Title: Half of Mine
Prompt Table: Beta
Author: vanillavinegar
Rating: T (for brief language, violence, and suggestive scenes)
Summary: "For the last time, I am not sleeping with my mechanic!" (50 sentences of Ed/Winry)
Warnings: SPOILERS for the end of the manga/Brotherhood, blatant usage of canon pairings, abuse of helpless punctuation
Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all associated characters, settings, etc., belong to Hiromu Arakawa-san. The only profit I make from this work of fiction is my own satisfaction and, possibly, the enjoyment of others.
Author's Notes: Written for the livejournal community 1sentence, wherein an author receives a table of 50 prompts and then has to write one sentence per prompt. The first chapter used the "alpha" prompt table from 1sentence; this chapter uses the "beta" prompt table. If you didn't expect to see a second chapter to this fic – well, neither did I. If you're wondering whether there'll be more chapters – honestly, I don't know. Maybe? And if you don't understand #50, you need to reread the first chapter. :)

Thanks to everyone for reading, and special thanks to Gindokei, Prince Furo, PiWrite, Kuro Garyuu, The Scarlet Empress, Caitlin Crisis, Kagome-Inu5, LinkLuver3, emiopsfanfics, mylovemiroku, Ruby, and Oakleaf for reviewing!

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1 – Walking

Later, neither of them would think of the first four times he tried and fell on his new leg; they'd only remember the fifth time, when he made it from his bedside to her waiting arms.

2 – Waltz

"When I grow up, I'm never dancing with a girl again," he grumbled, one sweaty hand clasping Winry's as his mother called out the beats.

3 – Wishes

Ed refuses to acknowledge his twelfth birthday, and they all follow his lead; but alone in her room that night, Winry closes her eyes and wishes for him.

4 – Wonder

"A boy?" he repeats, voice quavering as she holds the blanket-wrapped form close.

5 – Worry

"Geez, you're as bad as Al," he complains, looking away; she bites her lip and turns her wrench with one sharp twist.

6 – Whimsy

"I could make our rings from automail!" she enthuses, ignoring the way he blanches.

7 – Waste/Wasteland

"No, Ed," she lies without hesitation, "I can't remember the eclipse at all."

8 – Whiskey and rum

"Two shots of the Cretan whiskey, and you can leave the bottle," she instructs the bartender, then turns and frowns at his gaping mouth: "Oh, did you want anything, Ed?"

9 – War

Ed says, "They'll be back soon," and Al offers her a hug, but Winry still feels a shiver of dread as she watches her parents walk away.

10 – Weddings

"About time Hawkeye made an honest man of you, bastard," Ed sneers and is whisked away for a dance with Winry before an outraged Roy can reply.

11 – Birthday

"Happy sixteenth, Ed, wherever you are," Winry murmurs, leaning into Al's armored frame despite the cold of Briggs.

12 – Blessing

"Boy, I've been expecting this since you were three years old," Pinako says, unimpressed; before Ed can give a sigh of relief, she adds, "but don't think I won't use my buzz saw on you if you hurt my granddaughter."

13 – Bias

Maybe it's just that she looks so much like Winry, but Ed swears that his daughter is the most beautiful toddler in the world.

14 – Burning

Every morning, Winry wakes to the scent of smoke, and remembers anew that the Elrics are gone.

15 – Breathing

"I won't make her cry again," Ed grits through the lightning-sharp pain, and forces himself to breathe.

16 – Breaking

"It's not like I did it on purpose!" Ed howls, dodging a hail of washers.

17 – Belief

Winry curses as she drops the heavy plating on her foot and swallows back tears; she won't allow herself to break the promise he made her.

18 – Balloon

When Ed looks at her like that, she imagines her heart could float away on the next breeze.

19 – Balcony

He climbs up to her window one night, just to see if he can, and is briefly rewarded by the sight of Winry in nothing but a towel before she spots him; he later thinks that the resulting head trauma had definitely been worth it.

20 – Bane

Winry rolls her eyes when he grouses that he'd rather face all of the homunculi at once than force down another swallow of his abhorred milk.

21 – Quiet

Winry checks his bandages again, fighting down nausea at the sight of such a pale and still Ed.

