And here we are. After some requests, the third and...-stares at audience- FINAL part of Peaceful.

I hope you all like it. This one switches POV's continuously, so I've written which POV it is at the top of each new section. So, you shouldn't get confused. Also, you know Murphy's Law? That bastard who always turns everything upside down when it's going your way? Yeah, I refer to him quite a bit.

Please enjoy!

Peaceful III

~Naruto POV~

Ugh, how can women actually want to be housewives?

Honestly, if I even look at a vacuum or dishtowel again, I'm going to kill someone.

That someone being Sasuke, since the bastard is the one who leaves me to clean everything.


"Naruto? You home?"

Speak of the devil.

"I'm in here, Sasu."

Now, I'm going to act all angry at him until he gives in and takes me out to dinner to that awesome ramen stand.

Here he comes. Come on, Uzumaki, put on your angry face.


"Something wrong?"

Yeah something's wrong! He's totally ruining my angry face! Why does he have to look so fucking sexy in that damn suit! Bastard, how am I supposed to keep up my angry face when he's so hot.

"Naruto? Are you having another inner monologue?"

Oh he's good.



"You're lying."

He's very good.

"Teme. How was work?"

"Boring as hell. The stupid new guy messed up again."

Ha ha! Serves him right!

"But I got a raise as well, so it wasn't too bad."

Fuck you, Murphy! (1)

"A-ah, that's awesome."

"How was your day?"

Shitty. Boring. Fuck-me-sideways-dull.

"It was fine."

I really need to work on my honesty.

"I see you cleaned the house. It looks nice."

It had fucking better! I spent an hour just cleaning the lounge!

"Yeah, well, I had nothing else to do."

"Still haven't found another job?"

"No. Not yet."

Stupid boss. I spill one tray and he fires me in front of everyone.


Okay, so I did spill a tray of oysters all over the Mayor of Konoha, but it wasn't my fault! Someone tripped me, I'm sure of it! He shouldn't have fired me.

"Don't worry. You'll find work soon enough."

Aw, he's so sweet. Come give me some love!








"Jesus Naru, we need to breathe! We're still humans!"

Oops. Got a little too enthusiastic with that kiss. But his lips are just so soft! And he tastes like mint.


But score for me! He's blushing! I love making him blush!

"It's fine."

Of course it is! You got to kiss me, the most amazing Uzumaki Naruto-

"You're thinking out loud again, oh most amazing Uzumaki Naruto-sama."


I should work on that too.

"Well, I am amazing!"

I hate that smirk. I'm going to find a way to erase the 'smirk' function from him.

"Whatever you say."

Bastard! How dare he mock my awesomeness! See if he gets any tonight!


Oh shit, he's using his bedroom voice. Must. Resist!

"Te-S-Sasu...don't touch me th-ah!"

Oh God that feels good! Mmnn! Right there!

"Heh, you always have such great reactions."

Bastard. But damn, his fingers have talent. Ah, shit I'm getting hot.


"Let's move to the bedroom, shall we?"

Yes let- Fucking hell!

"Sasuke! Put me down!"


When did he learn a fireman's lift? What the fuck? He's slapping my ass? Oh the cocky bastard will pay!

"I'm going to kill you!"

"Not likely."

Arrogant prick!

I'm going to grab his head, and then I'm going to twist it around until his neck-...



Oh God that feels...Aaaah...

"Do you want a massage?"

Don't ask me that when you're giving me a hand-job asshole! I can barely think straight!

"Nngh! Ah, S-Sasuke!"

"I'll take that as a yes."

I swear, this guy is so good at multitasking it's freaky! I don't know anyone else who can use one hand to massage my shoulder, and the other to give me a...FUCK YES!

"Heh, getting excited are we?"

"Sasuke! H-hurry up!"


"Don't rush this, babe. I want you to enjoy this."

I AM enjoying it! But I-AH-I want him so bad!

"Please, Sasu-babe! I need you!"

Ha, even he can't resist my bedroom look.


Holy fuck I've never seen anyone strip so fast. When did he take my clothes off anyway? I must have blanked out from the pleasure.


He's always so kind. Never goes without permission.


I might just...blank...out...a-...gain...AH!

~Normal POV~

The two men lay side by side on the bed, panting and sweaty, but fully satisfied after their activities.

Sasuke leant over and kissed Naruto's head tenderly.

