Chapter 1


Today was a day very tiring. I saw my watch and marked the 9 pm.

He had dinner with Rosalie. The restaurant was a few blocks from my office.

Walk, 7 streets alone was not going to get the car for so few blocks. I preferred to leave it parked in the garage.

It was now two years that exercised my profession, I sometimes was annoying and uncomfortable. Some of my patients came to just throw your money away. In vain.

He took very seriously what he did, working as no one could have a bad opinion of me.

Rosalie, I waited at the table reserved in my name. As striking as usual.

"Excuse the delay - I said, kissing his cheek.

She was sweet, tender, but hysterical and a little annoying in some cases.

"You're 15 minutes late Edward - I claim, frowning.

"I had a lot of work today. Sorry - I take it from his hand caressing her to avoid hearing their claims.

"Okay - laundering their eyes - what order? - I ask, raising an eyebrow as he touched his hair.

"Whatever you want - just take a look at the letter.

The evening was very quiet, just talk. I ate light, I was not with appetite, just wanting to go home to sleep.

The seven blocks, had to listen to Rosalie growled, not to bring the car.

Leave it at home, upset. But all he wanted was to get mine.

My brothers, they were still awake. He was the eldest. Alice was in his senior year. Jasper, was a sophomore in economics.

He spent almost all evening at home. My parents wanted to keep the family together. When I raised the idea of going to live alone, I took some time converse.

The condition was to spend at least four times a week. Today I did not want to be alone in my apartment.

"Hello - hello. Alice and Jasper were in the room, playing a game of play.

"Little brother" you here? - Alice said, clinging to my neck, kissing my cheek.

"The strangers - I said laughing.

- What about Ed? - Greetings Jasper, without moving from his place and without taking his eyes from the tv.

"Tired, give me a bath and I'll put in bed.

I got into my old room as a teenager. My mother kept clean and tidy.

After the shower, relaxed, went to bed.

I could not complain about the life he led, had a family almost perfect. A beautiful bride and worked for what I liked.

I considered myself a fairly quiet person. I spent studying medicine is like the technology. New diseases and cures appear.

Stop hesitating, was nearly 2 am. I fell asleep.

The alarm of my cell phone rang at 6 am, even I wanted to stay in bed. But without stretching me up.

Eat breakfast with my family. Jasper took Alice to his school.

My parents went to their work. I left mine.


I hated getting up on Saturday to support my classes. Who sent me to take math?

Jacob went through me, it entertains me to not feel the cold wind on his motorcycle, hitting my face.

Take my bag and coat and left.

Today Jake was going to make an appointment for the gynecologist, wanted me to have my first time with him. But it was very unsafe and wanted to find out and be prepared. He had two years out with, but never let happen to the last phase.

Arrive at school, luckily Alice accompanied me in my classes, was worse than me.

"Hi Bels, which face - approaching said hello.

"Hi, I left and returned late last night - luckily I did not look in the mirror before leaving.

"I have three VIP passes to a new record - sack three brightly colored paper from his pocket.

"Of course I scored would you say to Jessica? - Raised an eyebrow.

"Hmmm ... if I have spare one - not like the idea so much.

"It is to be one more, nothing else - the anime - Well, at ten in my house.

Take my place before the teacher scolded me. The whole class was an excuse to do so.

Fortunately, fast paced morning, Jake happened to me at the exit. We were supposed to go have lunch.

He had graduated last year and so far only worked with his father in an auto shop.

- How was your day? - Wonder, with that mischievous smile that I loved.

"Relax. Tonight I leave with Alice - I said as I took my glass of coca in their mouths. Hoping to see her reaction.

- Where shall we go? - You look at raising an eyebrow. That sounded to me pack.

"This ... is out of women alone. Sorry - I smiled so they do not frighten them so much.

"Okay ... pass the exit to bring you home - ignore the words of Jake controllers.

Then I was going to happen as an excuse.

Drove me home without saying a word. He knew he was upset, but it would happen. That's not going to ruin my departure.

It was about 4pm. I lay down for a nap. He needed to be wide awake tonight.


He had received a call from a former college buddies, James and I had been invited to make us come together into a bar.

It was not my thing, but it would not come to me bad, go out with my friends to long since you saw them. I do not spend to invite Rosalie, knew that neither would accept a joke.

I prepare, it was nearly 10 pm. My colleagues went for me around 11.

First we were in a bar, taking a couple of drinks. I felt a bit dizzy and happy. No evidence alcohol unless it is Christmas.

It was funny as slurring words when speaking.

At about 3 am, the boys decided to enter into a disk. It was not me dancing.

