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Naruto POV until the very very last little bit, but I'm sure you will be able to figure out when it swaps.

On with my random, blank-out moment writings.

The rain is cold. Very cold. Almost like ice.

Or is it just me?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the one that feels like ice. Everything is cold now. Maybe it's not the rain. No, it's not the rain. It's me.

Why am I so cold? Why am I so very cold and sore?


I can't remember just yet. But I'm trying. But it's so cold. So very cold. And it hurts.

My chest hurts. Why does my chest hurt? Why is it getting worse?


I remember now.

My chest hurts, and I feel so cold...because I'm dying.

Yes. That's right. I'm dying. I'm lying in an alleyway, in the rain. Bleeding, choking...dying.

Alone. I'm alone.

Damn. I didn't want to die alone.

But who would come into an alleyway?

Well, aside from the bastards who attacked me and shoved that knife into my chest. And they didn't even steal my shit. They just jumped out and shoved that fucking blade into me.

Ow, it still really hurts. So I'm not on the edge of death just yet. Maybe I should pray?


No. I've never been religious, and I'm not the type to use religion when it suits me. So praying would be pointless.

I'd probably get kicked out of heaven anyway. They'd say I'm too annoying. And I doubt they'd let an angel wear orange.

If I can't wear orange, then I don't want to be an angel. And if there's no ramen, heaven just turned into hell.

Heh. Funny how even when I'm bleeding and lying on this hard-as-fuck concrete I still obsess over ramen.

Sasuke would laugh. I'm sure out of everything that I do, this would crack that bloody stoic mask he always wears.


I wonder what he'll say when he finds out I'm dead.

Wait. I'm actually supposed to be meeting him in a few minutes. In that bar, which happens to be right next to the building I'm currently dying behind.

Oh, the cruel irony never ends.

I wonder what we would've talked about tonight. Maybe our work. Not that he cares about my job as a waiter, but I could've told him about how I tripped and spilled a tray of snails all over Ino and Sakura.

If he didn't laugh, he would've smirked and said "Good work Dobe."

I can hear his voice in my head, and I can see his face. That's how close we are. I can conjure an image without much work.

I guess if there's one face I'm going to see when I die, Sasuke is a pretty good choice. He's my best friend after all.

My best friend.

My first friend.

And my first love.

Not that he knows that. Guy is most likely straighter than a ruler. And I didn't want to screw up our friendship over something like sexual preferences.

Why am I thinking about this? It's depressing to think about almost ruined friendships. Let me reminisce about my life. It's starting to flash before my eyes.



Holy shit I really did eat a lot of ramen. Maybe the others had a point when they said I took it too far.

Oh well. Not much I can do now.

Fuck, it's gotten even colder. And I'm starting to go numb. The rain is letting up though. Too bad, actually. Now my blood is pooling around me. I can kind of smell it.

Wonder what the time is? I know it is dark, but that's about it. Sasuke's probably complaining about how late I am.

Hehe. Poor bastard. He hates it when people are late.

But it's not like I can do anything about it. I can't feel my legs or arms anymore, and I'll be fucked by a rabid chipmunk before I even think about trying to move my head.

Bastard will just have to deal with it. Then he might feel a little bit guilty when he finds out I was late because I was dying in an alleyway.

Well, at least someone will see a joke in my demise.

I wonder what my funeral will be like?

Maybe they'll play all that sad music and shit, and the girls will be crying. I know Hinata will cry. She's always been sensitive. She's a good friend.

I know exactly how Kiba will react. He'll be shocked at first hearing it. Then he'll go on a rampage, trashing his room and yelling about how he was going to kill the bastards who did this. Then he would sit in the middle of the floor, and sob for a bit.

But when it would come time for my funeral, he would do his utter best to make people smile. I know this because I told him once that that was his job. I had said to him "Kiba, if I die before you, your job at my funeral is too try and cheer people up. I don't want everyone to be sad because of me."

He had smiled, bumped my fist with his and promised me he'd do just that.

