Waluigi Stadium

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

"Ahhh..." Waluigi remarked as he won a race in first place at the Waluigi Stadium, having beaten out Dry Bowser and Funky Kong, with them being the only other racers as they were having a three way race. "Feels good to win on my own course."

"I don't know what makes you think you're so good." Dry Bowser remarked as he polished his bones, with all three of the heavyweight characters riding inside Piranha Prowlers.

"Because this is my place, and it's where I get to shine the most!" Waluigi remarked as he twisted his mustache, looking up at the night sky as he closed his eyes, proceeding to give an ode to his pride and joy... his stadium.

Waluigi Stadium. The glamor. The glory. The beauty. A huge race course within a stadium that resembled more of a motor bike course. It was the perfect place for a race to occur. It is the perfect size for a big, but not long race, as well as a quick, but not short race. Waluigi Stadium is exactly what Waluigi basically dreamed of, and it came to life in the best possible way.

Many citizens of the world over come here annually to see the grand races that take place. Whether it be the regular one person, twelve player races, or the two person, eight player races, things were always heating up. The action mainly took place by the halfpipe in the middle of the course, which is after going through the first and second major ramps, where three fake Piranha Plants popping out of gigantic green colored warp pipes appeared to halt the racers. There were also floating bars of red hot fireballs, to cause any particular unlucky racer to spin out.

Before the halfpipe comes the swerve around the mud pit after the second main ramp, of which most turns are made. Waluigi particularly made the decision to lay out his course like this in order to cause some confusion amongst the racers. After the halfpipe lies two more hills, of which is followed by another curvy path. Finally, there's the last main ramp that leads right back to the finish line, and from there on comes a straight path that turns towards the right onto the first main ramp, before turning to the second main ramp.

Indeed, Waluigi crafted this entire stadium all by himself, and he is honored to have it as his main course. He easily does the best out of anyone while racing there, showing all the other racers how it is done. Indeed, what would the grand Prix be without this beautiful race course? Hats off to you and your grand design, Waluigi Stadium!

"...you done?" Funky Kong remarked as he finished cleaning off his sunglasses.

"...yeah, I'm done." Waluigi remarked, being ran over by the Parade Kart, which was being driven by Petey Piranha as Toadette gasped in shock, the pair doing a time trial on the stadium race course.