Kigeki: Aftermath

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the official characters. If I did I wouldn't be writing this fanfic, and I'd be making a lot of money.


Boom! Came the daily sound from the kitchen. A solem sigh came from the demons lips as he hung his head in silent defeat. Even as he treaded towards the kitchen as smoke arose from the remains of the door that'd once been there, he could only think. 'Why? Why! Why do you torture me so?'

He opened the door as he looked on, past the blackened smoke to see the one who'd caused the explosion. "Bard how many times have I told you not to use explosives to cook?"

"Awww come on Sebastian. Cooking is art and art means explosions!"

He groaned as the chef started to go on with his rant. Had nothing been learned from all that had happened? "Whatever just clean up this mess or lunch will be delayed."

"Yes sir." he saluted.

As he walked away from the disaster he leaned on a nearby wall away from the mess. He wrapped an arm about his lower belly as he tiredly gazed before him. Even with his returned freedom. He was still very tired. But each day his strength slowly returned bit by bit. For the first week after it'd all been over he'd eaten possibly as much as Finni did per day. Human food, as much as it wasn't apart of his natural diet, for that time it sated his hunger. That feeling was abated now. But a heavy exhaustion weighed on him. He couldn't wait for the side effects to be over. But the others with their natural disasters each day did not help in the slightest.

"GAAAHHH!" came Maylenes scream.

"Uhhhhh." he forced himself forward. Attempting to mentally prepare himself for what was to come.


"Awwww but come on Ciel!" Soma whined. "I'll give you as much as you want! Just allow me to purchase Sebastian!"

"No." Ciel replied aggrivated. "I've told you this before and i'll say it again. He's not for sale!"

"Awww stingy." he pouted.

"Come on now you think I don't know you just want him for bragging rights. Tch, even the others would be more clever than that." he scoffed.

Soma poked his index fingers together as he pouted. "But it'd be so cool to be the only one in my family to have a live demon. Can't I atleast tell my father? Let me have him for a day."


"Awww..Please!" he begged.

"!" he got up from his seat. "Now stop asking!"

"Ahh Sebastian was a demon. He hid it so well." Agni stated as he poured some tea. "I did not think he was such a mystical creature." he smiled.

Even after everything that'd happened. Everything was relatively normal. Only everyone in the house knew Sebastian's secret. And Soma had yet to return to the guest house in London.

Ciel groaned as the two kept on. How was he to get any work done with them pestering him. When a knock came to the door he was more than happy to allow them in. "Come in."

"Excuse me..Oh I did not know you two were in here." Sebastian responded as he pushed in a cart with the days snack.

Soma ran up to him and grabbed at his hands. "Sebastian come with me! I guarantee you'd live a very fulfilling life! And you won't have to do chores anymore!"

"No thank you. I only require my master. Ciel Phantomhive." he smiled as he pulled his hands out of Soma's grasp.

"Awww. Your both so stingy." he pouted once more.

Shakily he walked beside Ciel's desk while pushing the cart.

"Are you alright Mr. Sebastian?" Agni asked with concern. "You seem abit exhausted. Perhaps you should rest?" he stood beside him.

"Thank you for your concern, but i'm fine. What would happen if a Phantomhive family servant could not overcome something as this?" he smiled.

"But even so you should take your health into consideration." Agni responded.

He cut the dessert with perfection and placed it on a dish before his master. "I shall be fine..." he stood straight, but started to fall forward, luckily Agni caught him before he hit the floor.

"Sebastian!" Ciel shouted as he got off his seat.

Agni held him like they were hugging while standing. He put a hand to his forehead. "Oh my goodness Mr. Sebastian has a fever!"

"Quickly lay him on the sofa Agni!" Soma ordered.

Within moments Sebastian was laid on the sofa with a damp towel on his forehead. He was panting even while unconcious.

"102.8" Agni read the thermometer. "We have to bring his fever down, but i'm not sure traditional methods will work on a demon." he stated with gloom in his voice.

"It wouldn't hurt to try." Ciel responded as watched. Sebastian's face had become flushed, and he was sweating profusely.

"I'll get him some water then." Agni stated as he stood up. "He might be terribly thursty. And some ice to bring down the fever."

Ciel nodded as he took the seat the Agni had before beside the sofa. He brought a hand to push away afew strand hairs out of the demons face.

Within a few moments Sebastian groaned as he blinked a few times. "Oh my, it seems I passed out." he simply stated as he sat up and removed the towel from his forehead. "I apologize young master. That was quite rude of me."