But I'm sure he never thought he'd have to do it. Sorry Dog-breathe, but you did promise.

Ino would cry too. She'll call me stupid for walking in an alley. Shikamaru won't say anything, but I know he'll cry when no one is looking. He did the same when his godfather Asuma died. I saw him, but he never knew that.

Chouji will drown his sorrow in food. God, I hope my death doesn't cause him to gain all the weight he's worked so hard to lose. That would suck.


She wouldn't cry. Not at first.

She'd be strong for everyone else.

She would cry later.

I'm sorry that I didn't spend more time with her. She was a great friend.

Tsunade will throw a fit. She'll probably trash her office. Either that or drink fifty bottles of Sake.

Then again, if she does that she'll still trash her office while looking for the next bottle.

Iruka. God, he'll bawl his eyes out. I feel bad just thinking about it. But Kakashi will comfort him. He won't cry either. He'll just grimace and say some sentimental shit, but he won't cry.

Because he's a strong motherfucker.

And a pervert. Just like Jiraiya. Maybe I'll see the old weirdo in heaven...

Can perverts go to heaven?

Wow, it's freezing. Guess I'm almost done for. I can't really feel anything but cold now. And things are blurry, and darker than before.

What's that noise?

Oh. It's my ringtone.

Sasuke is calling me.

Sorry dude, but I can't answer you this time. I wish I could. It would be awesome to hear your voice before I go.


Why am I crying now? I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a dead man.

But I'm really crying. Fuck, if I wasn't struggling to breathe, I'd be howling.

Why is that?


I know why.

It's because of Sasuke.

I want to see him again. For real and not as a mental image.

I want to hear him call me. I want to hear his voice say "Yo dobe. You're late."

Fuck, I want to see his face. I want to look into those dark eyes and see his pale skin. I want to feel his hand on my shoulder while he calls me an idiot for something.

I want to hear his voice.

I want to see him once more.


I'm not religious, but fucking hell I'm praying for this. Please, just let me see Sasuke once more. Even if it's only a passing glance! Just once more! Please!

God, please. I want to see Sasuke.

My phone is still ringing. I can hear it. The ringtone is obnoxiously loud to everyone else but to me, right now, it sounds distant.

There's another sound too. What is it? It's so soft and faint.



"..ruto! Naruto! Wake up! Naruto!"

What is this?

There's a pressure, before a strange floating feeling. I'm being lifted up. Not completely off the ground.

No, I'm being turned over.

My eyes. When did I close them? I don't know but fuck it's hard to open them.

"Naruto! Oh God, please wake up! Naru!"

That voice. It's there. It's really there.


I can manage that. And I can manage a small opening in my eyes.

It's all blurred. But there, right above me is a pale skinned, raven haired blob.


God took pity on me. He answered my prayer.

"Naruto! Fuck, Naru, stay with me! The ambulance is coming! Just stay awake!"

He is cradling me in his lap. His arms are around my torso. His hands are pressed to the wound in my chest, trying to stop the blood.

I like this. I like being here, in his arms.

If I'm going to die, I want to be here. I can be at peace here.

"Naru! Naru don't let go! Hang on! They're almost here! Just hang on, please! Fuck, hang on dobe! Don't you dare die on me!"

He sounds so desperate. I've never heard him like this. I'll try to hang on because he's asking me.

But it's really hard. The edges of my already blurred vision are turning black.


I need to tell him. I just realized I'd probably never get another chance.

"Shh! Don't talk, just stay awake. They're almost here! I can hear the sirens. Just hang on a bit, please."

No. I need to say this. I need to.

" –"

I'm coughing now. Blood is spurting out of my mouth. Fuck, this hurts. I thought it wasn't supposed to hurt. But this is fucking painful!

His eyes are wide. I got some blood on his face. I want to wipe it away, but I can't move.


He's sobbing. The proud Uchiha Sasuke is crying.

Now I really feel bad.

