Here are the final two chapters. I hope you like them.
Chapter 11
Month Later
Sara walks down the stairs of their new town home. She smiles seeing month old Elliana on the floor of the the livingroom cooing. She stops picking up the baby "Hey sweetie you having fun huh" she kisses the baby's cheek. "How about we go see what Daddy's up too" she enters the kitchen to find Ian at the table reading a piece of paper. "Uh oh Daddy's got deep thoughts"

Ian looks up to see Sara standing there holding Elliana

Sara sighs at his expression "What's wrong Ian?"

"Jake brought these over?" Ian gestures to the papers

"What are they?" Sara asks

"The write up on what they found. The videotapes" he swallows "of my punishments... everything but the references to you as the Weilder or the people he had me kill."

Sara sits down with Elliana on her lap "Why are you reading it Ian?"

Ian shrugs "He also brought a copy of Kenneth's will"


"He left everything to us but a few things he left to associates."

"What do you mean he left us everything?"

"The company... the estates.... the Witchblade collection" Ian pauses "and he left a trust fund for us."


"Once they finish the case his estate and companies will probably be confiscated and sold"

"Its for the best. He hurt a lot of people" Sara shrugs

"So did I"

"You had no choice. He did. That choice was taken from you when you were a boy." she touches his cheek "They'll understand you had no choice when they realize how he raised you"

Ian kisses her hand "Jake told me they want you to testify against Dante"

Sara nods "I said yes"

"Are you sure my love?"

"I have to do this for my Dad and Maria. He deserves it. I don't want Elli to have to face the Bulls." Sara looks at the baby dozing against her chest

"She'll be safe love"

5 months later
Sara steps out on the patio to find Ian sitting on the steps of the pool with six month old Elli on his lap gurgling happily. She smiles at the two bonding "Hey you two" she says grabbing a towel

Ian looks up to see Sara wearing her bathrobe holding a towel. He stands handing Sara the wet and wiggling baby.

"Hey Elli lets go get you dried and dressed" Sara smiles kissing the baby's cheek. "Uncle Gabe's going to be here soon."

Ian stands wrapping the towel around his waist he follows Sara inside

20 mins later
Ian walks out of the bathroom to find Sara dressing Elli on their bed 'My family' he thinks proudly

Sara stops talking to Elliana looking at her wrist to see the colors of the Witchblade stone swirling

"What's wrong my love?" he asks

Sara shrugs "Nothing. Sometimes it just reacts" she picks up Elliana carrying her over to the playpen she sets the baby down.

Elli looks around and whimpers

"Just a second Elliana. Momma's got to get dressed first" Sara says goes to the closet taking out a pair of dress pants and shirt

Ian hugs Sara from behind kissing her temple "Ready?"

Sara leans back into his arms "Yeah. He's caused enough trouble"

"Soon he won't be able to cause him anymore"

"Good" Sara sighs

Half hour later
Ian opens the door to find Gabe standing there "Bowman" he says in greeting

"Hey Nottingham" Gabe greets entering the house "Where's the Chief and Elli?"

"Sara's feeding her" Ian answers

Sara sits in the rocking chair looking down at the feeding baby. "Well Elli Mommy and Daddy are going to court. Mommy's going to help put away the men who hurt your Grandpa."

Ian glances at the clock as Gabriel searches for food. He makes his way out of the kitchen and up the stairs to the nursery. He stands in the doorway watching as Sara gives the baby her bottle. "Sara?"

Sara looks up and smiles

Ian makes his way over kneeling beside the rocking chair "Gabriel's here love"

"Raiding the refrigerator already?"

"Of course" Ian strokes the baby's head "Does he always have to do that?"

Sara smiles at him "Here he can find healthy food rather than eating only junk food and cold leftovers. Besides you can cook... he and I can't." she looks at the baby "You really are hungry huh sweetie"

"We need to leave soon"

Sara nods "She's almost done with her bottle"

Ian stands "Sara are you sure about this?" he asks after a few moments of silence

"Ian I have to finish what my Dad started. I want that part of my life closed."

Ian nods

"No worries Ian. I got you and Jake there... my two guarddogs." she smiles seeing Danny in the corner "And
Danny will be there"

Danny nods "Sure will Partner"

Ian kisses her temple

10 mins later
"Gabriel get your shoes off the table" Ian says walking into the livingroom

Gabe looks up to see Ian and Sara enter with Elli

"Hey Gabe" Sara greets handing the baby to Ian she grabs her jacket off the back of a chair. "You know how Ian is about shoes on the furniture"

Gabe rolls his eyes

"OK she's had a bottle. If we aren't back in 3 to 4 hours there's a bottle in the refrigerator. She'll be ready for a nap in an hour or so. Don't forget to change her when she gets up from her nap."

