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Frostbite and his people came toward Danny Phantom. He smiled at them and thanked them for their help.

"Thanks for your help," Danny thanked Frostbite.

"Wait, how did those guys help?" Sam asked.

"Well, while we were fighting Undergrowth in Amity Park, these guys were not only freeing the hostages, but they were doing their share in weakening Undergrowth," Danny explained.

"Half of us were freeing the hostages while the other half were freezing the roots in other parts of the world like Japan and England. I enjoyed Australia," Frostbite explained while adding a comment to it.

"I guess you should be going home now before somebody sees you and calls the Animal Control," Danny told Frostbit with a joke to the side.

"I guess I must," Frostbite agreed before Danny made a portal for his friend to go through. Frostbite and his people entered the portal before Danny closed it.

"Hey, it's Danny Phantom!" Paulina shouted as a crowd of people started gathering toward Danny.

"There's your fan club and I am outta here," Sam said in boredom. She turned around and was about to walk away just when she saw a blade of a sword pierce through nothing and point at Sam. Danny pulled the girl away from the blade just before it cut through to make an open portal from the Ghost Zone to the Real World.

Everyone gasped as they saw Danny Fenton, his family, and a young mistress who was dressed like she was from the dark ages. What really shocked all the kids of Casper High was the fact that Danny was dressed like a Samurai with a sword similar to Danny Phantom's sword. Danny Fenton saw what was left of Undergrowth's destruction.

"I'm guessing I missed the show," Danny Fenton said.

"Na, I think I'm the one who missed the real show: you kicking Freakshow's butt," Danny Phantom disagreed.

"Wait, Fenterd? Fenterd actually fought a ghost?" Dash asked in disbelief.

"Actually, it was a ghost controller or a sorcerer, as the ghosts in the Ghost Zone call him," Danny Fenton corrected.

"Oh sure, like any of us would believe that," Paulina frowned.

"I hath forgotten him," Lucretia realized before going through the opened portal that Danny Fenton had ripped through with his sword and pulled out Freakshow who was tied up.

"Careful! You'll ruin my coat," Freakshow glared.

"Nice. I'm impressed," Danny Phantom complimented his brother. "I'll let you take Freakshow to custody and we can celebrate with a double date, now that both of us have girlfriends."

Danny Fenton showed a glare before saying, "you'll pay for that."

"And what do you mean you have a girlfriend?" Sam asked in a glare before Danny Phantom took the goth girl and kissed her passionately.

Everyone cheered and made whistles while Paulina started shaking furiously. Tucker grinned and sought this as a chance to make his move.

"Well, since Danny Phantom is already taken, mind if..." Tucker asked flirtatiously.

"In your dreams!" Paulina answered before stuffing Tucker's PDA in the techno geek's mouth.

"Girls," Tucker glared annoyingly.

After the kiss, Sam looked at Danny Phantom seriously and said, "pick me up at five and if you're one second late, I'll kill you."

Danny Fenton took Freakshow into custody, so that he would never harm any ghost ever again. Everyone was still clueless about Danny Phantom and Danny Fenton being related, but they knew there was some sort of friendship. Danny Fenton was then known for protecting the Ghost Zone while Danny Phantom protected the Real World. A lot of the ghost haters disliked Danny Fenton for protecting ghosts. Many of the Danny Phantom fans were curious about Danny Fenton's job and concluded that the Fenton kid was protecting ghosts that were innocent. The Casper High kids still treated Danny just the same, except for Dash since Danny had a sword that could slice his head open.

Other then that, things continued to remain the same. After Freakshow was taken into custody, the two Danny's, their dates, their family, and Tucker gathered around the table inside the Fenton home. Danny Fenton and Phantom explained to Tucker everything that happened and their relation, since Sam reassured Danny Phantom that Tucker could be trusted. Tucker's eyes were wide open after getting all this information crammed in his skull.

"So, you two are brothers and the Spirits of the Ghost Zone?" Tucker asked. "Now I've heard it all!"

"I actually like the part when Danny was riding on the ghost dragon's back," Sam smirked.

"Wait, which Danny?" Tucker asked.

"My bro," Danny Phantom answered. "If she was talking about me, she'd call me Dan."

"Ah," Tucker realized.

"Princess Dora is a mighty worrier. I am greatly honored for her," Lucretia complimented.

"So, what kind of ghost powers do you have, Lucrasha?" Tucker asked.

"Lucretia," Lucretia corrected. "My powers art of light. I can grow tall as thy house."

"Whoa," Tucker said in amazement.

"Not to mention beautiful, but then again, when were you not?" Danny Fenton flirted before taking Lucretia's hand and kissing it. "I love thee."

"As I love thee," Lucretia whispered.

"Great, now you're speaking Old English?" Tucker complained.

"Actually Tucker, it's Elizabethan. Old English is..." Sam corrected.

"Whatever. It's like reading the Play of Romeo and Juliet!" Tucker continued with his complaining.

"Ah Romeo and Juliet. One of my favorite tales. 'Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?'" Lucretia quoted.

"I can't understand a word she said!" Tucker complained again. "Except that Juliet is looking for Romeo."

Danny Fenton and Lucretia burst out laughing while Tucker cocked his eyebrows. He could not figure out why those two would be laughing.

"Let me translate that for you Tucker," Danny said still laughing at Tucker's mistake. "Romeo, Romeo, why are you Romeo?"

"Wait, that's what Juliet is actually saying?" Danny Phantom asked in surprise.

"Yeah. I thought Juliet was asking where Romeo was at first, then Lucretia told me wherefore means why," Danny Fenton explained.

"Maybe this time you'll pay attention to literature class," Sam smirked while Danny Fenton rolled his eyes.

"I'm glad Mom and Dad are letting me live here now. It's better than being cramped in Danny's closet. Mom is even getting bunk beds," Danny Phantom said.

"Wow. At least you guys aren't like most twins. You guys will be easy to tell apart," Tucker said.

"Unless I dye my hair and get contacts," Danny Fenton pointed out.

"Even if you did do that, there's always a way to tell one from the other," Sam told Danny Fenton. "Let me show you."

Danny Phantom and Fenton cocked their eyebrows as Sam took her boyfriend's hand and removed the glove. The line pattern on Danny Phantom had the top line and the middle line connect with one line bridge. Danny Phantom wasn't sure where Sam was getting at until she showed Danny Fenton's hand line pattern. There was no bridge connecting the top and middle line, but there was the second and third line connecting between the thumb and index finger.

"WHOA!" The twins responded.

"How'd you do that?" Danny Fenton asked.

"I remember the shape of your line patterns from palm reading in second grade and I've been studying Dan's hand," Sam answered.

"Whoa," Danny Fenton replied.