"I love you, Naruto." He whispered. Naruto smiled, wrapping his arm over Sasuke's waist.

"I love you too, Sasuke." He answered.

They smiled at one another, before there was a knock on the door. Sasuke cursed, standing up and reaching for a pair of pants.

"I forgot Kiba and Hinata were coming over. Aren't you and Hinata going shopping or something?" he asked the blonde who was also searching for some clothes.

"Yeah. She wants me to help her pick out a birthday gift for Kiba. You don't mind hanging out with him here do you? We'll be gone for an hour or two." He said, pulling on his orange shirt with a black swirl over the navel.

Sasuke shook his head, buttoning up his blue top.

"No, that's fine. I can get him to help move some of that shit out of the attic anyway." He smirked and Naruto laughed.

"Slave driver." He joked, poking Sasuke's head. The raven only smirked wider and went to answer the door.

When he pulled it open he was tackled to the floor.



"Hey Dog-breath! Wrong person."


"Get off me, you idiot!"

"EW! Uchiha germs! Agh, I'm gonna turn into a bastard! Help me Naru!"

Naruto laughed while Kiba pretended to clean his hands on the blonde's shirt. Hinata offered a hand to Sasuke, who took it gratefully and climbed to his feet.

"Ready to go, Hinata?" Naruto asked cheerfully. Hinata nodded shyly and waved goodbye to Kiba and Sasuke. Naruto gave his boyfriend a quick kiss on the cheek, which turned into a minute of making out when Sasuke pulled him back.

"Guys, you're going to make Hinata faint." Kiba said, and sure enough the poor girl was redder than a tomato. They pulled apart, Naruto grinning sheepishly.

"Right, sorry. Let's go. We'll be back later!" he called as he and Hinata headed for the car. Sasuke and Kiba waved before walking to the kitchen. Neither thought to lock the front door.

~Kiba POV~

"You want a drink?"

"Yeah, you got beer?"


Good. If he'd said he didn't have beer, I would've bolted. Sometimes I wonder how Naruto can stay with this stoic guy. But... I have seen Sasuke's more relaxed sighed, so I guess I can understand.



Hmm...looks safe. No poison or anything. Let's give it a taste.

... is good.


What's that smell?

"What the fuck are you doing Kiba?"

"You smell wierd."

"So you're just going to sniff me like a dog?"

"I want to know what you smell like...hang on..."

Hmmm...he smells like...


"You smell like sex! You and Naru were doing it before we arrived!"

"Hn. Nice work Sherlock."

Aw man, that's just awkward! It's not like I'm against gays or anything, it's just they're my best friends! Thinking about the two of them doing it makes me...


Mental images! No! Bad brain!

"Ugh, I'm skipping dinner."


Smug asshole.

"So, what's new?"

Might as well keep conversation going. If I don't he'll probably try to get me to do some fucking manual labour or something.

"Not much. Got a raise, Naruto still hasn't found work, but other than that same old stuff."

Heh heh, I remember the moment Naru got canned. I was sitting there.


I suppose I should feel bad for tripping him up. He did get fired because of it.

But his face was priceless!

And what Naru don't know, won't hurt him.



"You have an evil look on your face. You're not planning on singing choir songs again are you?"

Dude, one time! One fucking time and he just won't let it go!


"Good. My ears wouldn't be able to survive another round."

As I recall, he's the one who asked me to sing those damn things. He wanted to know what they sounded like.

Like I said before, a complete asshole.

"Yeah well, I'm sure you won't do any better!"

Not the best comeback but I'm too lazy to concentrate...what was that?

"Hn. I'd be way better than y-"

"Shut up."

Okay, normally I'd probably piss myself at that glare, but I'm sure I heard something.

"What did you say?"

"I said shut up! I think I hear something..."

No. I know I heard something. It sounded like the front door opening. Shit, did we forget to lock it?

"What's the time?"

"...eight thirty..why?"

"It's dark."

"Brilliant observation. Any more epiphanies hit you?"

Give me an A! Give me two S's! Give me a HOLE! What's that spell? SASUKE!


Well, not really, but you get the picture.

"No man, I mean it's dark and I don't think we locked the door."

Oh now he gets it! He's gone all serious. Honestly, you'd think when I'm trying to be serious everyone else would-

There it was again! The sound of a footstep!

"You hear that?"

I can tell he's surprised I know how to whisper.