Gabe scowls

Sara chuckles "You've changed her before" she leans in kissing Elli's cheek "Bye Elli be good for Uncle Gabe" she smiles at the baby's grin

Ian hands Elli over to Gabe "Ready?"

Sara nods "Yeah" she looks at Gabe "Thanks for watching her"

"No problem" he shrugs "I had nothing better to do. Besides I haven't seen my favorite kid in a while."

"There are some Feds outside just in case" Sara reminds

"Saw them."

Sara follows Ian out to the garage. As Ian opens the passenger side door she kisses his cheek before getting in.

20 mins later
Sara takes a deep breath as Ian turns off the car. "Its almost over"

Ian takes her hand kissing her knuckles "Yes it is"

Sara notices Jake walking towards the car. She looks at Ian "Behave" she says sternly

"I will if he does" Ian says roughly

Sara sighs shaking her head "Come on" she opens the door stepping out "Hey Jake"

"Pez" he grins then nods at Ian "Nottingham"

"McCartey" Ian returns joining Sara

"Breaks almost over" Jake informs them as they walk towards the elevator

Sara enters the elevator standing between Jake and Ian. She squeezes Ian's hand. As they get out of the elevator and walk down the hallway towards the courtroom Sara ignores the press throwing out questions. Once inside she settles down behind the lawyers with Ian and Jake on either side. She glances over at Dante to see in glaring at her. She smiles covering her chuckle with a cough when she sees Danny standing behind Dante giving the former Captain bunny ears.

"What?" Jake questions puzzled

"Just had a thought of Dante with bunny ears" she

"Danny?" Ian asks softly

"Yeah" Sara nods squeezing his hand

"Your honor the state calls Sara Pezzini to the stand" the prosecutor says

Sara stands making her way up to the witness stand

"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?" the court officer asks

Sara nods "Yes"

"You may be seated" the Judge instructs

Sara sits down looking at the prosecutor as she absently twists the Witchblade on her wrist.

"Detective Pezzini where do you work?"

"I used to be a Detective at the 11th precinct under the late Captain Joe Siri then Bruno Dante before I
took a leave of absence."

"Why did you take a leave of absence?"

"I was pregnant and in danger from the White Bulls."

"How else do you know Bruno Dante?"

"My father knew him"

"Your Father was James Pezzini"


"How did you father die?"

"Objection" the defense says jumping up

"Goes towards Dante's character"

"Proceed" the Judge nods

"Miss Pezzini how was your father killed?"

Sara looks at Ian gathering her strength before answering "He was shot execution style one night while on patrol."

"Did they ever find the shooter?"

"I found out Gallo was the shooter over while investigating the another murder. Gallo told me he was hired to kill my father"

"What did Gallo say to you about killing your father?"

"Objection heresay. The only other person who knows what was said is dead. He jumped out a window the next night"

"Your honor we do have a witness to the conversation. He will be able to verify it"

The Judge ponders it then nods "Proceed"

"Miss Pezzini what happened the night you found the man who killed your father?"

"He forced me to go into an alley with him... the same alley where he killed my father. He described how it went down in detail."

"What happened then?"

"We fought. Shots were fired. He ran out before me and I followed him into the subway."

"When did he admit he was hired?"

"In the subway. He said some powerful men hired him"

"Did he give you a name?"

"He said it was someone connected to my father."

Hour later
"Miss Pezzini" the defense lawyer begins "You have never liked my client have you?"


"Why didn't you quit or transfer to another precinct when he came on?"

"I did quit but Joe Siri talked me into returning. As for transferring I grew up around the 11th precinct. Most of the people there were my family"

"OK." the lawyer nods "Tell me why did you break into my clients home and shove a gun in his face?"

Sara meets Ian's gaze then answers "I lost my temper. I lost my best friends, Joe, and the guy I was involved with and it all led to Dante."

"Then why did you disappear for 7 months?"

"Dante had put the word out that whoever brought me to him dead or alive would get major favors. I didn't want to run but I had not choice I was pregnant"

"Did Dante ever threaten you directly?"


The lawyer frowns "And how do you know that Dante wasn't under orders to kill you?"

"Because the person who financed some of their jobs wouldn't have allowed it if he knew"

"That person being Kenneth Irons?"


"How do you know Irons didn't want you dead?"

"He did but he wouldn't have allowed Dante to do the way he wanted. Irons liked the 'cat and mouse' of trying to get me."

Hour later
Sara gets into the car closing her eyes she sighs


"Can we just go home?" she asks

Ian starts the car. He glances at Sara as he drives home. He watches Sara concerned as she enters the house silently making her way upstairs.