"You idiot!" Ciel yelled at him. "Don't apologize for being ill! Why didn't you tell me you were sick?"

"I apologize I didn't think it'd interfere with my work." he got ready to get off the sofa.

"Lay down you idiot." Ciel pushed him down.

"My the young master is being quite mean to me today." he smiled. "What ever shall I do?"

Agni came into the room with an icepack and some water. "Oh Mr. Sebastian, your awake! Here have some water." he handed over the glass.

"Thank you." he took a sip. He sighed as he laid back down. Agni put the ice on his forehead.

"I don't know if this will help, but it's worth a try."

"You humans are weird." he stated as he looked up.

"Awww I want him!" Soma whined with a squeal.

Making everyone's eye bulge out of their heads for a moment.

"Eww." Sebastian looked disgusted.

"What? I wouldn't be a bad owner! I promise!"

"That sounded so...horribly, horribly wrong Master Soma." Agni sweated alittle. Ciel just sighed.


"Sebastian is tired." Maylene muttered as she sat at the servants dinner table. "What can make a demon less tired?" she pondered. Of all the servants she was the most dedicated. She couldn't help but think if she could muster up her courage, of all the things she and Sebastian could do. These things tended to make her squeal with delight and blush.

"I never knew demons got tired." Bard stated as he leaned back.

"We should make him a cake!" Finni exlaimed in excitement.

"But...demons don't eat cake." Maylene said with a sigh. "Atleast...from what i've read they don't."

"Your books are just stories from humans right? How would we know them to be true?" he asked even as Bard sneezed.

"Hmmm." she thought, then smiled greatly. "I have an idea!"

Bard, Finni and Tanaka looked at her confused.


Ciel was fast asleep on his desk with his head in his arms. Sebastian was as well on the sofa that Agni had brought into his office. He was covered in a thick comforter and had a bag that was once filled ice but now water on his head. Agni and Soma had gone to town to look for medicines and things to make for supper. They'd offered their services if nothing more than to allow Sebastian some rest.

The door creaked as it slowly opened, but not enough to alert the sleeping occupants. Bard came in and walked up to the slumbering demon. He took the bag off his head and put a bare hand to his forehead. "Hmm." he hummed. Walking to the table with the bowl of water, he almost tripped over Sebastian's shoes that'd been put off to the side. "Damn it." he hissed, but then put a finger in the bowl of water. It was warm. Walking back over to the demon after kicking his shoes out of his way he scooped him up, blanket and all, and took him out of the office. He took the demon to his room and placed him on his bed, tucking him in.

"Well I guess your not up to anything today huh?" he asked to no one in particular. Simply watching as the demon snuggled deeper into the sheets.


When Sebastian awoke, he realized he wasn't on the sofa anymore. The next thing he noticed was people were staring at him. Everyone except his master.

"Say awww." Agni smiled as he offered a spoon with porriage in it. "It'll make you feel better."

"I don't want any." he blinked as he sat up. He realized he was only in his shirt and slacks as well.

"But it's good for you. And you'll get nice and warm." Bard stated as he pulled his cigarette from his mouth.

Looking at his pocket watch. "Oh my the young master's dinner is delayed." he started getting off the bed.

"No no. You stay." Soma shoved him down. "Ciel has already eatten."

"He has?" he raised a brow. "Did you order out? You know the young master shouldn't eat that stuff."

"Nope, we cooked." Finni smiled. "And I helped!"

"Oh god the kitchen is completely gone again isn't it?" he started getting up again, but was shoved back down again.

"Nope, the kitchen is fine, the young master is fine. The dishes are in one piece before you ask, and nothing is exploded." Bard stated with a smile.

"Who are you people and what did you do with the servants?" Sebastian asked with a raised brow.

"Nothing! Agni helped." Bard defended.

"...That explains alot." he muttered, and promptly the spoon was shoved in his mouth. Making his cough at the sudden intrusion. But after a moment, he pulled the spoon out and licked his lips. The porriage had a distinct taste of human in it.

"Just so you know my blood litterally went into it so you'd better eat it." Bard grumbled.

That's when Sebastian noticed that Bard had a bandage on his arm. As well as the others minus Agni and Soma. He swallowed as if he had to think about whether or not he was disgusted or not. On a good note he did feel slightly better, but he wasn't so sure he should eat the porriage. He couldn't even help but wonder if this went agains't the contract.


