A/N 2: I realized that some of these are a little bit hurt heavy, so this is my attempt at comfort. Not the best, but meh. Oh, and same as always, if y'all have any suggestions/requests, just let me know and I'll try to accommodate.


Cougar's exhausted when they pull him from the water, but he still looks a hundred times better than Jensen. Aisha feels a pang of concern as she helps Clay get Jensen down on the deck, a soaked, red bandage around one leg, his body a pale that borders on blue.

"He's hypothermic," Clay mutters under his breath. Aisha glances toward Cougar, sees Pooch tucking a blanket around his shoulders.

"Shit," she mutters.

"Yeah. We gotta get naked," Clay says, already stripping Jensen's shirt off. Aisha wants to make some smart remark, but she won't; this is what Jensen needs, what they have to do to save his life, so they're going to do it. End of story.

She can be a smartass when Jensen's better.

"I've got to go back and steer," Pooch says, coming up next to them. "But Cougar isn't doing so hot."

They all look over at the sniper, shuddering under the blanket and staring blankly at Jensen.

"Get him over here," Clay says. "We're already sleeping together, might as well make it a foursome."

Pooch kind of half-grins and ushers Cougar over to where they've already got Jensen down to just a new bandage and his boxers. Clay is nearly naked too and settles behind Jensen, spooning him with his arms draped over the hacker's chest. Aisha's next, tucking herself in front of Jensen, then motioning to Cougar to lie down in front of her. Cougar does so.

"You guys look damn cute," Pooch says before tucking every blanket they could find around the huddled bodies.

"Shut up," Aisha says, but she doesn't really care. Not when she can feel Jensen trembling in tiny shivers at her back, Cougar in front of her with his teeth chattering.

"How's he doing?" She asks Clay.

"He needs a hospital," Clay says shortly. Aisha can feel the warmth from Jensen's leg wound oozing into her legs.

"No shit," Cougar says.


By the time they get to shore, Aisha's pretty sure Jensen's dead, just up and died while they were half-naked together, but Clay says he's still breathing, even if it's shallow, and Aisha supposes he can tell better from where he's smooshed against Jensen's back. If she focuses really hard, she can feel the light puffs of air on her back when Jensen breathes, but they're so damn small that they aren't really reassuring.

It's nice, to have the fake IDs in place already, so that a team of EMTs meets them on the docks, immediately setting up warmed oxygen and saline for both Jensen and Cougar, and slapping a fresh wad of gauze onto Jensen's thigh before bundling them off into a waiting ambulance.

Clay and Aisha and Pooch follow, the mood unusually somber considering the huge spoon-fest they'd just been part of, but the worry for their teammates overrides any levity they might have been feeling.

"He's gonna be-" Pooch starts.

"Yeah," Clay interrupts.

"You really think-

"Yeah," Clay says again. "The kid's tough as nails, much as he likes to hide it."

Aisha thinks about that, about the awkward way he approaches women, about his increasingly sad attempts at acting, about his jokes and his juvenile sense of humor. Then she thinks about watching him leap, parkour-style between buildings and onto ladders, even with a bullet wound to his arm, and about the times he's actually saved her ass. Yeah, he's tough alright, even if he has the maturity level of a 13 year old.

They get to the hospital and stalk through the waiting room like hyenas, pouncing anxiously on any and all medical personnel that pass through until they're calmly threatened with getting thrown out if they don't just calm the hell down.

So then they sit, and wait, and tap their feet and twitch their fingers until finally, someone takes them to Cougar's room. The sniper is pale, an IV running into one arm and blankets on top of him, but he looks pretty good, considering. He doesn't say a word, except to ask about Jensen, and when they tell him they don't know, he turns his head and doesn't speak to them again.

When Jensen's stable and ready for them, they file one by one into his ICU room, say the usual 'wake up, please' and 'if you don't pull through I will kick your ass,' and then they go back to Cougar and tell him what's happened.

Two days later, Jensen is transferred to a regular room as Cougar is transferred out of the hospital altogether, and much as Aisha wants to stay and tease Jensen about getting naked- and she really wants to- Cougar's glare is enough of a warning for her to back off. She comes in and tells Jensen that he looks like shit but she's glad he's alive to look like shit, then backs out of the room.

The last thing she sees before closing the door is Cougar sitting by the bed, his eyes closed and a smile on his face as Jensen's rambling washes over him.