I have to warn you all…. This is weird. But it's been awhile since I've done something funny, so here you go!

I don't own Danny Phantom.

I watched as Danny shuddered beside me. The poor child… I could only imagine what kind of torment and utter sense of humility he must have been feeling at that moment. So I, being the helpful Time Master, replayed it for him.

His family was strapped to the Nasty Burger, and helpless to the incoming attack. Danny, however, was only concerned with who was doing the attacking. As the monster Danny and Vladimir created flew toward him… Well, the child couldn't have been paler.

Floating in front of Danny was his evil older self with ten years of experience, a muscled physic, and a deep baritone voice that could scare the pants off of a pants-less children's cartoon character. (In other words, he could do the impossible!)

Strangely enough, though, that was not the very thing that scared the fourteen year-old ghost hunter.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Danny asked as he cocked his head to the side, "Is that a cape?"

Dan Phantom's face burned scarlet and the younger, cooler, version of him cut him off before he could answer.

"Hey, what's black and white and red all over?" Danny laughed, "He he, it's you… That's great Fenton… I crack myself up!"

Dan was not pleased. "Shut up you infernal little twit!"

Danny gasped comically, "Dear God! Not the British words! No… Vlad's horrible vocabulary must have infiltrated our epic mind! You are now a cape wearing fruit loop!"

"Would you stop making fun of my cape?" The fierce fiery full-ghost flipped out.

"Never!" Danny screamed, "Haven't you seen "The Incredibles"? Edna said, 'No capes!' And then they played a cool death montage of super heroes!"

"Stop hurting my feelings!" Dan sobbed as his younger self proceeded to rip his appearance apart starting from the cape to the hair, to the fangs, to the muscles –which Danny said he must have been on steroids- to the deep voice.

And then suddenly, a flashing of red and blue swept across the Nasty Burger. Sirens followed and police cars swarmed the restaurant, where they promptly did nothing like the rest of Amity Park's citizens. They simply watched and a few even brought popcorn.

Soon, after Danny had ripped Dan apart verbally, the older ghost flew away as distraught as an emotionless ghost can be. Then, the Nasty Burger exploded and Danny cheered.

"I get the house to myself!"

Opinions? Was it funny? Did you get the reference? What do you think?