Ciel had to say he was pissed off. His dinner consisted of partially cooked potatoes, with half raw meat, and runny vegetables of other varieties. The cause. Sebastian apparently had been taken into more care. Granted he appreciated that Sebastian was being taken cared of. But that didn't mean his food had to be near disgusting. He tapped his fork into his plate constantly as if he were wishing the vegetables would become edible. When his door opened, he was more than surprised to see the demon come in.

"Weren't you in bed?" he raised a brow.

"I was, but i'm much better now." he smiled. Then frowned when he looked at the plate in front of his master. "What is that?"

"Dinner...I think?"

"My apologies young master, would you like me to make you something more edible?"

"Please." he practically pleaded as he slid the plate away from himself.

"I'm rather surprised that Agni did not make you a more suitable meal." he took the plate away.

"I am as well. When they told me they'd put you to bed I thought i'd still get a decent meal with Agni here." he started playing with a lock of his hair. "But on a side note are you better?"

"As I stated young master, i'm much better." he smiled. "Everyone took such great care of me that it was baffling."


"Most people would run at the sight of a demon. But these...people, seem more intrigued. And frankly Maylene is honestly starting to annoy me more than usual."

"I personally find it hilarious." Ciel smiled. "I can't help but giggle when she see's you now."

"Oh? A child moment from the young master?" he teased.

"Shut up!"


As strange as it was the others seemed more than happy to donate their blood for Sebastian. Within the week he was practically his normal self. He'd still get sleepy but it was nothing a little nap didn't cure. He'd been simply stunned when Tanaka hugged him. Petting him in the back of the head and looking at him much like a grandfather would to a grandchild. He'd said nothing. Simply holding him and petting him. He didn't know what to do, or how to react. This had been the first time he'd come so close. Then stranger still he'd kissed him on the side of his head and let him go. Walking down the hall leaving the demon perplexed.

Touching the spot it was like he was trying to decide if it was bad or a nice feeling. Demons were typically feared. But he supposed it wasn't horrible to be needed either. He giggled a little when he remembered something his mother had told him many years ago. "Don't play with your food!" her voice popped into his mind. A knock on the door broke his thoughts, making him jump in surprise.

Opening it he saw a man there. "Can I help you sir?" he asked.

The man, covered in a coat and scarf to hide his features simply reached out and put a hand to his cheek. Sebastian stared at him in confusion. But then even stranger still, the man faded away before his eyes. Sebastian rubbed at his eyes hastily. "What was that?" he asked aloud, and he briefly wondered if he was going mad.

"Sebastian! Bring me some tea!" came Ciel's shout.

"Yes my lord!" he shouted back, before looking outside once more before closing the door.


"SEBASTIAN!" Maylene shouted at the top of her lungs. This made everyone jump in shock because they'd never seen her shout his name so loudly.

"Maylene why are you being so loud?" he asked her as she skidded to a halt just before him. Then she threw her arms around him to hold him in a tight hug. "Let go!"

"Ahhhh I love this kind of stuff! Sebastian your sooo cool!" she said excitedly. Sebastian was rather missing the meek version of Maylene. She'd gotten so horrible in her actions that he had to start locking his door at night to ensure she didn't come in his room at night. He was always aware she had a thing for him. But now it was worse when she knew he was a demon. She rubbed her face against his chest. He sighed and shoved her off and continued in his task of peeling potatoes.

"Honestly, such horrible behavior." he continued in his work. He sighed in distaste as she latched herself to his leg.

"It must be nice to be a pretty boy." Bard stated as Finni nodded. "Even the young master gets looks from girls. It's unfair."

Sebastian gave them an awkward look.

"Sebastian!" Soma came running into the kitchen and grabbing him from behind. "Are you going to come home with me yet?" he asked cutely.

"Master Soma!" Agni cried, "Please compose yourself!"

"But I wanna keep him as a pet..." he whinned.

Sebastian sighed again. He briefly wondered if his situation was worse now. Or when he'd been with Malavist. After a few moments he decided. Both equally sucked.


He laid in his bed for abit of rest. The day's work was very tiring. The cleaning of the house had taken longer than usual because Soma seemed to join in on destroying the house. He covered himself with his sheets and snuggled into his pillow. He groaned as his head seemed to sink deeply into it's soft cushion. Within moments he was asleep. He didn't know how much longer the side effects would last, but merely having to sleep wasn't so bad to him.

At some point in the night a lone figure came into the room. Walking closer to the sleeping demon. It's had pulled the thick comfortor to his chin to tuck him in and lightly petted his head.

"Get well soon Sebastian." the voice stated. The light of the moon eluminating the room to reveal the person to be Ciel.


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