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"This is so boring," Alice sighed as she snuggled further into Jasper's side.

"You don't have to sit here while I study," Jasper said as he flipped the page in his philosophy book.

"No," Alice agreed as she sat up on the bed with a smile. "But," she said mischievously as she pressed her hand to his stomach then lifted her hand up to rest on the tips of her first two fingers. "We could be doing something more fun," she said suggestively as she began to walk her fingers down his body.

"As much fun as that is," Jasper said as he reached out and pulled her hand away just as she brushed the waist of his jeans. "I'm enjoying this book."

"More than sex?" Alice deadpanned.

Jasper smiled as he shook his head. "Look, I've got 284 more pages to read give me an hour," he requested.

Alice watched him for a moment as she weighed her options before finally conceding. "Fine," she sighed with an eye roll as she slid off the bed.

"Thank you," Jasper called to her retreating back as she walked off into her closet.

"Yeah, yeah," Alice called back just as she disappeared from view.

Jasper continued to read engrossed in the book until Alice walked out of the closet a few moments later. He glanced up at her out of habit doing a double take as his eyebrows shot up when he realized she was not clothed.

She strutted through their room and came to a stop in front of their bed where she began to stretch as if it was an everyday activity. "What are you doing?" he asked slowly unable to pull his eyes away from her.

"I thought I'd do some yoga," Alice said as she laced her fingers together and stretched them over her head as she arched her back.

"N-naked?" he stuttered out with a heavy tongue.

"Mmhmm, is that going to be a problem?" she asked innocently as she leaned to the side with her arms extended over her head.

Jasper could already feel his mouth going dry, as he swallowed back the lump in his throat. "No," he chocked out forcing himself to swallow again. He could see what she was trying to do and was determined fight it as long as he could.

"Good," She said with a smile as she straightened back up with her hands over her head, and then leaned to the other side. "Enjoy your book."

Jasper growled softly at her sarcastic tone as he forced himself to look back at his book. He could not force himself to read though, as he could still see her out of his peripheral vision, keeping him from any chance of focusing on anything but her. Finally after several stretches and poses she dropped down disappearing from his sight, leaving him slightly annoyed.

"Mmmm," she moaned moments later causing him to sit up slightly in the hopes that he could see her. "This feels so good," she continued as he growled in frustration at not being able to see her without making it obvious. After several more sounds that were all going straight to his groin he threw the book and got off the bed moving around to the front.

His frustrated look quickly melted into one of amusement when he saw her simply laying on her back inspecting her nails. "You're horrible," he said with a smile as he leaned against the bedpost.

"Not my fault you have a dirty mind," she said with an smile.

"Cute," Jasper said with a smirk.

"So," she asked trying sound nonchalant as she watched him with lust filled eyes. "You all done with your book?"

"Yep," Jasper said with a triumphant grin causing her expression to falter slightly. "Now I can start another subject," he said as he began to walk back around the bed.

"What?" Alice growled as she jumped to her feet and darted in front of him. "I practically throw myself at you," she hissed as she jabbed him in the chest.

Jasper chuckled as he placed his hands on her hips and pushed her back against the bed. "I was thinking Anatomy," he said as his eyes shamelessly traveled the length of her body.

Alice began to laugh as she shook her head "You're a jerk."

"Love ya to darlin," he drawled before leaning in and capturing her lips.

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