Maybe I should've kept to myself after all.

"Naru...I love you too! Don't die! Please don't leave me! Naruto!"

My fading heart missed a beat there, and it wasn't because it's about to give out.

Sasuke said he loves me.

He loves me.

Well, gee, I guess I can sort of die happy. I know that I was loved by the one I loved back.

Wow, my eyes are really heavy.

"No! Don't close your eyes! Stay with me! Naruto, I love you so stay! Fuck, please stay!"

There are loud sirens, slamming doors and lots of footsteps.

"Sir, please back away. We need to get him into the ambulance."

"Save him! Hurry up and save him!"

"Please calm down sir, we're going to do everything we can."

Now there are lots of hands. No, only two pairs, but it feels like more. They're lifting me up.

And now they're putting me on a stretcher.

We're moving.

Some of the hands are tending to my chest. I can hear Sasuke following them.

Now I'm in the ambulance. The lights are bright and they hurt my eyes.

We start moving. I can feel the car bump along a bit.

Sasuke's still here. He's holding onto my hand tightly and telling me to stay awake.

"Heart rate is dropping!"

Everything is fading, very slowly.

"Shit, we need to hurry."

I can't move. I can barely breathe.

"Naruto! Naruto hang on!"

I'm sorry Sasuke.

But it's too hard. I can'

Through my lashes, I can vaguely make you out amongst all the other blurry shapes. Faintly, I can see you one last time.


It all fades to black.

Uchiha Sasuke sat in the waiting room, outside the E.R.

He was staring at the ground, his hands clasped together in front of him.

The front of his white shirt was covered in blood. Fresh blood.

Naruto's blood.

"Fuck!" he hissed, gritting his teeth.

He didn't know how his best friend, his love, was doing. The doctors had wheeled him away as soon as they arrived at the hospital, giving him emergency treatment on sight.

Now, it was almost an hour later and still Sasuke was sitting here.

"Don't you dare die on me, Naruto. Not now. Not ever." He whispered into the silence.

The light of the sign over the room clicked off. The door opened.

And the doctor stepped out.

He stood, turning to face him. He knew he looked like shit, with tear streaks, bloody clothes and hands, and wet hair, but fuck if he cared.

"Naruto. What happened to Naruto?" he demanded in a whisper.

The doctor regarded him silently for a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder.

As the man spoke, Sasuke's eyes widened, his mouth opening slightly.

When the doctor was finished, he fell to his knees, clutching his heart. A sob escaped him and fresh tears made their way down his face.

"Naruto." He whispered. The doctor knelt down, rubbing his back sympathetically before pulling him to his feet.

"C-Can I see him...please?" Sasuke asked, his voice thick with emotion. The doctor hesitated, but nodded.

"Very well. It's not allowed, but I'll let it slip this time." And with that the man opened the door and led the Uchiha inside.

Sasuke took slow steps, his breathing becoming more and more ragged as he approached the bed/table.

When he was beside it, his hand left his chest to slowly reach down and caress the normally tan, whiskered cheek.

The cheek that was still so cold.

Sasuke swallowed thickly. He looked down into that peaceful, angelic face.

So peaceful. His face, framed by blonde locks was a symbol of pure innocence.

Sasuke stroked the cold cheek, noting how pale it was compared to its usual dark tan. He took a shuddering breathe, willing away the tears that threatened to spring from his eyes as the doctors words came back to him.

'You made the call just in time. You're friend is going to be perfectly fine. He just needs a lot of rest.'

"How long will he be asleep?" Sasuke asked the nurse who stood watching them quietly. She smiled.

"He should wake up sometime tomorrow. He's a fighter, so he'll regain his strength soon." She said with absolute certainty in her voice.

Sasuke smiled, nodding.

It was going to be alright. Naruto was going to be alright.

Everything was going to be just fine now.

And there we have my failed attempt at killing Naruto. I just can't do it. Everytime I try, I break down, beat myself up, and change it into some miraculous recovery.

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