Alright I really wanted to do this because I like the idea. At first I wasn't sure on how to do this but I decided on something. The first couple chapters aren't as long as I expected but I'm working on that. Trying to get them longer but those that read alot of my stuff, you readers know I love cliffys. I honestly don't exactly like the summary and I may keep revising it in my head but whatever. Enjoy though!

Summary: One night changes his life. Riku receives these letters but the real task is finding the boy that is sending them and confess his love while keeping things from falling apart.
Coupling: Riku/Zexion (eventually)

Anonymous Letters

Chapter 1


"I like you a lot...But I can't date you."

I walk away leaving yet another infatuated schoolmate behind in tears. As I pass the school steps, I run a hand through my short silver locks. There sits a group of people people who don't care about reputation. The shorter and quieter of them catches my eye and our eyes meet.

I wish I had no worries.

His red headed friend ruffles his slate hair and breaks our eye contact.


Father slams his hands on his desk, "You have to behave like a businessman Riku. If you are to take over this business you must aquire the best grades, well-educated friends, and the most beautiful girl to hang on your arm. Do you understand your place in this world?"

Sitting ramrod straight, I resist the urge to flinch back into the leather chair. "Yes Father...I understand perfectly clear.


Sitting with the other rich kids, I pick at my food while they pick at other students. Across from me is one of my true friends, Sora. "You feeling okay Riku?"

I nod even though I know fully well that Sora can see straight through my lie. "Where's Roxas?" I ask, hoping that it will redirect his attention.

Tapping his chin with his fingers, he shakes his head, "I don't know. Said he had to go help someone."


Footsteps pad up beside our table and Roxas takes his seat beside Sora. Looking up I see the main three of their group; Axel, Demyx, and Zexion. Even though he's got wealth, Roxas insists on having these as friends.

Axel runs his digits through his crimson spikes and smiles, "We'll meet at the same place tomorrow." Demyx bobs his wild and unique hairstyle in agreement.

Zexion shakes his head, "I can't show tomorrow I-"

Hayner immediately jumps into the conversation, "What, you have to go slit your wrists?"

Hurt and hate flashes in the shorter's eyes but instead of getting frustrated, he simply walks away. I glare at the blonde, "That was not nessacary." Standing up, I dodge around his two friends, who are stilling talking with Roxas, and rush after Zexion. Searching, I find him in the library sitting on a bench.

Something about him seems to turn me to a mushy, gentle guy...and I'm not use to that.

I slide onto the empty seat beside him. Our legs brush together and I lose my thoughts for a moment. Regaining them quickly, I turn in hope of seeing those eyes. "Sorry about that. Hayner can be a jerk but that's what happens when you're not around them all the time."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I wanted to apologize for him." I move out and stand to walk away.

Fingers wrap around my wrist and I'm granted to see, not one but, two dark blue eyes with light smoky blue blooming out from his iris. "Thank you Riku."


Namine blushes bright and nods her answer. Now I've done as Father demanded. The second I turn twenty, I'm to aquire a beauty to hang on my arm. So I choose the shy, petite, blonde Namine while Sora already had chose Kairi. Even though I can see that he's no happy. He's never been completely happy when receiving her attention. On the other hand, I can also see that Kairi does not truly wish to be with Sora. Everything is messed up.

Our parents are controlling our lives because they've threatened to do away with us...disown us...not love us. After it all, I can't help but wonder, if I had known how empty I would feel, would I still go through with this...probably not.

Taking a hold of Namine's hand, I begin to lead her to my car. She already knows the drill. "Whatever you do, don't say a word to Sephiroth. Just smile politely and nod. The sooner we leave there the better."

Arriving at the house, we stride up to the door where the butler allows u entrance. We take our places on the couch and wait painstakingly for Father to appear. When he does, he is as awe-striking as ever. Brushing silver hair away, he turns to Namine but talks to me, testing her. "I see you've held up the deal." Pulling out a ring of keys he sets them on the table, "The house and two cars we discussed are yours. You start your new job Monday. I will see you then."

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