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Chapter I:

This Is Your School Part IX

Halloween Part I

I looked around as Zoe and I made our way to Bullworth Town to find costumes for the Halloween Dance. There was a silence between us as we walked. There was no tension or awkwardness, we were just enjoying the peace for once. It was Saturday and the dance was tomorrow. Being the poor kids that we were, Zoe and I decided that we would improvise on our costumes by going to Worn In and finding some hand-me-downs. When we finally made it to the store, I silently thanked Heaven above that the inside had some form of heating. The once cool, fall air had finally begun to turn chilly and the warmth was inviting. We began to pick through some of the racks as Nicky Charles, the store's owner, kept a watchful eye over us. As we searched, we showed off some of our finds.

"So, Zoe, what do you want to be for Halloween?" I asked as I rummaged through another rack of clothes.

"A zombie nurse, you?" Zoe asked, smiling affectionately at a pair of white tights.

"The Mad Hatter. My mom is helping me by making the hat." I said, looking at her.

"That's awesome. Do you know what Beatrice is being?"

"Yeah, she said something about being a Lise Meitner."


"She helped with the atom bomb or something… I don't know. I usually tune out Beatrice's nerd talk for the most part."

We laughed.

"What about the boys?" Zoe asked.

"No idea. I couldn't find Jimmy, Gary refused to tell me, and Petey said he hadn't decided yet." I replied, turning back to my clothes rack.

"God. I can only imagine what Gary is going as this year. I heard he went as a Nazi last year."

"You've gotta be kidding me? Wait. No. That sounds like Gary."

We laughed and went back to our separate searches. After we had found every thing we wanted, we returned to the school to go get Angel, Beatrice, and the boys to spend some time at the Carnival. We walked and talked together, laughing at someone's impression of a teacher or someone's costume idea. When we got to the tunnel, Gary thought it was a good idea to test out the acoustics by shouting at the top of his lungs and was promptly smacked in the back of the head by a pissed off Angel. He laughed it off, but you could clearly tell he was pissed off by it. I hadn't been to the Carnival before or any kind of carnival for that matter, but it reminded me of the fair that the next town over from my old town used to hold. They were both loud, dirty, and expensive. This place, however, had a lot more carnies. As I looked around, I noticed that there wasn't a lot to it. There were a few games, a prize tent, a couple of rides, a race kart track, and then the freak show. For whatever reason, the freak show seemed to call out to me, but Zoe wanted to get on the Big Squid. I complied and we got on the vomit-inducing ride. I was glad that I hadn't eaten anything before we got there. I looked at my friends as we were whirled around in the air. Smiling, laughing, screaming with joy, it was all around me, captured, like photographs, on my friends' faces as the world seemed to slow down and the loud, piercing music of the Carnival began to fade into quiet lullaby for this tender scene. These are my friends. These are the moments we might always remember or soon forget. No matter what, however, I will always be beside them for these moments.

It was the flash of platinum hair that pulled me away from my fun. I saw it just before heading over another slope on the Canyon Ride. My joyful expression dropped from my face as I watched Trent slip into the Funhouse. I must have looked so strange. A frowning face amongst a sea of smiles. I smirked. Just like always…

The instant we got off the ride, I feigned motion sickness to get away from the group. For added affects, I stumbled away from them in search of the bathroom until I was out of their line of sight and then I made a beeline for the Funhouse. It wasn't open this early in the year because of repairs for last year's disaster. I shivered. Some of it was out of fear, the other out of excitement and pride. I could hear hushed voices from a few rooms over. I stalked to its entrance and strained my ear to hear what they were saying.

"Trent. I want my costume back." Ethan, definitely Ethan.

"No. Shut up. Last night you almost got caught by that Guardian bitch. Tom, did'ya get the keys?" Trent barked.

"Yeah. Right here, dude. But why do we need the keys to the AV Room and Dr. Crabblesnitch's office?" Tom asked.

"Sh! Shut up! Did you hear that?" Trent hissed.

I held my breath. Oh fuck! They heard me… My whole body tensed up and I got myself ready to bolt for the door. I could hear Trent shuffle towards the entrance and I backed my body into the darkness. He stuck his head out and looked left, right, and then left again. He's looking right at me… I was panicking. It had been awhile since I had done this sort of thing. Last year I had confidence, now all I have is fear. I almost scoffed at how pathetic I had become. Trent's head disappeared after he gave a satisfied nod. The voices began again. I left the darkness of my hiding spot.

"Dude. You're friggin' paranoid." Wade whispered.

"I know I am! Salem's got me by the balls after what happened with Mr. K. If I fuck this up, I'm screwed." Trent growled. He he… You are so whipped.

"Jesus, Trent. Calm the fuck down. You still never told us what the keys are for." Tom said.

