Matt slammed his notebooks and newspapers into a pile on the floor as he announced, "I'm going home."

Danny pushed his glasses onto his forehead. "Because you'll be funnier there?"

"Because I'm not funny at all!"

"It'll happen, Matt. Just-"

"I write in a two-by-two foot space on the floor. I haven't gotten one sketch on the air. When I'm in the room"-he gestured toward the closed door of the writers' room-"I'm so far away from the table that I'm practically out of the room."

After a brief pause, Danny asked, "You done feelin' sorry for yourself?"


"There's a new cast member," Danny said as he started toward the steps. "You should try to write for her. She's good."

A day later, Matt realized that Danny had missed the mark. She wasn't good; she was perfect.