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Author's Note


Completely redid the chapter and added a few things at the end.

Chapter Title: The Witch and Maiden of the Forest


Story Start


''Himeko! Himeko!'' Naruto shouted out as he looked around for the missing girl. He couldn't help but scowl as he continued looking around for the missing girl. It was night time and he wasn't familiar with the area so it was no time for the girl to be fooling around and playing games considering their situation. ''Damn brat...'' He muttered as he heard rustling.

''Ururrorororo!'' Something screeched from behind him and on instinct Naruto grabbed the thing and threw it forward towards the ground. Unfortunately that thing turned out to be Himeko who landed with an audible cry.

Five minutes had passed since he hurled the girl and she still wasn't speaking to him.

''I don't know what you're pissed for. You were the one trying to scare me.'' he brought up the fact as she girl merely sent him a glare and folded her arms.


''Hey I'm sorry ok,'' he grumbled and tapped his elbow with two his fingers as he pushed down the annoyance he was feeling. ''... but you can't keep being pissed because your actions got you thrown to the ground.'' he added as he decided to change the subject. ''So how far away is this friend of yours?''

''No idea. I'm completely lost. 'Where is this' is the kind of feeling I get.'' She stated as she continued walking ahead aimlessly to Naruto's disbelief.

''What the fucking hell!'' he angrily remarked as he couldn't believe they spent all this time walking around aimlessly and she didn't say a damn thing. ''Will this person at least be able to lift this curse?''

Adorning a thinking gesture Himeko airily answered his question. ''I think so, but...but that one...there's some stuff. From the past that might come up...''

''Kyaa!'' They heard a young woman's scream echoed through the forest. Not too far away from the duel a young woman was cornered by a bunch of bandits. She had golden colored hair with dark blue eyes and she was wearing a simple white dress and carrying a basket.

''So this is the rumored beauty in the thorny forest.'' one lanky bandit said from his horse as he eyed the girl over.

''This is truly a fine jewel, boss.'' another member of the bandits, a rather pudgy man reacted.

Amongst the man was a single man with a do-rag and thick black beard. He sat upon the nicest looking horse with the nicest armor. ''Pass! She'll be the wife for all ten of us.'' He stated with a lecherous grin. A gun shot rang and one man had his brains blown out.

''I think you miscounted,'' Naruto said smirking, blowing the smoke from his barrel. ''I only see nine.'' filling his need to say one bad-ass thing a day quota.

''You shitty brat! You'll pay for that!'' the bandit leader snarled as he pulled out his gun and fired at the blond as he dodged to the side.

Bullets with the force of lightning exploding from the shaft one faster then the other. Far faster then the normal human eye could see they were disarmed.

''Unless you want to be like your dead comrade. I suggest you leave...now!'' Naruto snarled putting an emphasis about now as he focused his blood lust into a single solitary force that washed over the thugs and resulting in them loosing control of their bowels.

''Damn it, run away!'' The thugs fled, leaving behind their leader.

''D-Damn cowards. T-The Thunder God er something that's what you're called right. How about it? I'll make you part of my gang. Cash, women, you'll be able to get anything.'' the man cried out pathetically as he began sweating bullets.

''I'd never lower myself to the level of a filthy coward or monster like you. My path is far more noble then your disgusting practice.''

''You're wasting your time Pig-man you might as give up.''

The man raised his gun and fired. His targeted was Himeko; ''Himeko get down,'' Naruto using his speed blocked the bullet with his fist. The cowardly man fled.

''N-Naruto...you protected me...'' Her face was full of concern noticing Naruto's hand was bleed badly and slightly disfigured.

''Told you didn't I...that I wouldn't let anything bad happened to you.'' Though I supposed I could have dropped my guns and caught the bullet. Damn, why do these things only come to my mind after I've done something crazy.

Himeko touched by this transformed. With that she was in hot pursuit of the thug on top of a wolf.

''N-Now what?'' He cried out as a seductive voice spoke, ''It's the 'brat' from before...Or rather, that's the shape I have while the curse is active. If a fire is lit in the heart of the child, the curse reverses. The curse put upon me by the Goddess of Love that is!''