I'm a little surprised myself. Usually I shout everything. He nods.

We wait a bit. I'm trying to see if there's a strange smell in the air.

My senses have always been better than most.



"Sasuke, someone's here. I can smell sweat and dirt. And it's not from you."


We've got some ass in the house now.

Well, I'm not too concerned. Sasuke's a black belt and I've been in plenty street fights, so it's not like we're helpless.

I'm glad Hinata's not here. And Naruto too. After he was attacked last month he's easily shaken up, so he'd be pretty nervous in this situation.

"Where's your phone?"

Ha! I knew I should bring my phone. I remember taking it with me in the car and...


Murphy, I'm going to kill you one of these days.

"I-uh- left it in the car."

"Tch. Idiot."

Fuck you! Oh, wait, he didn't hear that.

"Fuck you!"

"Be quiet!"


I knew I couldn't stay silent.

Ah shit, I can hear footsteps now.

Guess it's time to see our mystery guest.

"Well, well. Looks like I've found some mice to play with."

~Normal POV~

Both boys turned to the entrance to the kitchen. Standing there was a tall, muscled man holding a long knife. His hair was silver and hung limply to his shoulders. He wore a bandana, and had a wicked leer on his face. His vest was torn in two, revealing a toned stomach.

He smirked at the frozen boys, raising the hand with the knife and tilting his head to the side.

"And it seems I've got two very pretty mice too." He sneered.

Sasuke grit his teeth, his fists clenching. Kiba growled low in his throat, forever true to Naruto's nickname for him.

"Oh my. It seems one of them is a puppy. How sweet." The man chuckled, the sound humourless.

"Get out of my house." Sasuke snapped. The man raised an eyebrow.

"You're actually telling me what to do? In case you haven't figured it out, I'm a criminal, and I'm robbing you. Unless you want to get hurt, you'll shut the fuck up and stay in your seat."

Sasuke eyed the knife wearily as the man twirled it expertly in his hand.

He could tell that the man was dangerous. But both he and Kiba weren't pushovers. Plus this bastard was in his house.

His territory.

"I said get out of my house. Or else I'll call the cops." He said firmly. Kiba was still growling, his teeth bared and his eyes narrowed. The man smirked.

"I cut the phone lines." He said simply.

Sasuke swore in his head. There went that plan. His phone was broken, and he had yet to fix it. Kiba's phone was in the car with Hinata and Naruto.

Their neighbours were on vacation.

They were alone.


~Sasuke POV~

Shitting fuck flies.

This is so not what I need.

Some crazy, psycho with a fetish for animals standing in my kitchen door is definitely not on my 'want-to-have' list.

So far, the only thing on that list is Naruto.

Blonde eyes...adorable pout-


Shit. The Dobe's short attention span must be rubbing off on me.

Focus, Sasuke, focus.

Crazy man in kitchen...

Aside from Kiba, that is.

"So, not so tough now are you?"

Wanna bet?

"Get the fuck out of my house."

There. Simple order.

He doesn't look happy. I didn't even think someone could get any uglier but that snarl is proving me wrong.

"You cocky little bitch."

Whoa. PMS much? Seriously, he's all teasing one moment and now he's spitting his words.

And Kiba's still growling. I've got to remember to get him to teach me that. It'll help when keeping perverts away from Naru.

Alright. Time to do what I do best.

Be a cocky little bitch.

"Are you deaf or is your brain to underdeveloped to understand the simple order I gave you. Perhaps if I dumb it down a bit more? How about 'Fuck off dickwad'? Does that register in that tiny organism known as a brain cell inside your fat head?"

I'm so dead.

"You fucking little piece of shit! You think you can get away with that? I'm going to cut your fucking balls off you fuck!"

I'm so fucking dead.

Kiba's shaking. He must be wait...he's grinning.

Oh, he's laughing silently.

Geez, even when his life is in danger he still finds humour.

Just like Naruto.


I'm going to find a cure for this short attention span thing. Seriously. It's a health hazard.

Oh, shit he's still talking. What's he threatening?

" and then I'm going to shove them down your fucking throat and watch as you choke and on your own intestines!"

How lovely. Real romantic this one. The ladies must love him.

What?...Kiba's tugging on my sleeve.


Dude, I'm not telepathic. Staring meaningfully into my eyes won't let me see your thoughts.


I hope he heard that. I used my softest voice.

