"Rukia?" Momo snapped her fingers in her friends face "Come back to Earth Rukia!"

Rukia eyes narrowed to her friend, her heart suddenly feeling heavy again. She took a harsh breath, a lump clearly in her throat as she tried to say something.

"Are you alright?" Momo asked worriedly, she patted her back lightly to remind her that she was still there.

Water started to form in her purple orbs, her nails digging into the inside of her tight fist.

This can't be happening.

"Momo, tell me you're wrong and this is all a bad dream." It was a whisper, her eyes glued to the floor. "Please…."

She pretty much got her answer when her friend embraced her tightly, "I'm sorry, hun, but it isn't a dream, it's positive."

She bit her bottom lip hard; she gripped the side of her friend's dress, she held back the tears from escaping her eyes.

"Rukia?" she was worried and she didn't blame her, this whole situation was a huge mistake. "Are you alright?"

Rukia couldn't say for a second, her quiet verbal abuses to herself and her heaving chest wouldn't allow her.


She took a deep breath, a small hiccup stopping her for a second. "I'll be fine." She let go of her friend whom still held on to her "I'll be just fine."

"It's his, isn't it?" she stepped back once, taking the full view of Rukia, her belly wasn't even showing, but it wasn't going to show in the first place, since she isn't that far along.

She covered her eyes, cursing in her palms, why did these things always happen to her.

She doesn't want it.

"The guy from that party," Momo sighed before walking next to her, patting her back lightly "How exactly did it happen?"

Rukia slid her hands slowly off her face, removing any trace of a tear that might have escaped her eyes and took a deep breath, "It just…happened."

"Things didn't just happen, Rukia."

Rukia ran her hand throw her hair, pulling it slightly "I know but, in this case, it did 'just happen'." Momo squinted her eyes a bit, trying to believe her story.

"Did you know what you two were doing before…you know, fucking?"

Rukia couldn't help but want to punch the man in the face that did this to her, "We were drunk, or at least I was."

"I'm not going to blame you completely," Momo murmured and Rukia glared at her "but you should have token some precautions. Weren't you on the pill?"

"I was, but I stopped." Momo slapped her forehead that could have prevented this in the first place. "I wasn't fucking, so I just stopped. I'm leaving."

"Are you gonna go find him?"

"I'm not sure," Rukia gave her friend a weary smile, "I have to clear my head out first."

"Want me to go with?"

"No, I need time alone..." But just as she got to the door, Rukia turned around and faced her friend "Are you sure it's positive?"

Momo sighed, "Yes, I'm a hundred percent positive. Do you want me to show you all six tests?"

"No, I'm fine."


Rukia walked through her small town of Karakura, her eyes glued to the heart shaped leaves on sidewalk.

Should she be looking for him?

She shrugged it off. Sooner or later, their paths will meet since the town wasn't so big.

She looked up at the cloudy evening sky, her thoughts on how to solve such a big problem.

It's funny, how one little mistake could possibly ruin your life.

Seriously, it was just a one night stand, a quick one in the host's bedroom.

They weren't even that close to begin with. He was one of Momo's boyfriend's friends. They had just met in the parking lot, walking in together to the biggest party of her school year.

Maybe they drank too much, since, at one point, they were giggling and grinding on each other in a corner of the room and the next thing she knew, they were on their way upstairs. They didn't know that one simple line he said, once they were locked in the room, will change both their lives.

"You wanna kn-know something..?" he hiccuped next to her, his hand in her hair "You're like, really sexy."

Rukia giggled "Really?" she crawled over him, laughing loud in his ear "I'm sexy?"

"Yeah." He admitted quickly and that was it. Clothes began flying and that's pretty much all she remembered.

She wanted to forget that shameful day, avoiding him at all cost.

But she knew that one day they will cross paths, but not the way they were going to know that she was, well, you know.

And without realizing it, her feet lead her to the one spot she would have rather walked around if she knew that he will be sitting there, a lit cigarette in his mouth.

"Ichigo," she breathed and he turned his head slightly to face her, his mouth opening a bit to let out a fog of smoke.


In her eyes, at least.

"I have something to tell you."

He sighs deeply, turning all his attention n to her. "What is it?"

Rukia couldn't help but shed tears; she was ruining his life and her life, probably even the life of it.

"What's wrong?" he got up, patting my back and leading her to seat down with him. "Did I do something? Did something happen?"

"I-I'm pregnant."

The cigarette dropped from his mouth.

"Are you sure?" he sounded panicked.

She knew he wouldn't want it.

"I was late, and I took six tests, I'm pregnant."

He didn't say anything for a while, his face looking straight ahead, as if looking for an answer.

"Are you sure it's mine?" the question stung. What kind of woman did her think I was?

She jerked her head up in anger, making sure he saw her "You bastard, of course it's yours! You took my virginity that night dumbass. Do you think I'm a slut or something?"

He sighed again, pushing himself of the bench "I really didn't expect this." Rukia could help but feel a sense of 'it's my entire fault'.

She knows it wasn't all her fault, it takes two to fuck, and they went further when they made this 'it' that neither of them wanted.

His eyes were clouded with uncertainty and confusion "Don't worry." He patted her shoulder lightly. "I'll take care of you."

Rukia couldn't help but frown, he was forcing it.

"I know you're still in school, but I can support you, I got the money."

Being a doctor in the Karakura hospital downtown, she knows he got money. But she wasn't looking for the money. She wasn't even looking to be with him.

Rukia looked at his troubled expression. "Maybe I should go on with the abortion, it will save both of us the trouble of this bab-"


"Ichigo, think about it."

"No, I will never want to have such a burden on my shoulders just because it was unexpected. You wouldn't either, Rukia."

Rukia felt a bit warmer inside, at least he wasn't one of those scum that would beg the woman to get rid of it or even deny it.

"Ichigo, do you really want this baby?"

He stayed quiet for a bit, looking away and started walking.


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