"She OK?" Gabe asks concerned

"I don't know"

"Well the kid's been asleep for an hour. She didn't finish her bottle so I put it back in the refrigerator"

"Thank you for watching her"

"Sure" Gabe nods "You better go check on Pez"

Ian nods walking Gabe to the door he locks it setting the alarm.

Sara smiles covering the sleeping Elli with a blanket. She stands over the crib watching as the baby sleeps.


Sara turns around to see Ian standing in the doorway. She walks over stepping into his arms. "I wish this was over"

"It will be soon"

"Ian why did you agree to testify? You know they'll ask you about why you followed me. About your past"

"I know" he says kissing the top of her head

"I'm sorry you were ever dragged into this" she sighs

"I'm not" he says "I'd do anything for you and Elli"

"I know" she steps back taking his hand she leads him out of the nursery

Sara shudders leaning into Ian

"Mine" Ian growls nuzzling her cheek "My Sara. My Weilder" he kisses her cheek and temple "My mate" he caresses her face. "My wife" he kisses her sweetly

Sara smiles against his lips "Always" she kisses him lightly then groans hearing Elli cry over the monitor. "She's definately got your sense of timing"

"And your lungs beloved" he chuckles as the baby cries louder

"Complaining Ian?" she asks moving off the bed she pulls on her clothes


"Good" she kisses him "be right back" she makes her way out of the master bedroom to the nursery. She finds Elli sitting up crying. "Hey baby its OK" she picks Elli up "Mommy's here" she kisses Elli's cheek "Shh baby"

Ian smiles hearing Sara talk to the baby over the monitor. He picks up the remote control turning on the TV

"Look Elli there's Daddy" Sara says entering the bedroom with Elli in her arms. She settles on the bed with Elli on her lap "What are you watching?"


Sara nods smoothing Elli's hair back as the baby lays between them playing with her toes

"This just in." the announcer says "Former New York City Police Captain Bruno Dante has accepted the State Attorney's offer. Dante was arrested for multiple accounts of conspiricy, corruption, blackmail, murder, murder for hire, and fraud. Federal charges are pending"

"What was the deal?" Ian asks

"Life in prison without chance for parole as long as the Federal charges don't result in the death penalty"

"Are you OK with that?"

Sara sighs "Dante has a couple kids. I don't want his kids to grow up without their father. At least they'll be able to see him in jail"

"You are something incredible Sara Pezzini" Ian says amazed

"Is that why you love me?" Sara asks teasingly

"One of the reasons yes" he kisses her cheek "I love everything about you"

Sara smiles "I love you too Ian Nottingham"

Chapter 12
6 years later
Sara smiles watching as Ian plays with the three kids. She picks up a leather bound journal walking out to the patio she sits down and begins to write.

i 'Its been 6 years since Dante went to jail. Not long after Dante went to jail Ian and I decided to leave the States. It turns out Irons kept Ian's family estate in England in a trust fund. He even had the Estate grounds kept up.

Its beautiful here. We've got acres of land with gardens and orchards. We've got space for the kids... and Gabe. Yes Gabe lives with us. I didn't want to leave him alone in New York were rogue Bulls could get him. The funny thing is that Gabe and Ian are now buddies... brothers more like it. Its great for Ian to have a friend.

He's changed since Elliana and our son Connor were born and we adopted Dominick. Connor James Nottingham, named after John and my father is now three years old. Elli other than her curly hair looks just like me. Connor has straight hair and looks just like Ian. Conner takes after me in personality while Elli takes after Ian.

Ian brought Dominick home with him after he went to help Christian with something. He's not Christian's son but he was watching out for the boy and asked Ian to bring him home. He's 8 years old. He's a solemn little boy. He's kind of like what I have imagined Ian to be as a boy. Dominick is so sweet and protective. He adores Elli and Connor. I'm glad Dominick Michael is part of our family. He's a great little boy.'/i

"Momma" Connor calls running over to his mother carrying something close to his chest

Sara frowns seeing the bundle squirm in the boy's arms "Connor honey what is that?"

"Look Momma" he says proudly

"Connor" Ian says sternly as he joins them

Connor looks at his father wide-eyed

Kneeling before her son Sara finds him holding one of the newborn puppies "Connor sweetie you can't take the puppies from their mommy" she chastises "Give Daddy the puppy"

"No wanna play wif him" he pouts

"Connor the pups are too small to play with right now." Ian explains

"I won't hurt the puppy"

"I know you wouldn't" Ian smiles "But Ruby misses her pup. And look the pup misses his Mommy"

Connor looks at the squirming, whimpering puppy "OK"

"Thank you" Ian takes the puppy

"Connor I know you love the puppies but you can't take them from Ruby" Sara smiles

"I won't Momma"

"Good" Sara picks up the boy "Now where are Elli and Dominick?"