Oh good he heard it.

"What should we do?"

Yes, let's ask Sasuke, because Sasuke knows everything. How the fuck should I know what to do!

"I don't know."

Cue the look of shock and horror.

"You don't know what to do?"

"Geez, I'm not superman. I don't know everything."

What the fuck is Kiba doing? He's pushing away from me. And what's with the finger-made cross?

"Who are you and what have you done with Sasuke?"

Oh very funny. Ha ha ha.


"Kiba, now's not the time to fuck around." I scold.

"You little fuckers!"

Ah, it seems our guest doesn't like being ignored.

Oh shit!

"Kiba look out!"


Fuck! Blood! Injured friend! Think fast Uchiha!


"I'm alright! He just got a scratch on me!"

We're running down the hall. The bastard burglar locked the front door. He's probably got the keys with him.

Hopefully we can find a weapon in another room.

"Here, little puppies!"


"Bathroom! Quick!"

Kiba ducks into it just in time.

Close the door. Close it!


"Fuck this is hurting! It's deeper than I thought!"

Shit. Get the medi-pack.

"Here. Hold your leg up and try to cut off the bleeding."


Okay, rinse it a bit. Get the bandage out. Get some salve or whatever it's called. Gently dab it onto the wound-


"Shut up you wuss!"

"Fuck you Uchiha!"

"No thanks. I don't do bestiality."

"...That's just gross."

"But true."

Okay, wrap it around like this, and add the little pin thingy. Done.


"It's not bleeding at least. But damn that stuff stings."

"Yea well, you're alive."

I'm sure that psycho will find us soon. Is there anything in here to use?


Orange scented toilet spray can be pretty lethal, I guess. Or maybe I can get Kiba to fart and light a match.


No. I don't want my house to explode.

Never mind.

"He's coming. I can hear him."


Need a plan. Need a plan.

I need to get this guy out before Naruto and Hinata come back.

I don't want them to get caught up in this situation.

"Sasuke? Have you got a plan?"

"I'm working on it. We need to get him out before the others come back."

"No shit! If that bastard tries to hurt Hina or Naru I'll fucking kill him."

"Me too. But let's try get him without committing murder."

"Yeah, whatever."

He's closer. I can hear his footsteps.

What's the time? How much longer will the other's be out?

Oh good, it's only eight fifty. We still got at least another hour.

"What's this?"

Hmm? He's talking to himself?


The psycho I mean. Not Kiba.

"I remember him...he's still alive is he?"

What the fuck is he talking about?

Don't look at me like I know the answer Kiba, I swear I'll hit you...



"Ow! Bastard what the fuck?"



"Shit! He's coming!"

"I know!"

Must run! Must move. Must think of plan!

Shit, he's got the door open.

"Found you!"

Singsong voice? He's so nuts.

Okay, here goes! That black belt better mean something!




I'm a man, dammit! I'm a bastard! A fucking awesome black belt holding bastard!

"Nice one Sasuke!"

"Yeah. Come on, he's getting up!"

Okay, let's see. I'm sure my dad's old army knife is in the bedroom drawer. If I can get that, at least we'll be on even ground.

"How's that little blonde bitch? Still alive even after I ripped his chest open?"



What. The. Fuck.

"I still remember the look on his face when I shoved this very same knife into his chest. He was in so much pain as his blood started pouring out. And I still remember the sound of him hitting the floor."


I should really breathe.

I should unclench my fists.

I should stop running towards him.

I really should.

But I'm not going to.

Because all I see is red.

~Kiba POV~

Fucking bastard!

This fucker is the one who attacked Naru.

I'm going to fucking kill him!

Wait up Sasuke!

Don't think you're going to get him all to yourself!

~Normal POV~

The two boys charged, their fists clenched and raised and their mouths pulled back into raging snarls.

The criminal, whom they now recognized as someone named Mizuki, grinned as they approached and raised his knife, showing off the gleaming metal.

Sasuke reached him first, and swung his fist forward, aiming for his face. Mizuki dodged it.

Kiba's leg swung down, and narrowly missed Mizuki's shoulder as he ducked to the side. He laughed as they kept going, sending punch after punch after kick at him.

He dodged them all, some of them coming close but never quite hitting him.

He was still free for a reason.

"Fuck! Die!" Kiba growled, swinging his fist around at the same time Sasuke sent his knee forward.

