Here is a story that has been in my head for who knows how long. I've read stories about Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom if they were separate characters. I thought about making my own story if that was possible. Although, this is going to be very different from the other stories I've read. Just be aware that in this story Danny Phantom and Fenton are two different people. No alter egos, no fun or super Danny, two separate people. Review please!

Danny Fenton was running across a park in the dark with long grass that reached his ankles. He didn't look back or wanted to look back. The only sound he could hear, besides the ghost behind him, was his breath. No matter how fast he ran, the ghost was coming closer and closer. Danny wanted to hide somewhere, so that the ghost chasing him wouldn't find him. There was no more strength left in the human boy. He finally found a cave.

Danny ran inside the cave and hid inside a small hole on the wall of the cave. The giant ghost peeked inside the hole with its huge eyeball, but could not spot Danny in the darkness. When he was sure that the ghost cyclops was gone, he crawled out of the small hole inside the cave. He walked out of the cave and entered inside the dark forest with trees in every corner. Danny, then saw a huge ghost portal that looked like the Fenton Portal and the Masters Portal. He wasn't sure if the portal was like the ones in Stargate or something.

The portal showed a figure of a young ghost boy. He had white hair, green eyes, and a black jumpsuit. Danny gasped at the figure in front of him.

"Danny?" Danny muttered before turning his head to see the giant cyclops that was chasing him.

"Daaaanny!" The cyclops ghost said before making a fist that was about to clobber Danny to the ground.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Danny cried as he put his arms in front of his face for some sort of protection.

"Danny! Wake up!" Shouted the ghost boy who was floating over Danny's bed. He had his hands on the human boy's shoulders.

Danny's eyes popped open and found himself inside his bed safely under his covers. Danny Fenton panted while his right hand was covering his face. The ghost boy, Danny Phantom, sat Indian style on top of Danny Fenton's bed and waited for the human boy to say something.

"It was just a dream," Danny Fenton muttered under his breath.

"Good, 'cause if it wasn't, I would swear you're being attacked by a ghost or something," Danny Phantom teased.

"Shut up," Danny Fenton glared.

"Danny, you know I was just playin'," Danny Phantom smiled before Danny Fenton sighed.

"I know, it's just... in the dream I was being attacked by a ghost. Ghost cyclops no doubt. I should really stop hanging out with you, dude."

Danny Phantom smirked before smacking a pillow on Danny Fenton's face.

"Goodnight!" Danny Phantom said before giving Danny Fenton a friendly punch on the shoulder.

"Night!" Danny Fenton smiled before tucking himself into bed. He closed his eyes and dozed off to sleep.