''Manoujin! Who the hell are you!"'

Shinryuu was raised and pointed at the man.. 'The magician Kurohime! Souga Shouou Dan!" With that a soaring Talong Fang bullet was summoned.

Meanwhile Naruto was tending to the maiden in white. ''Kurohime...I heard a rumor saying she died 10 years ago, while fighting the Gods...to think that the legendary Magician, known as the strongest in the world would still be alive.''

''Kurohime you say?'' They looked up to see the bearded man from before being carried off by the eagle.

''Uzumaki is my precious Subordinate. Don't think you'll get away easily if you hurt it.'' With that statement Himeko was back.

Naruto shook his head. ''That curse always kicks in because Kurohime in her natural state doesn't seem to hold any love. Though when her child form Himeko is treated with such feelings the curse is momentarily broken.''

''How curious..A curse that can only be reversed by love, you say...''

''I am the strongest magician and the most beautiful woman on the planet. To give a curse like this to me, who is loved by all men on the planet, seems so...''

''As you can see she's a bit full of herself.'' Naruto remarked with an amused grin setting Himeko off.

'Hey! And what is that supposed to mean?'' she cried out and puffed her cheeks in a childish manner.

''Like I said...you're a bit full of yourself. As in a pretty damn high opinion of yourself. And the fact you transformed back meant you weren't thinking much of me either so you don't have much to take a piss at.''

Ignoring Naruto, Himeko had a question for the mysterious girl. ''Say, do you know of Barahime?''

Recognition flashed forward a moment. ''Ba..Barahime...'' She stuttered out. ''N-No, I don't know.'' She said turning her head. A nervous sweat rolling down her face. While that was enough for Himeko the nervous look in the girl's eyes told Naruto she knew more, but he chose not to push it.

''Anyway, daylight will leave soon. Before then, please get out of this forest...if you don't, something horrible will happen.'' She then took notice of Naruto rubbing his hand. ''Ah! The wound...'' She exclaimed as she grabbed his arm, assessing the injury.

''It's nothing. I heal quickly.'' he waved off the damage.

''That is my fault. Please come with me, and I'll treat it.'' she insisted and of course Naruto gave in.

''If you insist. '' As they were brought to a small log cabin in the middle of the woods.

''This place has the tranquility of the divine.'' All around the house a field of flowers painted the landscape. ''A beauty comparable to that of an angel.''

''I'm waiting for him...I've been waiting forever, for my angel to come. U-Um...I do not believe I know your name.''

''Naruto...Naruto Uzumaki.'' he introduced himself with a kindly smile.

''Then thank you so very much Naruto Uzumaki.'' the young woman replied with a grateful head bow.

''And you're name.'' She walked up the stairs and opened the door.

''I am called Yuuka. Now, please come inside.''

''Sure...'' He said entering the cabin.

''My word...'' She said, holding his nearly healed hand.

''Like I said I heal quickly, but I have a question. What's a beautiful maiden like you living here all alone? Isn't there anyone else here.''

She paused for a moment, ''Y-Yes. When the son sets, this forest becomes dangerous.''

''In what way? Do you mean people like those bandits?''

''Yes...but they're not all bad people.''

A loud snoring echoed throughout the house. They went to the other room to see Himkeo fallen asleep on Yuuka's bed.

''Gah! You damn brat! Hoe can you just fall asleep at a time like this.''

Fear etched across Yuuka's face. ''Oh no! Hurry up and take her with you out of the forest. If you don't the daylight will leave...'' She paused.


''Y-Yuuka-san?'' She clutched her forehead.

''Stay here for today, it's dangerous out of there once the day become becomes darker.''

''You seemed to change your mind quick. You sure?''

''It's fine..'' She took off your scared. ''Please take your time.''

A feel of dread filled Naruto as a shiver went down his spine.

Yuuka had left the room. Closing his eyes Naruto focused on using his ability to hear.

'H-How? There's still...time before...the day leaves...''

