TITLE: Gestures
ICON ARTIST: seraphina_snape
AUTHOR: Kuria Dalmatia
Characters/Pairings: Morgan, Gideon
TIMELINE: Pre-series, before Reid and Garcia joined the team.

No beta. All mistakes are mine. Standard disclaimers.


It was the one hand gesture, Morgan supposed, he disliked the most. The whole BAU 'team' concept was still pretty new to him, especially after those months spent deep undercover. And sometimes? the whole 'team' thing felt like Gideon teaching a damn class to everyone, including the second-in-command Hotch.

Still, this was the BAU. And if it meant putting up with that singular gesture, it meant putting up with that singular gesture.

Head tilted slightly to the side and forward. Gaze just off-center. Hands spread like a minister giving a blessing. The bounce of his arms to specific words for emphasis.

Morgan mentally labeled it "not so fast" because once Gideon got finished with the recap of what the officer said, Gideon would then list all the reasons why it was wrong.

Politely, of course, because they wanted to be friends with the locals.

And while it was selfish, Morgan was thankful it wasn't one of his own theories being given then "not so fast" treatment.

That would, of course, come later.

It always did.

/ Finis /