Kigeki: Aftermath 8

By Female Heero Yuy

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Sebastian just laid on the bed with his eyes closed. Deeply in his mind he was having a conversation with the one in his body. 'So what is your name?' he asked.

' may not believe this but i'm Vincent...Vincent Phantomhive...Ciel's father.' came the response.


'I told you you might not believe it.'

'Believable or not, it's a fact that your here. Though I must wonder of all the people in the world why me?'

' you want a pretty little lie or the truth? Somehow I don't think you'll like the truth.'

'I'd rather the truth than a lie, i'm quite frankly getting weary of your games.' he shifted on the bed a little to get more comfortable. 'Out with it.'

'Well...a person's soul can only inhabit the body of someone they are close to. Unlike a ghost, a soul can't just inhabit anyone.'

'Alright. But that still doesn't explain how your in my body.'

'Ahh...I thought this would be easy but it seems so difficult to say...'


'Ahh just give me a moment...I never thought i'd have the chance to say this...not to you...'

'What are you blabbering about?' Sebastian creased a brow.

'...I only got to hold you once after you were born. You were so tiny and cute.' his voice seemed speak in a tone of rememberance. 'I only got to live up until a few days after your first grew up so well...your mother must be proud.'

Sebastian opened his eyes and blinked several times in confusion. 'Who are you?' he asked again in his mind.

'Before I was Vincent Phantomhive...along time ago...I was your father.' he stated with some hesitation.

Sebastian became shocked. 'What?'

'Many years ago...this part of my soul...the part that separated with Malavist...was reborn as a pure blooded demon. A few days after your birthday...I died with a rare disease.'

Taking a few breaths in an attempt to calm down, 'I remember my mother had explained that to me.' he rolled onto his side.

'Do you believe me?'

'Considering the fact that you explained it how it happened, it must be's rather surreal...'

'You could only imagine my shock that my two boys were living in the same house. Under a contract no less.'

That made Sebastian become even more shocked. 'Wait...are you saying the young master and I are related?'

'Well think about it. I'm your father, i'm his father. Though I was two different people that makes you two brothers.'

'EEEEEWWWWWW! I have a human for a brother.' he cringed. 'That's rather gross.'

'Oh get over it, how do you think I feel? My oldest son, is planning to eat my baby boy someday. That's canibalism ya know!'

'It's not my fault you couldn't keep it in your pants.'

'Oie! That was low! How was I supposed to know you were gonna make a contract with him?'

'Then how was I supposed to know you'd reincarnated to be a human?' he asked back. 'You couldn't just make things easy could you?'

'Well i've always been told i'm a rather complicated man.'

'I can agree to that, and that your also a pain in the ass.'

'Ahahahahaha, in this case wouldn't I be a pain in the head?'

'That depends on which aspect your looking at.' Sebastian replied.


Ciel kept his gun pointed at the man before him. His finger on the trigger to pull it at any given moment. "Doctor if you would please return my butler before your nothing more than a mess on your desk, i'd appreciate it." he looked at him sternly.

Dr. Straumathor just eyed Ciel as if a gun wasn't even being pointed at him. "So there's nothing I can say or do to convince you otherwise?" he asked.

"Not in the slightest." he responded.

"Even if I were to tell you that my research could possibly even raise the dead? I could bring back your parents if I were to be successful. Think of it Earl. You could have your loving parents again." he stood up. "You'd see them again as if they'd never died."

Ciel stood silently for a moment.

"Think of it, it could happen, and all I need is your butler." his smile grew as Ciel started to lower his gun. "Your parents could stand right before you, and even hug you once more." he finished off, thinking he'd won. Atleast until, his right hand was filled with pain. He looked over and shuddered in a sweat. The palm of his hand had a gapping hole in it. He'd been shot.

"I told you already. I'm not very patient. Give me back my butler or i'll the next bullet will go into your face." Ciel's eyes slanted in a glare.

"But my..." he started in a panic.

"I'll remind you sir, that you kidnapped my butler. You came to my house in the dead of night and took him from his bedroom. That's the very definition of kidnapping. As such it is my right to punish you. I can kill you where you stand for such disrespect."

Dr. Straumathor shuddered in fear. Though he appeared to be fearless at first, he was actually quite the cowardly man.

"Return my butler. And if you ever pull this again, i'll kill you." Ciel growled.


Sebastian was thinking on the conversation he'd just had. His thoughts were broken when the door's lock sounded. Indicating someone was coming in. He sat up and looked over. His so called babysitter stood up.

Once the door was open. Dr. Straumathor entered. He had a bandage on his hand, but tried to look composed. "Ahem.." he coughed into his good hand. "It seems we couldn't come to an agreement. Unshackle him."

"But sir, don't you need him for your research?" the man asked.

"Ahhh don't worry. I'll figure something out." he stated, but jumped when a gun was pointed at his back.

"You heard him. Unshackle my butler." Ciel demanded.

The man quickly did as he was told. Undoing the shackles to Sebastian's ankles. Sebastian rubbed at them as they were rather sore, but otherwise he was fine. He got up off the bed and went by his master. "Young master..." he didn't get to finish.

"We're leaving." was all Ciel said, even as a cloak was wrapped about the demon by Agni. After they'd exited the room. Ciel shut the door on Dr. Straumathor and his workman. Then he locked it.

"Master Ciel, what are you doing?" Agni asked with worry.