''Kukiki...it's true that my power doesn't come until nightfall, but your body belongs to me. Something like this, I can manage...that damned Kurohime...I'll be thankful to the gods that she's alive. That hatred from when you put me into this shape all those 50 years ago...I'll finally be able to pay you back.''

Barahime was once a young beautiful being with emerald green haired magician. The magician had control over flora which covered her body. To keep her youthful appearance a sacrifice of human life force was necessary. Fifty years ago she was defeated by Kurohime. With a start Himeko woke up. ''You just did something perverted to me, didn't you?''

''To a brat like you? I'm not a sick freak into prepubescent girls. Lolicons and such need their dicks chopped off and beaten to death, so don't confuse me with their kind. And besides an old friend of yours won't to say hello!'' The blond stated, pointing out the window as everything was eschewed by the sight of forest. Vines all around covered the outside and inside of the house.

''Oro...was this house really like this...?''

''Of course it wasn't! Kami your unobservant!''In the middle of being chastised he noticed Yuuka.


''It's dangerous...runaway!'' She cried out. Out from the back of her head a head attached a vine sprouted and attempted to bite Naruto who jumped back.

''Huh, so when I separate my body, the power over Yuuka gets weaker, it seems. Anyway, I thought I'd get rid of that bothersome brat first, but it looks like he isn't the usual weak sort.'' her eyes set upon Himeko.''It's been 50 years, hasn't it Kurohime?'' she hissed in a gradient tone.

''Ooh! So you really were alive, then, Barahime!'' Himeko replied with a pleased grin as the only thing on her mind was breaking the curse.

''No time to be grinning unless you plan on transforming. Some friend this turned out be.''

''Who the hell are you calling friend! I refuse to let that humiliation 50 years ago be forgotten.'' she said as she began to reflect on that fatefully day 50 years ago.

''Heh...I'm amazed you actually managed to hit any of your targets.'' Kurohime taunted as every bullet fired at her missed. ''With that kind of Marksmanship...the only one who deserves to be loved by all the guys in the world is me! This is your punishment!'' The strongest magician declared as she fired.

Barahime's youth was sucked right out of her and absorbed right into Barahime orally.

''I only took your youth, so you won't die. But it might be impossible to gather more guys looking like that.''

''I did my best to get my youth back, but...because of Kurohime's curse, my power weakened a lot. If I didn't get someone's life force soon, I thought I would really die...and, at that time...

''Ara? What are you doing in the middle of a forest like this old lady?'' The voice of a young woman asked.

''And I take it that's how you came to attach yourself to Yuuka-san?'' Naruto spoke up, interrupting the parasite's flashback.

''But because I attached myself to someone who cannot use magic, my powers were effected. Now I can only use most of my magic while surrounded in pitch black darkness. But anyway, I never expected to meet her here like this.''

'Though it seems Himeko wasn't affected or cared about the Parasite's plight. ''Yeah, Yeah, well, you see, I was cursed by the gods, and they made me far too young for my tastes. So I was wondering if you would mind if I gave back that youth I took back there.''

Naruto looked at Himeko as if she was retarded. ''You do realize she wants to kill you right?''

''Before that, I'LL KILL YOU!'' she roared as she prepared to attack.

''See...'' Naruto charged forward, channeling chakra into his hand he made several non-fatal strikes to Yuuka's body.

''B-Bastard! W-What did you do?''

The Parasite and girl fell into a crumbled heap as a result of Naruto's attack.

''Simple... if you're feeding off the life force of her body then halting it and channeling some of my own at a reverse feed not only will halt your ability, but will slowly drain your power in time. Now you have two choices. Either I can kill you or you can work for me. By doing so you can drain off a bit of youth from both Kurohime and myself and regained your youth while Kurohime regains her original form, I gain two powerful allies, Yuuka is free from possession and everyone is happy.''

''You think you have the power to do self? The girl Yuuka and I have bonded. The life I've drained as made us immortal. If we separate the she dies. ''

''Please Naruto... you have to do it. I've been waiting for this day. For an angel to come save me from my endless fate. I've been waiting for someone like you to save me. I'm not afraid to die.''

