COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The characters and events in the below story are of my own creation and any theft thereof will be strongly frowned upon!

In the year 2025 in the halls of the Reichschancellory a German soldier was running to an office. when he reached the door he dropkicked it open. "Mine Furor! The Americans are inside Berlin!"

Adolph Hitler, king of Neo-Germany, looked up from his volksdesk rapidly. "Mein gott in Himmel! I must escape!" Quickly he ran to his secret underground laboratory. Scientists were running around and conducting scientific experiments. "Active the time machine!" shouted Hitler. Hitler could hear Americans shouting in the tunnel behind him, murdering innocent German scientists and soldiers to satiate their blood lust.

"But mine Furor, the temporal coordinates are not set! You could be sent ANYWHERE!"

"It is irrelevant, fool! I must survive so that National Socialism can continue!" The thoroughly chastised scientist activated the time machine, and Hitler was thrown through time - to 29AD! When Hitler stepped through the portal he saw a beautiful man with blue eyes and a long beard.

"Greetings, my son," he said. Hitler looked around.

"Where am I?"

"In Israel, my son. Come, have lunch with me. My name is Jesus Christ." Hitler was instantly amazed. He had been a devout Christian all his life and he was honored to eat dinner with Jesus. During lunch Hitler explained the tenets of National Socialism to the Messiah. To his delight, Jesus loved it! Within an hour Jesus was won over to National Socialism. Hitler felt joy in his heart. National Socialism would live again!

While they were talking Hitler found himself checking out Jesus' tight bod. If he wasn't Furor of Germany... But he wasn't Furor anymore,was he? That night when Hitler and Jesus were in bed together Hitler said "Jesus, what do you think of... love between men?"

"What do you mean, Hitler?" Jesus asked. Hitler took a deep breath. He would have to be bold.

"This is what I mean." He leaned over and started Frenching with the Lord. At the same time he reached down and started tugging on his already turgid member (Christ slept in the buff). Jesus broke off the kiss.

"Hitler I - I don't know if I can do this. It feels so good, so right, but I'm afraid. I've never been with another man before."

"I've never been with a man, either, Jesus. I'm scared, just like you are, but we can't let our fears rule us! I love you, Jesus. Do you love me?" Hitler's eyes had tears in them.

Jesus smiled. "Yes, Hitler. I love you." They embraced. Again, they kissed passionately. Hitler continued to jerk Christ off. When he began to tense up Hitler lowered his head to Christ's stiff member and caught Christ's sticky seed in his mouth. There was an incredible amount of it and it splashed everywhere. When Hitler rose up again Jesus locked lips with him. He could taste his own salty semen in Hitler's mouth, and he didn't care. Jesus was happy for the first time in his life.