There was a silence before Trent spoke. I surmised it was due to a facial expression, most likely a smirk.

"The keys, my friends, are what we got cooked up for Halloween." Trent announced gleefully.

"Which is…?" Ethan asked.

"Salem said that there's gonna be a little black out at the Halloween Dance. When that happens, we call out the king himself. Once we got 'em where we want 'em, we'll be ruling this school again." Trent explained.

Suddenly, a crash filled the air. Shit! I had backed up into a bucket in an attempt to leave. Without hesitation, I bolted and didn't look back. However, I realized my attempt at escape was in vain. I was one and they were many.

"Get back here, you!" Trent hollered.

Fuck… Riding the Canyon Ride five times after going on the Big Squid was not a good idea. Feeling the couple pounds of junk food I had eaten before started to come up, I lost focus and tripped over a pipe. I couldn't hold it back any longer and I puked. Eh… Gross. I felt a hand grab my shoulder roughly, pull me to my feet, and slam me into a nearby wall. Another wave of junk food came up. My assailants laughed.

"Look what we got here, fellas. A rat." Trent teased, smirking.

The idiots laughed in unison and circled around me. My heart started to race. These guys were more dangerous than before and now completely unpredictable. I thought through possible escapes and realized I had none. I really am a rat. A rat trapped in a corner. I figured that if I couldn't escape, I might as well cause them as much pain as possible. My hands were shaking as I let them clench into fists.

"What do ya think we should do, Trent?" Ethan asked as Trent stepped toward me.

I watched him as he approached me. What once use to be a bi-curious idiot, turned into a paranoid, ruthless man slave to a dominating woman. And everyone thought I had problems… We locked eyes and I shot him a smirk, which he returned with his own. His smug look reflected someone I knew a long time ago. Someone I envied and hated. Someone who was so close to power and then lost it. Someone who was crazy. I was ripped from my thoughts when Trent grabbed me by the neck and held me above the ground. I swung wildly at him with my fists, but kept missing. I wasn't going to give up, however, so I kept swinging away. I slowly begin to feel a new sort of panic set in when I realized how little oxygen I was getting. I stopped punching the air and focused my attention on trying to break Trent's grip on my neck. He slammed me against the wall behind me and turned to his friends, who shared faces of excitement and bloodlust.

"Well, we can't have our plans for Halloween get out, now can we? So, let's just shut him up for awhile." Trent said smugly to his group of friends.

"Oh, please. Yes. Smack me around for awhile, Trent. That's the only thing you're good at, isn't it? Smacking around with men. Plus, you don't want to anger your little she-beast. You'll be in big trouble if you disappoint, just like you do in the sack. Can't blame you, though, when the only experience you've ever had was topping that closeted Jock, who, in the end, wanted nothing to do with you. By the way, how does it feel to be someone's little bitch for once?" I shouldn't have said that.

Trent's smug expression fell away from his face and was replaced with something more terrifying than before: A grin. A maniacal, hate-filled grin. A grin that belong to someone with no control, no morals, no care, no sympathy, and no mercy. Someone that I used to be.

"Goodnight, Smith." Trent whispered as he brought his fist back behind him.

Fuck… That was my last thought as the world went very, very dark.

"Gary! Gary! Where are you?" I shouted.

The park was closing early in fifteen minutes and we hadn't seen him since he went into the bathroom after his fifth go on the Canyon Ride. I was getting worried. He usually snuck off to do his own thing, but he was always right back, popping in out of nowhere, usually scaring Petey in the process. Where are you…?

"He probably went back to the dorms, Katie. He'll meet up with us later." Petey assured me as we made our way through the tunnel.

His words of assurance reverberated off the walls as the music of the Carnival began to truly fade. It was like a symbol of echoing words. Words that came from nowhere and were as empty as its origin. The music was a symbol of fun and lightheartedness that was burning away as we made our way back to our "prison". I looked back and saw the lights, the faces, the prizes, and a flash of platinum hair, although, that last one must have been in my imagination. I turned away from all of that and focused on the road ahead of me. Something is wrong. Very, very wrong.

I was right. I got a knock on my door at about 12:23 in the morning. It was Nurse McRae with two police officers and Beatrice. They asked Zoe, Angel, and I to step out so they could ask all of us some questions. We looked at and thought the same thing: What the hell is going on? We soon found out. When we got outside we saw Petey and Jimmy accompanied by Mr. Burton and two other police officers. Where's Gary? I panicked a little and began to fear for the worst. Does this have something to do with Gary? I finally spoke up.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To Dr. Crabblesnitch's office." Nurse McRae replied.


"You'll see."

