediately regretted it when he saw the look on Naruto's face.

"I don't have any parents, they died when I was born, or at least that was what I was told", Naruto replied.

When Iroh saw this, a sad look appeared on his face, realizing that Naruto was an orphan. Iroh had seen more than his fair share of orphans during the war, many of which he made as his army fought the Earth Kingdom.

"I very sorry to hear that Naruto, but do you not have anyone to care for you or a home to stay?" Iroh asked.

"No, not really, I lived by myself for as long as I can remember in a small old apartment and the only person who really tried to take care of me was the Hokage. Everyone else there hates me, and calls me names as well as beat me up, which was why I ran away from there.

Upon hearing still an Iroh could not help but pity Naruto and understood why he ran away from that place.

"Naruto", spoke Iroh, gaining the boy's attention, "What would you say about coming to my ship and having lunch there?"

At this a happy look appeared on Naruto's face at seeing one of the ships up close, "Really?" where Iroh nodded.

Soon after, Iroh led Naruto to the docks, where they went on a small boat that brought them to Iroh's command ship, when Naruto saw the ship, he could not help but be in awe of the ship's size and grandeur.

"You command this?" asked Naruto in awe.

"Yes I do, although I must say it's rather hard to clean it", said Iroh with a small chuckle at his little joke, as Naruto just smiled.

Soon enough, they boarded the ships and Iroh asked the men that greeted them to have the cook prepare a meal for him and Naruto; and to have it set on the deck outside, saying that it was a nice day for a meal outside.

The men nodded and went off, after which Iroh asked Naruto if he would like a tour of the ship while they waited for their meal to be cooked. Naruto of course eagerly agreed, as he was anxious to see more of the ship.

For the next hour and a half, Iroh showed Naruto around the ship, showing him things like the crew quarters, engine room, the bridge, the mess room, and other parts of the ship. Naruto, of course, was ecstatic about seeing the ship and often asked Iroh different questions about the ship, which Iroh was more than happy to answer as he enjoyed Naruto's enthusiasm.

Once the tour was done, Iroh and Naruto went to have lunch at the deck, where a medium size table was placed and laid with food. Once they sat down, Naruto immediately started to eat hungrily, seeing this Iroh could not help but look sadly at Naruto, as it showed that he hadn't eaten a good meal in some time.

When Naruto saw Iroh looking at him he stopped eating and looked both embarrassed and ashamed, thinking that Iroh must be disgusted by his lack of manners. However, Iroh quickly assured Naruto that it was alright and to go ahead and eat and even called one of the men who brought the food to bring more food.

As Naruto ate, Iroh could not help but admire the amount that Naruto ate. Soon after, they finished their meals and Iroh then made some tea for the both of them, and they then talked on the deck for the next few hours. It took a while, but Iroh was able to get Naruto to talk a bit more about his life in the village he came from, so that he could understand Naruto better and know what he went through, as he believed that it was always best to talk such issues and not bottle it up.

When Iroh heard what the most of the people of his village had done to him, he could not help be feel a great deal of anger and disgust at the people's treatment of a young and innocent boy. He even felt slightly tempted to have his army disembark from his fleet and march on Konoha and burn it to the ground, as nothing justified the attacking of an innocent young boy. This of course spoke volumes of how angry Iroh was, as he was not a violent man, but quickly enough Iroh pushed such thoughts away as new violent actions only caused violent reactions, starting a never-ending cycle of hate.

Iroh in turn shared some of the things that he had seen and what had happen in the war with his army, he even told Naruto about the loss of his only child and son Lu Ten.

The two of then continued to talk for several hours, right up until the sun started to set. Upon seeing that it was going to get dark soon, Naruto thought it best that he go back to the abandoned building he was staying in.

"Well I guess I should go back now, thank you Iroh-san for lunch and for the tea; it was really nice" spoke Naruto.

When Iroh heard this, he knew that Naruto didn't have a real place to stay, as he had already guessed that if Naruto had run away and didn't have enough money to buy food or anything, then he most likely didn't have any real place to stay, and most likely slept on the street or in some old abandoned building. This was unacceptable to Iroh and so he decided to do something about it.

"Nonsense Naruto, you will stay here with us on this ship" spoke Iroh.

"Thanks, Iroh-san but I'm ok" replied Naruto, as he knew that Iroh was trying to be nice and didn't really want someone pity, even though he would have liked to stay longer on the ship with Iroh on the crew as they all seemed nice enough.

"Please stay Naruto, it's nice to have some youthful energy to brighten up this old gloomy ship", cajoled a smiling Iroh.

"Are you sure that it would be ok?" asked Naruto, to which Iroh smiled and nodded.

"Ok then, but I need to get some of my stuff", said Naruto, to which Iroh nodded and said he would help get the stuff for Naruto.

The following three days after Iroh caught Naruto trying to pickpocket him were some of the best times that both Iroh and Naruto had experienced in a long time. During their time together, Iroh and Naruto were always seen talking with one another about things such as food, the different things in Konoha or the Fire Nation, and they even played a few childish games.