Naruto scowled and shook his head. ''There is a way I can save you. I know you've embraced death, but you don't have to die. There is still so much beauty in the world. I can do all I just said...but in order to save you then you'll have to become my mate...my wife.''

''W-What? Why are you saying such things! What about me! Are you just going to forget your promised. I thought you cared for the other me?'' Himeko spoke up, a sense of dread feeling her at the prospect of Naruto just up and abandoning her.

''I have other women in my life. There willing to share...besides your here now is proof that the other you musn't think that much of me if the curse keeps on activating. I said I would protect you...I didn't say I would give up my heart as well.''

'Baka!' Himeko thought as she sniffed.

''A goddess amongst the flowers who has been entrapped by thorns. For all these years she has hoped for her angel to save her and without hope; what much is there to life if people can't even hope? Even if I just met her...I'll fight for her like I would for you. What is your choice Barahime? Do you really want to risk our existence against a person whose power you do not know? I could burn your soul eternally in black fire or shatter your mind in an endless illusion. The choice is yours?''

The Dispatched head growled. Early that morning the area was cleared of thorns. Barahime had attached herself to a blood clone Naruto created. Yuuka, who thanks to some of Naruto's healing chakra life was prolonged for the momentarily along with the fact that the former had been bonded with the other Witch so long she had a bit of magical power herself, albeit dormant; stood by to witness the attempt to break the curse. They watch as Barahime drained some life force from the younger girl; Naruto watching closely to make sure the former wasn't going to try and pull anything as Himeko transformed.

''Huh?'' Was Naruto's confused reply. It wasn't quite Kurohime, but it definitely wasn't Himeko anymore. No longer a child the girl before them was a teenager, maybe fourteen or fifteen; no longer flat she had hefty C-cups, a few classes down from Kurohime's large E-cups. Her silverly hair was still short, albeit with pink highlights. Her clothing was that of a Komon style Kimon that ended just below her thighs and was that of a greyish-violet color. It was held together by a large blue sash whose thighs went to the ground and had a single black belt tied around it, two black strings hanging down as well. Her eyes that of a hypnotic gold.

''Damn...'' Was all Naruto could say.

''Eh? What happened? Barahime what did you do?'' She demanded of the now youthful Witch.

''Me? Oh trust me I took enough youth to equal several life times,'' The now youthful Witch said quite giddily. ''I feel...so strange.'' She stated, obvious by the way she was acting.

''Aah crap! Looks like that curse is still in effect. I wonder how long this form of hers is going to last?''

While still induced on her youthful high Barahime took off screaming freedom. ''Hey! Barahime!''

''Let her go.'' Naruto said placing a hand on the new Hime's shoulder. ''She'll be back. I doubt the forms are permanent. Looks like this curse is stronger then we thought.''

''You're right...'' The hime bowed. ''Thank you for your health Naruto-san. I'm sorry if I've given you trouble.''

Naruto's eyes widen in surprised. ''No it's okay.'' So far he was liking this Hime more then the other two who treated him like he was some sort of man servant.

''If you two wish you can stay here and rest.'' Yuuka offered, still a bit mystified at everything that happened in the last twenty-four hours.

''Yeah...maybe...hhm...'' He turned to the new Hime. ''We can't call you Kuro or Himeko anymore? You're definitely sweeter then the other two.''

''Thanks...I think.'' she replied as she blunk.

''Sweet like a Peach. I think we can call you Momohime.''

''Arigatou...that name is nice.'' she replied with a sincere and courteous tone.

''So then I guess we'll be staying here for a bit. I mean we have to if were going to have to...'' Naruto glanced at Yuuka who then looked away, blushing.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, a bit of pink painted his cheeks as well. 'Why the hell can't things ever be simple?' He thought, wondering just how he was going to handle this situation delicately. '


Chapter End


To find out more on the change of Barahime's mental state and any or all side effects of the early appearance of Momohime then you'll just have to wait until the next chapter as it's too bloody hot for me to concentrate and explain.'