I stayed at the bar having a drink awful, a mixture of vodka and tequila. Or maybe it was ethanol and would see the difference.

The music echoed in my head. I could feel the heartbeat that occurred in my chest.

A beautiful young woman, caught my attention. It was a bland blonde. I could not see his face to both. The lights blinded me.

But I tried to save that beautiful figure. Impossible not to notice. He wore a short absence, and a tiny shirt tailored to her slender body. Highlighted her breasts.

Buy two drinks and went to ask her to drink with me. I did not know what I did. He was committed. But that did not stop me.

I smiled, handing him a glass. The friend understood the hint and left us alone.

Sensual dance, moving her hair to the rhythm of music. Raised his arms, asked her name, but not heard.

All I watched was she moving her beautiful figure. I knew it was a beautiful woman, but was not sure. Alcohol is not allowed to differentiate as much.

She came dancing, rubbing his tail on my lap. Motionless, just enjoying the view. The take from the waist, pressing closer. Take one of his strong thighs. I could not take control of what was right to do.

She clung to my neck and bobbing without detached from my body. What had happened with the glasses? I do not know.

I remember the smell of her hair, a mix of strawberry with cigarette smoke. His pink mouth. At all times kept his eyes closed, dancing.

Suddenly took my hand, wrapped around his waist, and made to follow. I protected not touch amid the fuss.

He stopped in the hallway that connected to the baths. Will support in my chest, burying his face.

I felt a need. I took it on the chin, bringing his mouth to mine. She responded my kiss, taking my hair with a delicate strength. I kissed her with a huge passion. He introduced his tongue in my mouth. He wrote the alphabet on it.

Without letting go of her waist, put it in an empty bath, desperately. Without letting your mouth delicious, take my hand to her crotch, stroking over his pants. It was warm and wet.

Continue my kiss, down to the center of her breasts. She rubbed my excited member, on his pants.

So I immediately let go, put his hand, and gently squeezed. Making me groan.

His excitement was wet more and more, I put two fingers inside her, getting her to moan in my mouth. lower your pants, got his fault.

I put it back to my chest, she is inclined about 90 degrees, to me. Arrange to do my member into the cavity. Penetrate slowly, but it cost me too much. She screamed, ripping the walls.

My member is accommodated in its damp walls, coupling to it. I picked up speed, making her moans music to my ears. Massage your breasts passionately.

His breathing is difficult, her moans increased. I gripped his shoulders, to feel everything inside it. Introducing my member to the bottom of the cavity.

Then, in the last thrust we both ran. Feeling a pleasure I had ever experienced. Take my membership, turning gently kissing her.

We left the small room of pleasure. Her hair all disheveled, covered his face.

His face was wet, and went to the track. In the midst of it, the blonde who was with her, from me, taking it from me.

Look for the number of my friends on my cell phone, the call to know where they went. After about five times wrong. I waited at the bar.

I went to him and took me to my apartment.


I began to bathe and dress.

I chose a light denim miniskirt and a estraple close fitting, black. I got a knee-high boots.

I makeup, not ostentatious, picked up my gray jacket and down.

The girls were waiting in the room. Luckily Emmet was out with his friends, so Alice had free rein. He had achieved something of ecstasy, for tonight.

Arriving at the disco, go directly to the bathroom to take the pill.

On the track an hour later, the mixture of alcohol and hallucinogens had its effect. Do not feel his legs. Everything was spinning. A strange excitement ran through my body.

A boy approached me, took my waist, giving me something to drink. My drunk I could not see his face. I just get carried away by the music.

This hand held, to accompany me to the bathroom. What were you doing? I do not know.

Cornered him against the wall, we started to kiss wildly.

Hard not take your shirt, finished in a small bathroom and exciting.

Unconscious, rub his penis excited. He did the same with my center. I turn back to him leaving.

I bend, lift my skirt, and felt a horrible pain, but muffled by my insanity. But it quickly was replaced by an enormous pleasure.

He heard the crashing sound of our skin, I rub my breasts making me even more excited.

Saco his member, I turn, lift both legs and leaning against the wall, penetrate me.

I felt all the hardness of his member inside me. She kept moaning.

In the last lunge we ran, I did it twice, and both have the same intensity.

We kissed and left. Experiment had my first orgasm. My first two orgasms.

We were both sweating. When we are on track, Jessica took me out of his side. I bade him farewell.

You do not even know his name.

I got into Alice laut, and drove me home.

Everything was spinning around me. It was horrible.

At home, I fell exhausted into my bed.

Even I was stunned. But the dream I win.