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Chapter 1: Lost

He watched out the window, staring longingly at the dark clouds billowing in from the sea. Rain was coming, he could tell. Whenever it was going to rain he was unable to shake the feeling of bone-deep cold.

His name was Taichi Kamiya, but everyone called him Tai. He was currently in the back of his parent's car, along with his sister Kari, and, of course, his parents. They were on their way to their new home. It was a small community surrounded by mountains, called Star Valley. It's name came from the beautiful view at night, hundreds of stars, and in the center of it all, the north star shone brightly.

"Wow, look!" gasped Kari. They had just crested the final mountain before Star Valley, and now they could see the entire town. Hundreds of buildings filled the plaza, and in the center of it all, a massive clock tower with star shaped clock hands. The houses were all on the outskirts, at the base of the mountains, and some faced the ocean, which was clearly visible through a gap in the rock wall.

"It's beautiful!" she added. Their mother turned back to look at Tai.

"What do you think dear?" she asked. Tai smiled and nodded, not saying anything.

Of course, even if he wanted to, he couldn't offer a reply. About six years before, when Tai had only been 10, there had been an accident, and he was rendered mute. Ever since he hadn't spoken a single word. His mother smiled.

"Good." she said simply. Tai returned his attention to the sky, where the clouds had begun to grow and darken.

'Great.' he thought. 'First day here, and it's gonna rain.'

: : :

The house was beautiful. It was one of the houses on the beach, and the air smelled salty and fresh. The house itself was two stories, dark red siding with golden trim. The yard was beautiful, with flowers everywhere. Tai walked up to the house, carrying his suitcase behind him.

"Go find your room Tai! It's at the back! Your piano is already there!" called his mother. Even though he couldn't talk, he loved music. He found it was the only way to express himself now. Plus he was an amazing pianist. His parents had bought a grand piano when he was 11, a year after the accident, and he had immediately learned to play. After five years he was quite an accomplished player.

After opening three doors, two of which were bedrooms and one of which was a bathroom, he found his room. It was huge, bigger than his old room, and the walls were his favorite colors, blue and orange. His piano rested in one corner, and his bed in another. On one wall was his computer desk, and the back wall had a door leading to his own balcony. He stepped out and stared at the ocean. It was beautiful. Crystal clear, blue as the sky, and so calm it reflected the clouds.

'Beautiful.' he thought. Then he stepped back into his room just as the rain started coming down. Almost everything was already set up, as his parents had come a week before to get everything ready. All there really was left were clothes and little knick-knacks his mother constantly had around the house.

He walked over to his piano and sat down. He pressed a couple keys to get the feel of it, then began playing a song he had created. When he was finished he stood, ready to leave, when he saw another door.

'Sweet, I get my own bathroom too.' he thought. Smiling, he walked down the hall to Kari's room. It was smaller than his, but still bigger than her old one. Of course, the walls were pink and yellow. Tai shuddered.

'Pink. Ugh.' he cringed. Then he walked downstairs to the kitchen. 'Mom will have a field day in this place.' he thought. 'Too bad nothing she makes ever turns out right.' he laughed silently, then went into the living room to find his mother placing her little things all around the room. Here and there, cats and dogs and birds made of glass and ceramic sat on tables and shelves, even the mantle over the fireplace. (Yeah, a fireplace too.) Tai smiled. Their house was awesome.

: : :

The next day was Monday, and despite his silent pleas, he had to start school here.

'One more week?' he had written on a piece of paper for his mother. She shook her head.

"You're going tomorrow. We bought all the stuff you need, and the teachers were notified that a new student would be there on Monday. That's this Monday, Tai, as in tomorrow. So you're going to go, and there will be no further discussion." he had said bluntly. Tai sighed silently, resigning himself to his mother's will.

So that morning, at 8:30, he walked into the school, went to his locker, put his books in and got what he would need for his first class. English, no less. He hated English. But he walked into the classroom before anyone else, and the teacher greeted him warmly.

"Did you have trouble finding the class?" she asked. He shook his head. She smiled.

"Oh, you can talk, dear." she said. She evidently hadn't been informed of his condition. So he took out his notebook, titled Silent Conversations, (he named all the notebooks so he knew which was which) turned to a blank page and wrote the teacher a message.

'Actually, I can't. I'm mute.' the teacher looked at the message, and gasped slightly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry dear. I had no idea." he said. Tai wrote another note for the teacher.

'It's alright. Nobody really knows anyway. I just thought the teachers had been told.' he handed her the book again, and she nodded, returning it to him.

"I guess not. Well, I'm sorry anyway." she said kindly. Tai nodded, and turned to take his seat. Then he saw someone he hadn't seen when he walked in. Sitting at the back of the class was a boy. His blond hair fell over his sky blue eyes. And he was looking right at Tai.

: : :

Yamato Ishida, or Matt, as he preferred to be called, had always been incredibly popular. Not only was he considered one of the hottest guys in school, he was also the lead guitarist and singer in his own band, the Teenage Wolves. So naturally, he had girls constantly swarming over him. For this reason, Matt liked to be in class as early as possible without seeming nerdy. So just before the first bell rang Matt walked into his first class, English. He was surprised to see a new boy talking to their teacher, Ms. Olesko. His chocolate brown hair was a god-awful mess, and his caramel eyes had a strange glint. He was writing something in a notebook, and handed it to Ms. Olesko.

"I guess not. Well, I'm sorry anyway." she said. The boy simply nodded.

'What's wrong with that kid? Why doesn't he just talk like a normal person? Too damn stuck up probably. God, I hate people like that. Thinking they're too good to talk to you. He's probably just like that and…and he's staring right at me.' though Matt, suddenly noticing the boy's stare, and realizing he had been staring too. Matt just glared.

"What are you staring at?" he snapped. The boy just bowed his head and took a seat. Before Matt could say anything else, more students started piling into the classroom.

'What an ass. He can't even say anything when I ask him a question.'

: : :

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