A/N: This is a short excerpt from the next story. Be warned that it will be rated M for Mature and not for the reason you think.

"Hello Liara. It's been a long time." Shepard finally managed.

Liara went rigid at the sound of her voice. There was complete silence marred only by the sounds of Nos Astra. Liara slowly turned around to face Shepard. Her face was a mask of suspicion, distrust, and naked emotion at seeing her former lover. The emotions warred across her face for several moments before settling into a combination of denial and disbelief.

"You can't be here. You're dead. I saw you die. I saw your corpse." Liara stated in shock as she sank into the chair at her desk.

"I was dead. Cerberus brought me back though I don't how."

"I should have known this day was coming. They said it was only a slim chance so I tried not to hope. Now you're here and I don't know what to do anymore."

Shepard's heart was afflicted by the same set of doubts. What could she say after an absence of two years that wouldn't sound hollow?

"You promised me your eternity Shepard. Do you remember, on the Citadel after we had gone through the conduit? You broke that promise." Liara whispered, accusatorily.

Shepard opted for a delaying tactic. So long as they were in this office Liara was in danger. At least back on the shuttle or better yet with Sira, Shepard could keep an eye on her. The question was whether or not she would come.

"Liara your life is in danger. I've come to get you out of here. We've got to move now though."

Liara's eyes narrowed in suspicion. The suspicion wasn't directed at her surroundings but centred squarely on Shepard.

"So that's their plan. To lure me out with a ghost of the past so that I can be done away with and my body dumped into the bowels of Illium never to be seen again."

Shepard's eyes widened in shock. Liara's last statement sounded like the rantings of someone in the grips of clinical paranoia. Shepard had never known Liara to be paranoid and in fact she had been the opposite when Shepard had known her.

Liara didn't give Shepard any chance to consider her next words as she drew a very menacing looking pistol from her desk and pointed it squarely at Shepard. When Shepard had risen that morning she would never have dreamed of staring down a gun held by her former lover. The situation had gone from normal to completely surreal in a matter of minutes and less than ten sentences. Liara didn't say another word but instead depressed the weapon's trigger. Shepard's instincts took over and she dove for some office furniture.

The weapon did not make the customary sound of a weapon discharge but instead sounded closer to a gentle hiss. As Shepard took cover behind a large potted plant she noticed a tingling in her shoulder. Feeling around she found three metallic objects had lodged themselves in her shoulder. Yanking one free with a silent curse and gasp of pain she found a small cylindrical object in her hand. It was a dart containing some form of chemical. Her nanites quickly informed her that she had been exposed to a significant quantity of sedatives. While the nanites could compensate for the dose in her system any further impacts would impair her motor functions and eventually result in unconsciousness.

"Shepard? Still awake?" Liara taunted from behind her desk.

Evidently being an information broker had had an adverse effect on Liara's sense of trust and sanity as a whole. Shepard didn't bother to respond and instead waited until Liara had emerged from behind her desk and had begun to make her way over to Shepard. As soon as she was close enough Shepard sprang from her cover and grappled with Liara. A telltale tingle in her stomach let her know that she had been shot again. Luckily, in the ensuing fracas that pistol ended up being thrown across the room. Shepard narrowly dodged a punch from Liara before being tripped, causing them to fall in an untidy heap of limbs. As the two rolled across the floor chairs and tables were over turned. The fight took them progressively closer towards the fallen pistol with Shepard eventually coming to rest astride Liara's stomach. Before being able to snatch the pistol Liara seized a hold of Shepard's braid and dragged her head down into a searing kiss. Shepard blinked in confusion, the pistol totally forgotten. As Liara released Shepard from the lip lock she delivered a swift head butt sending Shepard reeling off her and into a chair. This was all the opportunity Liara need to seize the pistol and put two more rounds into Shepard's shoulder. Shepard's vision began to swim as she felt herself going limp but she was sure that she saw Liara smile before she went completely unconscious.