It had to be the longest and coldest walk I had ever taken. I shuffled over to Jimmy, who offered me his arm. I found out that day that Jimmy is very, very warm and that he smells very, very good. Clasping my arms around his waist, we made our way inside. I let go of him when the heat of the building hit me. We followed the adults up the stairs to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office. We could hear him muttering to himself.

"Now where did I put my keys? Ah! There you are. Children. Sit down. We have some grave news." Dr. Crabblesnitch instructed.

Some of us sat in the chairs, others stood. Dr. Crabblesnitch sighed, unable to look at his.

"Children. Yesterday, at 10:07 PM, Gary Smith was found severely injured in the Funhouse at Billy Crane's Travelling Carnival." He explained.

A gasp escaped the lips of everyone in the room. Dear God… I looked at Jimmy, who was glaring at the wall behind Dr. Crabblesnitch's head. He's blaming himself for this…

"Right now, we just need to ask you a few questions." Dr. Crabblesnitch informed us as a policeman stepped forward with a pad and pen in either hand.

"Gary was found in the Funhouse earlier this evening by one of the employees. Did any of you accompany him inside?" The man asked.

We all answered "No."

"Did something seem off about Gary when you first arrived at the Carnival?" He was jotting down notes in his pad.

I almost snorted. Something off about Gary? Yeah… How about all the time? I thought about it for a minute. No. Nothing seemed wrong. It was then that I realized that no one was speaking up.

"No. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary." I explained.

Everyone in the room looked at me. I kept staring at the police officer. He wrote down what I said and looked up at me from his notepad. He sighed and made his way over to me.

"Did he ever leave you group? Multiple times, I mean." He asked.

"No. He stayed with us the whole time until he left for the bathroom around 5:30. He said he wasn't feeling well." I answered.

"He wasn't headed for the bathrooms. He was headed for the Funhouse. I saw him." Jimmy said causing the tension to cut through the air like a blade as he still glared at the wall.

I whipped my head around with everyone else to stare at the standing ginger. He was still stone-faced and squinting. The police officer looked at him, recognized the face from a few minor offenses last year, and wrote down his statement.

"Do you have any idea as to why he would go there, even though it was closed this time of year?" Another officer asked. The man with the notepad shot him a glare and then turned back to Jimmy.

"I don't know, but Gary doesn't do anything without a reason. If he went to the Funhouse, there was a reason for it. He just got caught." Jimmy explained, finally looking at the officer.

"By who, boy?" Dr. Crabblesnitch asked in a panicked voice.

"I don't know, but they aren't friendly. Whatever Gary heard, I'm sure they didn't want him spreading it around." Jimmy said, looking at Dr. Crabblesnitch.

"So, this wasn't a simple mugging. You really think someone was out to get him?" The other officer asked.

"I'm not saying they were out to get him. I'm saying that he heard something that he shouldn't have." Jimmy stated, looking at the officer.

"Well, we'll just have to ask him in the morning…" Dr. Crabblesnitch sighed.

"You won't get anything out of him. Gary doesn't snitch." Petey whispered.

Dr. Crabblesnitch threw up his arms in defeat and dismissed us all back to our dorms. We made our way out of his officer and down the stairs. Before anyone could notice, I slipped away from the group and made my way to the Infirmary. I was so glad that the door was unlocked. I saw Gary lying in his bed, asleep. I tip toed over his bed and stared at him for a minute. Oh my God… He looks terrible. I reached out a hand to stroke his hair from his swollen and bruised face. What did they do to you? Suddenly, his hand shot up and grasped my wrist in an iron grip. His eyes shot open and he shot me a glare until he realized who it was he was glaring at. I gave him a weak smile and he let go. I sat down on the side of the bed and we stared at each other for a couple of minutes.

"Who did this to you?" I asked, looking into his brown, expressionless eyes.

He turned away from my gaze and glared at the row of beds to his right. I sighed.

"Gary. You need to tell me someth-" Suddenly, the sound of light, quick footsteps were making their way to the Infirmary door. Shit! It's Nurse McRae!

I jumped up from the bed and was about to run out when Gary gripped my wrist again. I could hear her fumbling with her keys. He drew me in close. A sound of relief escaped her lips at finding the correct key. Closer. The key is in the lock.

"Halloween. Watch out for-" Gary croaked out. The sound of the door opening cut him off.

I bolted as fast as I could. Out the door, down the stone steps, avoided prefects, turned left for the Girl's Dorm, hid from Ms. Peabody, and made it to my room without a hitch. I threw myself on the bed and pulled my blanket to my chin. My breathing was so heavy and strained from all the running and the fear; the fear of what Halloween will bring. I stared out my windows as my breathing slowed to a normal pace and my heart stopped pounding so hard. I wasn't sleeping tonight.