22 – Quirks

Ed knows Winry's favorite color, animal, and bolt size, how she likes her coffee and her tea, and that she gets a crease between her eyebrows when she's concentrating that makes his stomach flip over.

23 – Question

Ed trembles as he drops to one knee, but Winry is laughing: "Stupid – I already told you yes."

24 – Quarrel

Pinako doesn't look up from her diagrams and Al calmly turns a page in his book even as the shouted complaints from the workroom turn into shrieks of indignation.

25 – Quitting

"Do you regret it?" Winry asks, and they both glance over to where Al is finishing up his breakfast and joking with Pinako; "Not a moment," Ed replies, and drops his watch into the envelope addressed to Brigadier General Mustang, Eastern Command.

26 – Jump

Winry never bothers to explain to him how other customers have to wait a week or more while he gripes about three days wasted in sheep country.

27 – Jester

The entire way home, Al takes every chance he can to ask his brother what he intends to do about Winry; when Ed finally replies that she'll just have to live with him having only one automail limb, Al bites back enough laughter to make his sides ache.

28 – Jousting

Ed spars with Al until he's sweaty and breathless, never noticing the solemn blue eyes watching them from a distance.

29 – Jewel

Winry gasps in surprise over the sapphire earrings, but her delighted squeals are reserved for the brand-new toolset Ed had to order special from Central.

30 – Just

In a perfect world, Ed knows, Winry would never have to entrust her safety to her parents' killer; but then, in a perfect world, they would never have been murdered at all.

31 – Smirk

After leaving her breathless with one kiss, Ed looks so pleased with himself that Winry kisses him again – but only to get that smug grin off his face.

32 – Sorrow

Some pains, Winry reflects when she finds him standing over the two headstones, simply don't go away.

33 – Stupidity

Ed feigns deafness whenever Al reminds his brother that Winry had, after all, rejected his proposal years ago.

34 – Serenade

Ed wakes to the sounds of a dog's bark, his brother's laugh, and the distant sound of a drill from the basement; he relaxes at the realization that he's home.

35 – Sarcasm

"Like I'd want to marry a crazy gearhead like you, anyway!" Ed shouted; Winry stuck her nose in the air as she flounced back home, and he scowled and kicked at the ground.

36 – Sordid

Winry grins, feral and pleased, as he flings back his head with a choked-off gasp.

37 – Soliloquy

As always, Winry's reminders for him to do his daily maintenance are met with a shrug and a grunt; I might as well be talking to myself, she thinks, sighing.

38 – Sojourn

"I wish we could stay with Winry and Granny longer," Al remarks, tinny voice echoing in his helmet; Ed stares out the train's window and doesn't respond.

39 – Share

Michael had always enjoyed flirting with his pretty blonde mechanic, until he came in to find her working on a boy with golden eyes who glared at him so fiercely he decided to come back the next day.

40 – Solitary

Sometimes Al wonders if all of the shouted arguments are just an act to clear the room.

41 – Nowhere

"So where are you this week?" Winry's words crackle over the crappy connection; Ed glances around at the tall buildings, bright lights, and loud streets of Creta's capital city, and replies honestly: "Nowhere special."

42 – Neutral

Al backs away when two heated voices demand his opinion: "Oh, no, I am not getting involved with this!"

43 – Nuance

Winry's heart pounds when the look in Ed's eyes flashes from anger to hunger, grateful no one else would ever notice the change.

44 – Near

She looks a question at him when he pulls her closer: "You were too far," he explains, and doesn't meet her eyes.

45 – Natural

"For heaven's sake, Ed, it's just a diaper!" she snaps when he turns green.

46 – Horizon

She smiles as she watches the train disappear from sight; for once, she doesn't fear that he won't return.

47 – Valiant

Even amidst the pain, rage, and grief that threaten to drown her, a small part of her mind wonders at the way he'd fearlessly – recklessly – stupidly – jumped between her and the outstretched hand of a serial killer.

48 – Virtuous

"Don't worry," he grins, brandishing his new arm, "I definitely won't break this one!"

49 – Victory

His first coherent thought amidst the tumultuous exclamations as they both step from the Gate is that he can't wait to tell Winry.

50 – Defeat

"Fine," Ed screeches, just wanting them to be quiet, "I am sleeping with my mechanic – happy?"