The double attack worked. Mizuki didn't decide which one to dodge first in time, and they both made contact. Kiba's fist smashed into his face while Sasuke's knee hit his stomach dead on.

Mizuki was sent backwards, slamming into the wall.

Kiba lunged forwards, ramming his own elbow into Mizuki's chest. Sasuke punched his face once, twice, three times before ramming both fists into the bastard's already bruised stomach.

Mizuki grunted and choked, doubling over.

Sasuke saw the knife clatter to the ground, and with a growl he snatched it up, still seeing red. He swung it up, ready to cut the fucker's head off when-

~Kiba POV~

I saw him raise the knife, and some sane part of myself I had no idea existed kicked in.


I grabbed his wrist, just in time.

Fuck, that was close.

The blade is touching the guy's neck. There's even a small line of blood.

This guy has no idea how lucky he is.

Oh, death glare. I might piss myself at that one.

"Why the fuck did you stop me? This fucking piece of shit is the same one that almost killed Naruto!"

"I know that! But if you kill him not only will you stoop down to his level but you'll fucking go to jail! How do you think Naruto would feel knowing you killed someone because of him?"

I gotta say, I can be pretty smart sometimes.

That seemed to have gotten to him. Yep, he's relaxing a bit.

"...You're right. He wouldn't want that."

"Damn fucking straight! Naru's probably already forgiven this fuck for what he did."

"...yeah...but I haven't."

"Neither have I. But we can take revenge by putting him behind bars."

Of course, how we're going to do that, I have no fucking clue. We got no phones, and I don't think it's smart to leave one of us alone in the house with him.

We should tie this fuck up though.

Where's the rope?

~Sasuke POV~

That was so close.

I'm glad Kiba stopped me...

At least I think I am.

But he's right. Naruto wouldn't want me to kill him, no matter how much he deserves it.

Speaking of, what should we do?

"Sasuke, where's a rope or something? Let's tie him up."

"Ah. There's some rope in the pantry."

"Okay. Think you can watch him without committing an unforgivable sin?"





What the hell is that idiot doing? Taking a shower or what? He's been gone for ten minutes.







Idiot. So that's what that noise was earlier.





It's so fun to fuck with him.

Oh, the psycho is waking up.



I can do that.








"..Fuck, you're unbelievable. How does Naruto put up with you." Kiba finally comes back with a nice, untangled rope in his hands.

"Here, catch."

Okay, let's see. Loop it around his chest and arms. Wind it down to his stomach and back up, and then add the knot, or two-

"Does everything have to be perfect with you? It's like you're reading instructions in your mind or something.



"'t actually do that...right?"


"Geek! Nerd!"

"Fuck you Inuzuka."


"Sasuke! We're home!"


Aw fuck.

~Naruto POV~



I spend the whole day cleaning up the house, only to come home and find it a mess.

And on top of that to find my sexy boyfriend and best friend standing next to some guy tied up.

What a day.

"...What's going on?"

There's something familiar about the guy in ropes. The hair and bandana seem familiar.

"You're back! Did you enjoy your trip?"'ve never been good at lightening the mood and dodging questions.

"Uh...we went to the shops. That's more of an outing than a trip. Now what's going on? Who's that?"

Hinata's fidgeting. She's nervous.

I'm pretty nervous too.

After all, it's not normal to find you boyfriend tying up some stranger in the hallway of your once-upon-a-time spotless house.



Didn't think so.

"Well, you see...that's actually a funny story..."

Is he joking?

"Kiba...I'm a prankster. I know funny. And from the state of this house, I can tell there's nothing funny about this. Now either you two tell us what the fuck is going on, or I'm going to take Hinata out again."

And I would. I would leave them to deal with this mess on their own. I don't appreciate lies.


Tell me to practice what I preach and I'll kill you.

And why does Sasuke look really worried? Geez, does he hate it when I go out with Hinata that much?


Oh good! Sasuke's going to sing!

"Naruto, this man broke into our house and tried to kill us. We managed to subdue him, but he cut the phone lines so we haven't been able to call the police."








"Are you okay? Why didn't you run? Why stay? Oh God, if he hurt you I'm going to kill him!"

Check for wounds! No, nothing on his cheek or face. Torso if fine. Butt is fine too. Legs, arms, everything is fine!

Thank goodness.

"K-Kiba! Your leg!"