"They know Sebastian is a demon. I have no doubts they'll come after him again." he stated even as the two men pounded on the door. "I'm just going to give them payback for it." he stated as they walked to leave the building. Ciel had knocked over several candles even as he walked out. Starting a fire within the building. By the time they exited the front doors. The building was in flames.

"How cruel you can be young master." Sebastian smile as he clutched the cloak to himself.

"Don't get snotty with me. It was done for you after all." Ciel stepped into the awaiting carriage.

"Ahh but of course. I very much appreciate that my little brother took the time to save me." Sebastian took a seat in the carriage.

"Eh?" Ciel looked at him with shock.

"Tell me young master, were you aware that Vincent Phantomhive was a demon before he was a human? And that demon was my father?" he looked at him seriously.

" were told."

"Somewhat yes."

Ciel sighed. "Then I can only guess how much you know."


The trip home seemed to take forever. But they were more than happy when the mansion came into view. Once the carriage stopped Bard stepped down from the drivers seat and opened the door. Then he stretched. "Ahhhh I gotta say that was tiring." he yawned.

"Mr. Sebastian are you alright?" Agni asked as he helped Ciel get down from the carriage.

"I'm quite fine thank you. Nothing was done to me as far as I can tell. Though i'm rather surprised this capture was rather quick."

"It was because they were sloppy. They left an easy trail to follow." Ciel stated.

"I see." Sebastian looked up at the sky. The sun was starting to set. "Ahhh it's so late already?"

"Indeed. Agni, prepare dinner." Ciel ordered as he started to walk into the house.

"Young master I can..." he got interrupted again.

"Sebastian you will go and get cleaned up. Your filthy." Ciel ordered. "You need a long bath. Bard, go to Sebastian's room and lock the windows. After which I want you to seal them shut."

"Yes sir." Bard saluted, then ran off to do his task. Agni simply bowed and did the same.

"Young master...are you displeased with me?" he asked.

"No. I just want you to get cleaned up. We have to talk." Ciel stated without looking at him.

"I see...very well then." he bowed.


After his bath, Sebastian was sitting across from Ciel in his office. He wasn't sure what his master wanted to speak to him about, but he had an idea. "What is it you wish to speak with me about young master?"

"How were you told about my...our father?"

"He told me himself." he replied.

"So you can speak with him?" Ciel was surprised.

"Apparently so. Though it was rather surprising when it happened."

"I much were you told?"

"I was told that he was once a demon, and then reborn as a human. And that you and I are somewhat brothers." he stated seriously.

"Anything else?"

"Not really." he shook his head. "Young long were you aware of it?"

"Not long."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was asked not to."

Sebastian scoffed, but said nothing of it. "...Is he the reason I am ill?"

Ciel jumped in surprise at the question and blinked a few times, then he sighed. "He's...part of the reason yes."

"Why did he pick me?..." he asked almost silently.

"I only know part of the reason is you won't die from it...otherwise I don't know."

"What am I to do now young master? It seems as though i'm being told I won't get better until he leaves my body."

Ciel leaned back into his seat. "I wish I knew. But for now he's explaining things about you for me to understand. My theory is he'll leave once he's completed that task."

" he saying that you are to take care of me?" he laughed lightly.

"Perhaps." Ciel smiled lightly. "You are in all reality a fragile creature. Even more so than me." Sebastian glared at his master for such an insult. "Who knew that there were so many things that could affect one such as you." he teased.

"I'll remind you young master, that you're the one who made a contract with this...fragile creature."

"In anycase for the next few days I want you to rest. Your energy gets diminished having two souls within it, and the more you rest the better."

"But what of my duties?"

"For now Agni will take care of them. I'll only have you work when needed. Otherwise you can do as you wish so long as you don't over exert yourself. You are also not to leave the grounds without my consent. Is that understood?"

"Yes my lord."


"Though...I shall in the very least continue to aid you in your studies." he smiled. "We can't have you getting behind on your work now can we?"

It was Ciel's turn to glare now. 'Damn you.' he thought in his mind.


Supper consisted of some soup, baked chicken with lemon, a salad, as well as some breadrolls. Sebastian leaned back against the sofa after he'd finished his meal. He was feeling considerably sleepy though he hadn't done much that day. "Sebastian." came Ciel's voice.

"Hmmm...?" he replied to show he was listening.

"Come. You'll sleep in my room tonight." he stated.

"That's inappropriate young master." he stated sleepily.

"Even so until your room has been completed, you'll be with me." Ciel nodded to Agni who picked him up.

"But i'm not sleepy..." he muttered even as Agni carried him to Ciels room.

"Of course your not." Ciel stated with a smirk.

"Young master, can we have pomagrantes for breakfast?" he asked even as Agni laid him on Ciel's bed.

"In what form?" he asked.

"I want pomagranate jelly on toast..." he dozed off.

Ciel snickered while Agni smiled. "Alright. You can have your pomagranate jelly." he stated.

Agni was removing the demons shoes, and other things until he was only in his shirt and pants. "I shall make the jelly before I go to bed so it'll be ready." Agni stated. "And maybe a cake for tomorrows after dinner dessert."

"Sounds good." Ciel yawned. Then Agni started to prepare him for bed.

"Do you think that it's over?" he asked.

"Who knows. But no matter what. Sebastian is my butler. No one can have him except me." he climbed into bed after he'd been changed. After Agni had left. Ciel was already fast asleep next to his butler. Sebastian had shifted and laid his head on Ciel's stomach. Hugging him with one arm over his belly.


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