Falco The Kidnapper

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Falco Lombardi kidnaps people? What happened with this wonderful world we live in! Anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy,. ladies and gentlemen, as I pathetically continue to try and increase the word count without all of you hopefully not noticing. Not noticing at all. Like nothing at all. NOTHING AT ALL (shot)

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Nintendo and SEGA.

Popo groaned as he sat on his butt, absolutely bored as he touched his fingertips together. Waluigi, who was sitting next to Popo on the random red couch they found westward by the mansion, sighed as he folded his arms, his eyes closed as he pondred what to do. Suddenly, Popo's stomach growled, giving the young eskimo boy an idea.

"I know what we can do!" Popo stated as he jumped up, getting an excited look on his face as he turned to Waluigi, pointing his finger in the air. "Let's go steal some food!"

Waluigi stared at Popo as if he had three heads. "Are you nuts? There's no way you could be able to-" Just as Waluigi was about to finish, a piece of bread came flying down, landing right in front of Popo and Waluigi.

Popo squealed with delight as he grabbed the piece of bread, gobbling it down in one gulp. He cutely burped as he patted his stomach, smiling at Waluigi. "Well, we got that out of the way! Back to being bore-"

"MY BREAD!" Falco Lombardi exclaimed in horror as he tossed his hands on his head, angrily glaring at Popo, who gasped in shock. The blue humanoid falcon would not take this, and he dashed towards Popo, kicking the eskimo boy in the gut as he grabbed him and dashed towards the northern direction, with Popo screaming for help as he struggled to get out of Falco's powerful grip.

Waluigi face palmed as he got up, stretching his long, lanky arms briefly as he gave chase, following Falco closely behind as Sonic The Hedgehog, who was snooping as usual, watched curiously from behind the couch, rubbing his chin to see if he should do anything about the situation at hand...