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Title: I Wanna to Hold Your Hand
Ratings: PG
Genre: Character study/Sparky fluff
Timeline: Sometime early in the series; season 1

"What would he do if I just…" Elizabeth thought. "What would happen if I just…"

Her fingers twitched and the Atlantean leader tightened her grasp, trapping the treacherous digits with each other. She had never wanted to give into an impulse so desperately before and therefore, in seeming contradiction, had never wanted to deny an impulse as much as she wanted to now.

"But if I just…"

She held her hands even more tightly together, the knuckles turning nearly white in the interlocked stress of their positions.

"But it would just be…" she tried to reason with herself. "No," she interrupted her own thought with the almost fierce denial. Nothing, not even this, would ever be simply a just when it came to John Sheppard. And it was that thought, even more than the almost irresistible impulse to hold the Major's hand, that had Elizabeth gripping her own so tightly together.


She had been so focused on her own internal struggle that the sound of her name on his lips startled her. Elizabeth looked to him with wide ocean green eyes and while her gaze met his intently, he reached out suddenly and grasped her hand in his. Immediately, her eyes fell to the sight of their linked hands. Unexpectedly, her heart leapt.

"Elizabeth…" he repeated softly. "I want to thank you for… for everything…"

She nodded quietly and would have withdrawn her hand, except that John kept it lightly in his grip and gently refused to release it.


He pulled her closer to stand next to him at the railing, placing their linked hands on the cool metal. She felt mesmerized by the sight and unable to look away.


The feeling of their twinned pulses was nearly overwhelming and Elizabeth was certain that she should not have been effected quite so profoundly by the just the mere sensation of it.

"I mean it Elizabeth. Thank you for everything. You've… it means more to me than you'll ever know that you… that you trust me."

In a surprising gesture, the Major lifted her hand to his lips and impulsively kissed her palm before setting their linked hands back on the railing. But even as he did so, Elizabeth found herself unable to keep from wondering how it would feel if it had been her lips instead of her hand.

Elizabeth sighed inwardly at her surprisingly reckless emotions.

"It will never be just with John Sheppard…" she thought wryly…