"The barn Momma"

"Go tell everyone its time to get cleaned up for lunch" she kisses his cheek before setting him down

" 'k" Connor chirps scurrying away

Sara smiles picking up her journal she heads inside

15 mins later
Sara smiles feeling Ian nuzzle her shoulder "The kids?"

"Getting cleaned up" he answers kissing her
neck "What were you up to this morning my Sara?" he asks curiously

Sara smiles turning around she slides her arms around his neck "I had to do something very important." she kisses his cheek "Besides you had the kids to keep you occupied"

"I know I just missed you"



"I know we discussed this after Connor..."

Ian frowns at her tone "What's wrong my love?"

Sara trails her fingers over his face "How do you feel about having another baby?"

"Are you...?"

Sara nods "I'm pregnant"

Ian smiles "I love you Sara"

Sara smiles "I love you too"



Sara laughs looking over to find the three kids standing in the doorway "You guys cleaned up?" she asks

"Yes Mom" Dominick nods

"Someone go and see if Gabe's going to join us"
Sara requests

"Now or later?" Ian asks softly

"Later" Sara kisses him gently

"I'll go get him" Dominick volunteers walking out of the kitchen

"Thank you Dominick" Sara says lifting Connor into his booster seat

"Momma I can do this myself" Connor protests

Sara kisses the top of his head "I know I just like babying my baby"

"Not a baby" Connor grumbles "Daddy tell Momma I'm not a baby"

"Yes you are" Elliana retorts

"Elli don't tease Connor" Ian says pouring drinks

" 'k Daddy" Elli nods

"Gabe said he'll be right down" Dominick says entering the kitchen

"Thank you" Sara smiles as she and Ian set plates before the kids

"Momma I want juice" Conner demands as Ian sets a glass of milk before the boy

"Connor" Ian says sternly

"Sorry. Juice please Momma"

"Drink your milk Connor" Sara replies sternly

"But Momma"

"You heard your Mother Connor" Ian says

"Yes Daddy"

"Hey guys" Gabe greets entering the kitchen

"Gabe" Ian nods as he goes to Sara's side kissing her cheek as she cuts up fruit "Need help?"

"No almost done"

Hour later
"Gabe can you watch Elli and Dominick for a while?" Sara requests "Connor's napping"

"Sure I'll watch them" Gabe nods

"Thanks" Sara grabs Ian's hand pulling him out of the livingroom and up the stairs. Once in the bedroom she kisses him

Hour later
Sara rubs her cheek against Ian's chest "You know there is one thing I love about being pregnant"

"That is?"

Sara moves up looking down at Ian "You get even more cuddly"

"Cuddly?" he lifts his brow

Sara smiles "Yep my former stalker you can be very cuddly." she kisses him then chuckles


"Just thinking about when I was pregnant with Elli" she shifts to her back

Ian moves down the bed nuzzling her middle "Hello baby"

Sara strokes his hair and neck as he nuzzles her middle "What do you think?"

"That I love you and our children more than anything in this world"


Sara sighs "Connor" she sits up "I better go see what's wrong" she quickly gets out of bed pulling on her clothes

"MOMMA. DADDY" Connor cries

Ian groans "What is with him and having nightmares during naptime?" he gets out of bed also pulling his clothes on he follows Sara out of the bedroom

Sara enters the boy's bedroom to find Connor sitting up clutching his teddy bear "Connor what's wrong?"

"Momma" Connor holds out his arms

Sara picks him up "What's wrong baby?"

Connor buries his face in her shoulder

Ian enters the bedroom to find Connor clinging to Sara "What's wrong Connor?"

"I had a bad dream"

"What about?" Sara asks rubbing his back

"That you and Daddy went away" he sniffles

"Oh Connor." Sara sighs

"Connor Mommy and I aren't going anywhere." Ian assures

"They took you away" he hiccups

"No one is taking us away" Ian promises "It was a dream"

Sara kisses the top of Connor's head "Lets go downstairs huh sport?"

Connor nods

That Evening
Sara looks at the children playing silently in the livingroom. She smiles at Ian "I think we made things right huh love?"

Ian nods "I think we have my Sara."

"We have our family like we were meant to have all those years ago."

"Nothing will take them from us this time" Ian assures

"I love you Ian"

"I love you Sara" he smiles kissing her sweetly "and our children."

'Thank you John' Sara snuggles into Ian's arms as they watch their children play.

The End