Kendall Knight sighed. He was in the car with his mom. He had wanted to take Katie, but his mom had been looking forward to this. He was annoyed, though, because it was so early. It was only five in the morning. He and his mom were going to pick up his tuxedo. His wedding was in seven hours. Was it weird for the groom to be nervous?

"Mom?" Kendall said, looking over at her.

"Yes, sweetie?" Mrs. Knight answered her son.

"Is…is dad going to be there?" Kendall asked her hesitantly. He was still mad at his dad, as was Katie, so that meant James. Carlos, and Logan were mad at him, too.

"No, I didn't think you wanted him there," Mrs. Knight answered him. She glanced at him. He was looking out the window, his blond hair blowing because it was open. He had grown up so fast.

"I don't," Kendall answered her quickly.

"You grew up so fast, Kendall. You're not my baby anymore," Mrs. Knight told him quietly.

"Mom, don't. You know me and Katie will always be your babies," Kendall told her. He hated it when she cried.

"I know, but still," Mrs. Knight told him.

"Mom, why are we going so early to pick up my tuxedo?" Kendall asked his mom.

"I…don't really know. Katie said it would be a good idea to get you up early," Mrs. Knight answered her son.

"Katie," Kendall muttered under his breath. He loved his sister, but she was so annoying at times, even when she was eighteen. He looked out the window, thinking. Did he want his dad there or didn't he? He just didn't know. Of course he was mad at him, but he was still his father.

"Kendall, please don't worry about him. It's fine if you don't want him there. It's not wrong. You just don't want him to ruin your wedding day. It's supposed happy. You'll be surrounded by people who love you," Mrs. Knight tried to reassure him.

"You're right mom. Thanks," Kendall told her. He hated how girls were always right. Well, he didn't hate it, but he didn't love it either. He was nervous. He felt so stupid. Why was he nervous? If it was Katie, then she'd be nervous, but why was he nervous?

"Kendall, don't be embarrassed about being nervous," Mrs. Knight said, guessing his thoughts again.

"Mom, can you read people's minds?" Kendall asked her, amazed.

"Only yours and Katie's, Kendall," Mrs. Knight smiled.

"Why am I nervous?" Kendall asked her after they had stopped laughing.

"Because it's your wedding day. Don't tell me that the groom shouldn't get nervous, because it's natural. Trust me," Mrs. Knight explained to him.

"Thanks mom," Kendall told her with a smile.

"You're welcome sweetie. Now let's go. We're here," Mrs. Knight replied. Kendall groaned. "Maybe we should get a tie with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it. You used to love them."

"Mom!" Kendall whined.

"I'm just kidding. Let's go," Mrs. Knight teased as she grabbed her son by the arm and dragged him into the shop.

It was 2:00 in the afternoon. Kendall stood by the alter, waiting nervously. He wiped his forehead as the music began. He watched as the Best Man (which had taken a lot of compromising between his three best friends. He had let them choose), James, and the Maid of Honor, Camille, walked down the aisle. Next came Tyler's mom and Mr. Bitters, then Carlos and Stephanie, then Logan and Katie, then Gustavo and Kelly, for they had been late to the rehearsal dinner and both hadn't had a partner. As Katie reached the front, she left Logan and hurried over to her big brother.

"What's up Katie?" Kendall asked her with a smile.

"You look nervous big bro. What's the matter?" Katie whispered back, wishing they were in the back of the church instead of the front.

"I'm just nervous, like you said. I'm also…thinking…" Kendall trailed off, his sister's expression telling him she knew what he meant.

"Kendall, we went over this yesterday. Don't worry. Also, don't look at mom," Katie warned, knowing that when their mother cried, he started to tear up as well. Kendall glanced at his mom, who was crying her eyes, and then back at Katie, tears entering his eyes.

"Told you," Katie gloated before having an idea to make him laugh. "I hear a car alarm outside!" she shouted. Everyone started panicking and some people got pushed to the floor in the process. Katie looked up at Kendall, satisfied when she saw his tears gone and heard his laughter. "Sorry, false alarm!" she called again.

"Thanks Katie," Kendall told her. "I love you."

"I love you too, Kendall," Katie said before wrapping her arms around her brother in a hug. Kendall hugged her back. The two were aware of the chorus of 'awws' from the people in the audience, but ignored it as they had their moment. When they released each other, Katie smiled at Kendall before walking off to the side and joining their mother to try and make her stop crying for Kendall's sake. He took a deep breath as the music started again and his bride began walking down the aisle with her father. He looked away for a moment, the sight bringing back non-cheerful memories. He shifted nervously in his place as they got closer. As he took his place next to her, the minister began.

"Do you, Josephine Jones, take him, Kendall Knight, to be your lawfully wedded husband? Through rich or poor? Sick or in health? For better or worse? Until you both take your last breaths?"

"I do," Jo said with a smile as she looked at Kendall's nervous, handsome face through her veil.

"Do you, Kendall Knight, take her, Josephine Jones, to be your lawfully wedded wife? Through rich or poor? Sick or in health? For better or worse? Until you both take your last breaths?"

"I do," Kendall said after taking a deep breath. He looked at Jo with a smile.

"You may now kiss the bride," the minister finished with a smile. Kendall carefully lifted Jo's veil and leaned down to meet her lips with his own in a gentle kiss. When they reluctantly broke apart, the minister announced,

"I now present to those of you gathered here today… Mr. and Mrs. Kendall and Jo Knight!" Everyone applauded and most of the women and girls started crying. The couple walked back down the aisle, followed by the wedding party and the rest of the guests.

As the reception drew to a close around 11:30 that night, Kendall spotted Katie and his mom. He went over to them, smiling.

"Oh, baby. I'm so incredibly proud of you!" Mrs. Knight said as she kissed her son's forehead.

"Thanks mom. I love you," Kendall told her.

"I love you too," Mrs. Knight told him before walking away with tears in her eyes for the umpteenth time that evening.

"Thanks Katie. I love you," Kendall said to his sister.

"No problem. I love you, too big bro," Katie responded before hugging him. When they pulled away, Katie said, "You better get going."

"You're right. See you Katie," Kendall said. He kissed her cheek before walking away. Katie waved to him as he walked out to his car. He was joined by his new wife minutes later and they smiled happily at each other.