"Kiba! Are you okay?"

"Eheh...I'm fine. Sasuke bandaged me up."

Reward time.


Shut up and enjoy the kiss dammit! He's lucky I'm not kicking his ass for being so reckless!

God, I'm so glad he's alright. If something had happened to him...I don't know what I'd do...


No, stay away from those types of thoughts. He's alive. They're both alive and fine.

Well, Kiba's got a huge cut on his leg but he's alive. That's the important thing.


That bastard, fucking piece of shit! How dare he break into MY house, hurt MY best friend and try to kill MY boyfriend!

I'm going to kick his ass!

I'm going to kick his motherfucking a-

"Well hello there. We meet again."



...No way.



Murphy...I really hate you.

~Sasuke POV~

Oh shit.

I didn't want Naruto to see this bastard again.

Fuck he's gone white! Please don't go into shock or anything.



"Hey, come on Foxy! Talk to us man!"

Shit, his breathing is shallow. He's shaking.

Of course he's shaking! He must be terrified. This is the same bastard that almost killed him last month!

"Come on Naru, snap out of it. I'm here." I can only try to talk him out of his shock.

"S-Sasuke...It''s h-him..."

"I know. I didn't want you to see him. Let's go. Come on, babe, let's go to the kitchen."

It takes a lot to move him. He's kind of frozen. Just..a little bit...more..

There we go. He's moving again. But he's still so pale.

"Kiba, please get your phone and call the cops."

"Got it. Hina, where's my phone?"

"I-in the c-cubby h-hole!"

"Do you think you could fetch it? I don't want to leave this guy alone."


Okay, into the kitchen we go.


Or not! Dammit, I forgot there were bloodstains from Kiba here!


"Shit, sorry! Let's go to the bedroom instead!"

Quickly, man, quickly! Get him to the bedroom! to calm him down a bit. He's still shaking really badly.

~Normal POV~

Sasuke held Naruto close as they lay down on the bed. The blonde was still shaking, but he tried to still them.

Sasuke gently stroked his hair, muttering soothing sounds and placing feather light kisses on his face.

"I...I didn't want to see him...Ever again." Naruto muttered after a while. Sasuke nodded in understanding, placing another kiss on his forehead. Naruto sighed and snuggled closer to him, allowing Sasuke's warmth to calm his newly frazzled nerves.

They could hear Kiba talking in the hallway, as well as a few choice words from the bastard Mizuki. Sasuke didn't want Naruto to listen to that, so he quickly got up.

He stuck his head out into the corridor. Kiba saw him and nodded, still holding a phone to his ear. Sasuke returned the nod and ducked back inside the room, closing the door and drowning out any more noise. He returned to the bed where Naruto attached himself to him like a leech.

"...Are you okay?" Sasuke asked after a moment. Naruto hummed, his face buried in Sasuke's chest.

"I almost killed him." Sasuke whispered. Naruto tensed, his head turning up until nervous blue eyes clashed with dark onyx.


"I almost killed him. When I realized who he was, I was so angry. All I could see in my mind was the image of you in that alleyway. It drove me mad and I wanted to make him pay. When he dropped the knife I picked it up. I was so close to cutting his head off." Naruto flinched. Sasuke resumed stroking his hair to calm him.

"But you didn't..." the blonde said, confusion in his voice. Sasuke sighed.

"No. I didn't. I tried, but Kiba stopped me. He told me that you wouldn't want that. He said I'd only go to jail and end up hurting you more."

Naruto held him closer.

"Good old Dog-breath." He muttered, a slight chuckle escaping his throat. Sasuke smiled and nodded.



The police arrived soon, and took a very angry, very loudly-cursing Mizuki away. When they were gone, Kiba and Hinata decided to leave. After insisting that he was going o be fine, Kiba gave Naruto a tight hug, bumped fists with Sasuke (much to the other's surprise-Sasuke never did that sort of thing) and left with Hinata in tow.

After closing and locking the door, checking it twice just to be safe, Sasuke returned to the bedroom to find Naruto sitting on the edge of the bed, topless. He was wearing his favourite pyjama pants-the orange ones- and nearby was the fox plushie from Sakura.

Sasuke was vaguely reminded of the time he came home to find Naruto asleep on the couch with those exact items with him.

"Hey babe. You feeling okay?" he asked. Naruto nodded, but he bit his lower lip nervously. Sasuke, noticing this, walked over and caressed his cheek. "What's wrong Naru?"

