Title: Half of Mine
Author: vanillavinegar
Rating: T (for brief language, violence, and suggestive scenes)
Summary: "For the last time, I am not sleeping with my mechanic!" (50 sentences of Ed/Winry)
Warnings: SPOILERS for the end of the manga/Brotherhood, blatant usage of canon pairings, abuse of helpless punctuation
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all associated characters, settings, etc., belong to Hiromu Arakawa-san. The only profit I make from this work of fiction is my own satisfaction and, possibly, the enjoyment of others.
Author's Notes: Written for the livejournal community 1sentence, wherein an author receives a table of 50 prompts and then has to write one sentence per prompt. These prompts bounce around in terms of time and place, but they're all manga/Brotherhood-compliant and about Edwin. :D

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1 – Comfort

He's not exactly sure when the smell of apple pie started improving his mood (but then again, maybe he is).

2 – Kiss

Their noses bump painfully and her neck is bent at an angle that quickly grows uncomfortable, but neither of them moves away for a long moment.

3 – Soft

"What now, Ed—" she snaps, turning from her workbench, but her eyes gentle when she sees the ring in his hand and the resolve on his face.

4 – Pain

Ed never really thinks about the fact that a wrench thrown at his head has long stopped meaning 'imminent concussion' and started becoming 'returning home'.

5 – Potatoes

"Okay, but what do you make with them?" Winry asks, one eyebrow raised; honestly, pragmatism was a foreign concept to Ed.

6 – Rain

Winter snows abate to early spring rains as they move south from Briggs, and still there is no sign of Ed.

7 – Chocolate

"It's from Xing," Ed grins, one full hand already proffered, "want some?"

8 – Happiness

Al and Den curl around each other in front of the fire, exhausted after a day in the snow, and Ed dozes on the couch, his golden head in her lap; she combs her fingers through his damp hair and is perfectly content.

9 – Telephone

When he hangs up, he muses that maybe he should make more of an effort to call her, if it will make his heart skip a beat whenever she speaks.

10 – Ears

"Who are you calling so tiny he—" "Stop screaming, I'm standing right next to you!"

11 – Name

"Anything but Roy," he grumbles, trying not to beam too widely at their newborn son, and Winry laughs as she agrees.

12 – Sensual

Ed swallows when she stoops to grab some fallen screws, telling himself it's only hormones making his eyes wander along her bare legs.

13 – Death

She should've known from that first day she found them sitting at their mother's grave that they would never accept this without a fight.

14 – Sex

Ed stares, mouth open and face beet red: "For the last time, I am not sleeping with my mechanic!"

15 – Touch

The first time they return, Ed's arm busted beyond hope of repair, Winry is glad she opted not to try those new increased-perception nerves on him; the fifth time, she wonders if it would have been a better deterrent than her wrench.

16 – Weakness

Ed had thought he would never resent his silver pocket watch more than he did in the fuhrer's office, but Kimblee proved him wrong.

17 – Tears

For once, he doesn't begrudge her the emotional welcome; instead, he pulls close the two people he loves best in the world and lets their tears and laughter wash over him.

18 – Speed

She waves a sleepy farewell at the two shapes already far down the road; one of these days she would have to teach him how to slow down.

19 – Wind

She giggles as her hair is tossed madly around her head; he scowls and protects his braid with both hands.

20 – Freedom

She smiles when the wonder enters his eyes, even if it is quickly overtaken by determination; she never tires of seeing the joy automail creates when it gives its users freedom.

21 – Life

Only Ed would believe the birth of a baby an excellent time for a discussion about alchemy, she thinks, wiping her bloody hands on a towel.

22 – Jealousy

Ed doesn't say anything when he sees the teenage boys who hang around the shop while she's doing repairs, but after he leaves she notices that they do not return.

23 – Hands

Ed, too, is trembling when her nerveless fingers drop the gun and she begins to sob.

24 – Taste

Her girlfriends sometimes gossip about what their boyfriends taste like – coffee and mint are frequently mentioned – but Winry has no way to put into words the pure joy she feels when Ed kisses her, so she stays silent.

25 – Devotion

Paninya quickly realizes why Winry is perfectly polite to the boys in town but never accepts an offer of dinner from any of them.

26 – Forever

One day, she knows (hopes, prays), they will both return, whole and happy, and then they will never leave (her) again.

27 – Blood

It is not Winry's first surgery, nor will it be her last, but the only time she ever feels ill at the sight of nerves and bones and blood is when she and Granny are attaching Ed's ports.

28 – Sickness (continuing 27)

Then, of course, she swallows down her nausea and gets back to work.

29 – Melody

Ed's voice is far from pleasant – actually, she's certain she once accused him of torturing Al's poor cats when he sang – but she makes no move to shush him as he leans over the crib, whispering a lullaby.

30 – Star

There's a light in the window, and immediately he knows it is her.

31 – Home

He understands that he is lying every time he claims they do not have one, but that doesn't stop him from saying it.

32 – Confusion

Ed bolts from the room, blushing, and Winry stares blankly at the door; had he really just asked her out?

33 – Fear

Edward Elric, State Alchemist, fears only a few things: his teacher, letting his younger brother down, and being the cause of her tears.

34 – Lightning/Thunder

When the shouts and bangs start, the tourists stare at the house on the hill in plain terror, but the old-timers of Risembool only grin: "It's just the Elrics' way of saying 'I love you.'"

35 – Bonds

Al has always been her best friend, and she doesn't ever want anything to change that in the slightest, but Ed – Ed has always been something else entirely.

36 – Market

"For the last time, Ed, we are not buying chairs with skulls on them!"

37 – Technology

Winry almost strangled him when she flung her arms around his neck, and Ed decided that a trip to Central's most cutting-edge engineering shop for their first date was one of his more brilliant ideas.

38 – Gift

Most people would have pierced their ears once and periodically traded out the pairs of earrings, but Winry wanted to keep them close at all times, as a reminder.

39 – Smile

The flash of her teeth and upward turn of her lips were guaranteed to make him feel better; that was, of course, unless her laughter was directed at him, as was usual.

40 – Innocence

It had been a long time, he reflected, since they had been either carefree or children.

41 – Completion

He smiled at the picture of himself surrounded by his children, his wife, his brother, and his new sister-in-law: what more could a man ask for?

42 – Clouds

He sees triangles and circles where she finds wrenches and bolts, but Al makes them both giggle when he proclaims they all look like sheep.

43 – Sky

Al says her eyes are the color of the summer sky in Risembool, and Ed doesn't say that they are brighter.

44 – Heaven

When her smiling eyes meet his through the veil flung over her face, for a moment he could almost believe.

45 – Hell

Father has turned the entire population into one Philosopher's Stone, and Ed knows that there is nothing he can do to save them (to save her).

46 – Sun

Ed is brilliant and blinding, Winry thinks, like the sun; and on some days (today), he seems just as unreachable.

47 – Moon

The pale light turns her fair hair into silver and her tan skin into fine porcelain; he kisses her bare shoulder and wants nothing more.

48 – Waves

He has no idea why he agreed to go the beach with Winry and Al; they race into the water, shrieking with glee as the ocean drenches them, while he scowls underneath the umbrella and wishes for the cool, dusty comfort of a library instead.

49 – Hair

"Ow, dammit!" he howls, and she waves the scissors threateningly: "If you didn't move around so much you wouldn't be bleeding!"

50 – Supernova

Dazed, still breathless, he wonders if this is what an explosion feels like; curled next to him in the bed, Winry smiles and shifts slightly in her sleep.