Naruto especially enjoyed watching the crew along with Iroh sparring with one another and using Fire Bending, which Naruto was cool. He initially thought it was a jutsu, but Iroh quickly explained it wasn't, as they summoned and used the natural Fire and did not create it with Chakra, stating that natural Fire was stronger than Chakra-based Fire.

But like all good things, their time together came to an end as the damaged ships in Iroh's fleet were repaired and his fleet was restocked with enough food and water to return to the Fire Nation safely, hence they would be leaving tomorrow morning.

It was because of this that Iroh came to a decision about Naruto, he knew that once he left that Naruto would be left alone to live on the streets and if he returned to the village he came from, he would just be beaten and abused again. Neither of which Iroh wanted for Naruto, as he had come quite fond of Naruto in the few days they had met. The days he had spent with Naruto, as he either played with or talked to Naruto, reminded him of the times when his son Lu Ten was alive and was Naruto's age and how he used to play with him.

So at the end of the third day, when Iroh was on the bow of the ship with Naruto watching the sunset together, as Naruto told him he liked watching the sun set because he could away see his favourite colour, orange. Iroh decided to tell Naruto that he would be leaving tomorrow.

"Naruto there is something I have to tell you" spoke Iroh suddenly gaining Naruto's attention.

"What is it Iroh-san?" queried Naruto

"I'm afraid that all my ships are repaired and so tomorrow morning my fleet will be leaving for home tomorrow".

"Oh!" said Naruto sadly, as he had enjoyed his time here and had liked Iroh, as other than the Hokage and the Ramen chief Teuchi and his daughter, he was the only real person that showed him any real kindness. "So I guess that this is good-bye then"

"It doesn't have to be Naruto," replied Iroh as he knelt down to him.

"Naruto, although I know we have only met a few days ago, but I would like you to come with me and if you would like, I would like to invite you to be in my family" said Iroh as he was unsure as to what Naruto would say.

At hearing this Naruto looked at up at Iroh in surprise, "You mean y-you want to adopt me?" he asked in surprise. When he was younger and lived in the orphanage no-one had even once offered to adopt him, yet here was Iroh, offering to open his heart and home to him.

It was then that Naruto smiled with some tears in his eyes, after which he then hugged Iroh, showing that he accepted Iroh's offer to be his son. After a minute or so Naruto let go of the hug and then spoke up slightly nervously.

"W-Would it be ok If I called you…dad?" asked Naruto nervously as he wasn't sure how Iroh would react at being called dad as it was kind of weird in away from him as he never had to call anyone that.

At this Iroh smiled with some tears in his own eyes, as he hadn't thought that he would ever be called that again, "Yes, it would be fine Naruto", after which he returned Naruto's hug.

Iroh believed that maybe, just maybe, Fate caused that storm in order to bring him here and to meet Naruto, where the two of them could find one another and be a family and heal the other's wounds.

Early the next morning, Iroh's fleet set sail to return to the Fire Nation; as the fleet sailed away, Naruto and his new adopted father Iroh watched from the bridge's catwalk as the Elemental nations disappeared into the horizon. His old life in the Elemental continent was over, and his new life in the Fire Nation began today!

Later on, in the late morning Kakashi and the Konoha team he was leading arrived in Gifu to look for Naruto. Pakkun sniffed for Naruto's scent and tracked him first to an old abandoned building, where Naruto most likely stayed for a while. After that he tracked Naruto's scent to the docks where it ended. At first, Kakashi and the others thought that Naruto might have snuck aboard a ship sailing to one of the island countries like Yuki no Kuni (Snow Country), Umi no Kuni (Sea Country), Mizu no Kuni (Water Country), Tsuki no Kunai (Moon Country) or even Nagi island and O'uzu island.

But when they asked some people about any ships that may have left in the past few days, they told them about the Fire Nation ships and how they only left a few hours ago. One of the sailors they had talked to had mention that he saw a young boy that matched Naruto's description boarding the biggest ship of the fleet with the Commander of the fleet.

When Kakashi and the other asked where this Fire Nation was (where when Kakashi and the others first heard this, they thought it some kind of joke, but soon found otherwise), no one knew. The only thing that they did know for certain was that it was a country far away from the Elemental continent.

At this, Kakashi knew that Naruto was gone and out of their reach, as they now had no idea where Naruto was going and no clues as to even find him.

Kakashi looked out to the horizon of the sea with a sad look, "I failed you sensei, I failed to be there for your son and protect him when he needed someone. I can only hope that wherever he is now he is happier and safer there, than he was when he was in Konoha".

Then he turned to his team, saying, "We're heading back to Konoha".

"But what about Uzumaki, shouldn't we try and chase after those ships?" asked a Chunin.

"What would be the point? We have no clue where they are going, or where this Fire Nation is, and even if we did, we don't know if they will give him back. According to the people here there was over a hundred ships in that fleet, each three times the size of any ship known here and made entirely of metal. With an entire army on board as well, what chance would we have of getting Naruto away from a force like that by ourselves?" replied Kakashi.

At this the Chunin said nothing as he knew Kakashi was right, Naruto was out of their reach.

Soon after Kakashi and his team left Gifu and headed back to Konoha and give Hokage the bad news.


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