"...You could've died today." Naruto whispered, his eyes lowered. Sasuke frowned.

"No. I couldn't have. It was two against one, and the both of us knew how to fight. Even if we hadn't subdued him, we would've been able to hold him off or run away. There was no chance of either of us dying." He said firmly. Naruto looked up, mouth open and ready to argue, but Sasuke cut him off with a quick kiss. Naruto moaned into it, his eyes closing.

Sasuke stroked his cheek while moving his own mouth against Naruto's. For a moment, they simply stayed that way, one sitting on the bed, the other kneeling down, and their mouths pressed together.

When oxygen-the thing they really wished wasn't necessary- was calling, they broke apart, panting slightly.

Naruto looked into Sasuke's eyes, thinking how lucky he was to have Sasuke there with him. He smiled.

"What?" Sasuke asked, his eyebrow raising. Naruto shook his head.

"Just...I really, really love you, Sasuke." He said, and his smile widened until his eyes closed. Sasuke blinked, before a grin broke out on his own face.

"I really, really love you too, Naruto." He said, and leant forwards for another kiss.

They shared passionate kisses that slowly grew more and more heated until they were naked on the bed, already planning on something much more intimate that mere kissing.

~Naruto POV~

Once again, I'm breathless. Sasuke has a way of doing that to me.

He's lying next to me, sound asleep. I can't really blame him.

Our earlier...uh...activities... even left me exhausted.

It's late. Well, more like early. I think the clock says two thirty, but I can't be sure.

Tonight was rather stressful. I didn't think I'd ever see that man again, but sometimes life is a bitch.

And Murphy is a bastard. I hate him.

But when Sasuke is here with me, lying by my side like this...I guess life isn't all that bad after all.


But I still hate Murphy. That fucker must die.


The moon is full. I can see it through the opening in our curtains. It's so beautiful.

So pale, and mysterious...seemingly lonely but at the same time welcoming.

Kind of like Sasuke.

It's funny. Often our friends have compared us to the sun and moon. They say I'm always bright and warm, and always make everything seem lighter. And they say Sasuke is cold and distant, offering a pale glow on life that keeps us standing but questioning at the same time.

But that's not entirely correct.

Sometimes, Sasuke is like the sun. He becomes warm and welcoming, bringing a greater brightness to the things around me...making everything clear and vibrant.

He's my sun. He's my moon.

He's my world.

And I know that I'm his. He's told me that before. He told me that tonight.

He leant down from his spot above me, panting and flushed and as breathless as I was. And he whispered into my ear "You are my everything. You're my whole world, and I can't live without you."

Those words brought tears to my eyes, but he kissed them away and held me closer.

I love him.

So much sometimes I feel slightly overwhelmed by it.

But it's great.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

He's so peaceful when he's asleep. Like nothing can disturb him.


The moon really makes his skin seem to glow. It's like he's surrounded by a a full body halo.

He's so amazing.

I want to touch his cheek, but I'm afraid to disturb him.


Oh well, if he wakes up, I'll just kiss him in apology.


His skin is so soft.


Heh heh. He sounds so childish when he groans like that.

I wonder what he's dreaming about.




...I can't stop smiling! He's dreaming of me!


I wonder if it's naughty?


Nah, his face is way too relaxed for that. It's not a wet dream.




Heh, he likes it when I stroke his cheek. He keeps nuzzling my hand.

It's so cute.

Maybe I should take a picture?


...Where's my camera?

...Oh, it's over there.


Maybe my phone?

...Hmm...let's picture...hmmmmmm...


There we go.

Oh, he's so going to kill me for this!


I'll set this as my wallpaper.

...Heh, I'm so gonna get it in the morning.


I still can't believe my luck, though. I've been dating Sasuke for little over a month. Yet, it feels like eternity. I feel like I've always been with him, always been in his heart the way he is in mine.


And maybe I was.

Maybe all those years we thought we were just best friends, we were already something more.


I'm getting tired. Too tired to think of all this profound crap. I'll save it for another time.

For now, I'm just glad Sasuke's here with me, by my side.

And I

I know he'll be by my side for a long time.

Isn't that right...Sasuke?


And so we come to the end. You can let your imaginations run free. If not then think of it this way- "Naruto and Sasuke live happily together for the rest of their lives."

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