My dearest readers, I want to apologize for not updating An Eye for An Eye in such a long time. Life has consumed me and right now I want to focus on me. Another reason why I haven't updated is because I have so many stories in progress that I want to finish one before continuing another.

That said, I have two original stories in the progress, and I really want to finish the two first before focusing on my other two fanfictions. If you guys are interested, you can read them at wattpad. I am specifically focusing on Summer Love, I've has that story in progress for too long and I'm dedicating the summer to finishing Summer Love and A Clean Break. That said, below I provided the summary of the two stories if you're interested in my original work.

Another topic I want to address is the fact that An Eye for an Eye is my first fanfiction and it means a lot for feedback. I've noticed that yes, people are putting it on their favorites list, alerts, etc. But not many are reviewing. I've checked to status of my story, a lot of people are reading but not reviewing. I feel that at the same time that I'm writing for myself, I also would like to know if you like it or not. It seems like a moot point to update if it feels like no one is reading; if that's the case, then I'd rather turn An Eye for An Eye to an original story and post it on wattpad, same goes with Gone Too Soon. I don't think that I'm acting rash, that's just me. But as of right now, I will not be updating. Maybe I just need to give my story a little time to simmer in the pot, but regardless; I plan on update. Just hang in with me and in no time, I'll be updating simultaneously.

Summer Love: Samantha and Erica go on a trip to Italy, where Samantha soon finds herself falling for a very handsome guy that she meets at a club. Is he too good to be true? Beware, appearances can be deceiving.

A Clean Break: Juliana and Stewart are the best of friends, but what Stewart doesn't know is that Juliana has been in love with him for the longest time. Juliana is crushed when her best friend announces that he is marrying his long time girlfriend. Trying to escape her disappointment and heartbreak, Juliana decides to leave her hometown to a place unfamiliar.

Link to my wattpad profile: http:/www(dot)wattpad(dot)com/user/FutureMrsRPattz