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Alice's pen stilled along the white paper as her hand went slightly limp while her eyes clouded over with a vision.

Jasper walked around her chair and leaned down kissing her passionately as he snaked his arm around her body pulling her up against him. He began to walk towards their bed while making quick work of the buttons on her blouse.

Alice blinked out of the vision as movement to her left caught her attention. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she said as she sunk down in the chair and leaned to the right with her eyes closed.

"It's not fair if you cheat," Jasper grumbled as he leaned in and tried to kiss her again.

Alice squeaked as she sunk a little lower and reached up pressing her hand to his mouth. Jasper looked at her in confusion while she smiled sheepishly "I'm busy."

"Still," Jasper whined slightly as he pulled back her hand.

"It has to be perfect," Alice, insisted as she sat back up.

"You didn't spend half as much time on our own wedding," Jasper argued back as his eyebrows pulled together in irritation.

"I didn't have to. We didn't know anybody other than the Cullen's and we had no way of getting a hold of Peter and Charlotte. There wasn't a need for a reception when only five people were in attendance and we had no need for food or beverages. So all we had to worry about was the church, the dress, the tux and some flowers."

"Bella doesn't even really want a big wedding," Jasper tried to argue.

"But she'll regret not having one. This is her last chance to say goodbye to everyone before she's turned."

Jasper reached down brushing back a lock of hair as he leaned in a breath away from her ear. "Spending a few hours with me is not going to ruin all your planning," he whispered then pressed a kiss below her ear.

Alice squirmed trying to fight off his advances as she pressed her hand against his chest pushing him back slightly, "Maybe later."

"Maybe" Jasper groaned as his shoulders slumped.

"I have a lot to do. I still have to-"

"Alright, alright," Jasper groaned as he pulled back before she could launch into a long list of everything she had to do. Jasper mumbled bitterly to himself as he started to walk away towards his office, clearly defeated.

"Jasper," Alice called innocently as she went back to writing, just as he was about to open the door. He stopped and turned to look over his shoulder giving her a skeptical look. "Since you have nothing to do, you should go try on your tux."

Jasper's shoulders slumped as his skeptical look turned in to shock and irritation.

"Don't give me that look," Alice said without even bothering to look up. "You have to do it eventually and the sooner the better."

Jasper snarled as he turned around, all but stomping in the direction of the closet. "I don't get sex and now I have to play dress up," he hissed. "At this point I'd drive them to Vegas myself."

"You wouldn't dare," Alice growled as he walked off into the closet.

"Alright what do ya think?" Jasper asked with a twinge of excitement as he walked out of the closet a moment later.

Alice's eyebrows crinkled in confusion at Jasper's playful excited tone, his mood taking a complete one-eighty. She set her pen down, as she turned sideways in the chair looking over her shoulder slowly. She tensed as her eyes widened in shook while her mouth hung open slightly.

Jasper was leaned up against the wall his arms folded across his chest casually wearing nothing but a smirk and his cowboy boots.

Alice let out a breath she had not realized she had been holding her mouth moving up and down several times as she struggled with what to say. "That's not your tux."

"Nothin' gets by you does it darlin'?"

"Why are you naked?" she stammered slowly.

"I'm not naked, I got boots on" he drawled lazily his smirk only widening.

Alice only continued to stare, in a rare moment at a loss for words.

"Would it be better if I had a hat on?" He questioned as he reached out with his right hand placing a brown cowboy hat-which she had not realized he had been holding- on his head. "Yer always complainin' 'bout how I don't think out full outfits," He said as he angled the hat down and he dipped his head, shielding his eyes from view as his smirk grew and he re-crossed his arms.

"I approve of this outfit," Alice said with a smile as she stood from the chair her eyes shamelessly raking over his tall frame. She reached up with a pale hand gently pushing his hat back so she could see his eyes. "But you are never allowed to wear it in public," Alice whispered before leaning up and pulling him down pressing a searing kiss to his mouth.

Jasper chuckled as he wrapped his arms around her pulling her off the ground as she wrapped her legs around him. "I thought you were too busy?" he murmured as he moved down kissing her neck.

"I am," Alice said as she threaded her fingers through his hair. Jasper pulled back with a look of concern thinking she might be teasing him. She smiled as she reached up, pulling his hat off his head. "Which is why you have officially become part of my wedding planning crew," she said as she placed his hat on her head

Jasper smiled as he leaned in and kissed her cheek "I think I can live with that consequence."

"Good, because I'm in the mood to save a horse."

A/N: For those of you that don't understand Alice's last statement, it is a reference to a county song by Big and Rich called Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy. I hope you all enjoyed this.