TITLE: Daisy Dukes
ICON ARTIST: notimetothink. Wow. I have a LOT of icons by that artist:)
AUTHOR: Kuria Dalmatia
Characters/Pairings: Garcia

No beta. All mistakes are mine. Standard disclaimers.


The Team was in Versailles, Kentucky. Pronounced "ver-SALES" instead of the French "ver-SIGH" for whatever reason. Kind of like the natives pronounced the Louisville as "Loo-ah-vul" instead of "Louie-ville". It made her wonder why Kentuckians seem to hate the French.

She also knew the Team was having a hard case when every single one of them corrected her—"And, Garcia? It's ver-SALES"—when she was on speakerphone after relaying the information she dug up. She was tempted to keep going just because maybe it was something to make them smile. But Morgan's, "Baby Girl, you know I love you but ease up, okay? The Locals aren't happy we're here to begin with."

Yeah. That kind of put an end to it.

That, and the video footage she had been asked to scour through.

Just when she thought she'd seen the worst of humanity, some freak just had to go a step further.

Three hours and four victims later, she called and gave the update. She pronounced everything correctly and refrained from asking if Bo or Luke Dukes were on the case or if Roscoe P. Coltrane was the sheriff. She figured she'd save those quips for if and when (hopefully never) they had a case in Hazard County, Kentucky; honestly, 'time to break out those Daisy Dukes' was a great line.

After a chorus of 'thank yous' from the team, she hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair.

It was time for baby pandas.

But images of Bo Duke sliding across the hood of the General Lee kind of interrupted that. Jessica Simpson was pretty, but she had nothing on Catharine Bach.

Daisy Dukes.

Hmmm... Photoshop...

Em in Daisy Dukes although her butt was a bit skinny, she had the legs.
JJ in Daisy Dukes... Her hips were nicely rounded from motherhood but... nah...
Reid would need suspenders.
Rossi? That was all kinds of wrong.
Morgan? Yum-mo, as Rachel Ray would say.

Don't think it... don't think it... Hotch.

She laughed. Because she'd seen him in those snug-fitting bike shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

Hotch in Daisy Dukes.

Yeah. That would get her through rest of the day just fine...

I'm originally from the Commonwealth of Kentucky so, seriously, I know these things. And my cousins and I did, in fact, used to pretend that my dad's family truckster was the General Lee and we practiced sliding across the hood. I then learned how to buff out scratch marks on the hood with Turtle Wax. Still, it was fun.