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Chapter 14: Careful

"Let's make our final decision." Andrew Hiroki stood, watching both bands on the stage. He was actually frowning.

"After conferring with the others, we have decided that we need an outside opinion. We have prepared for such a scenario, and I would now like to call our guest from the balcony above." he said. Everyone looked up in time to see a figure leave the balcony. A few minutes later, the doors opened, and a tall, slim woman with jet-black hair walked into the room. A wave of hushed whispers overtook the two bands. The woman before them was someone even the most famous musicians only dreamed of meeting.

"Children, I would like you all to meet Maryse Lightwood."

Maryse Lightwood, one of the most talented women in the world. She held the record for top singer in the country for 5 years straight, but she had suddenly stopped, and nobody knew why. Her icy blue eyes surveyed the two bands. Both knew this would be the deciding moment.

"After careful consideration, I have decided that the record deal with Burning Records will go to not the band that performed the best, but to the band that showed the most heart." Her voice was smooth as silk, but she seemed to struggle with every word. She was silent for a minute more, than clapped her hands together.

"So, without further ado, I hereby declare that the newest band of Burning Records is Mockingjay!" Matt and his friends went wild, screaming and cheering. The Shooting Stars, meanwhile, stalked out quietly. When they had all stopped cheering, Tai walked off the stage and approached Maryse.

"Th…thank…y…you." he said. Maryse smiled softly, leaning down and, in one swift movement, wiping most of the makeup from Tai's face.

"As I thought." she said softly. Tai blushed, holding his hand over the scarred patch. Maryse smiled. Then, pulling a blue cloth from her pocket, she made a smooth stroke down the right side of her face. Makeup came off to reveal a massive burn scar down the side of her face.

"My beach house burned to the ground five years ago. I couldn't talk for almost 3 years." she said. Tai smiled.

"My…ap…apart…ment…" he began. Maryse put a finger to his mouth.

"Don't strain your voice. It'll heal faster." she said. He nodded, smiling, and returned to his friends on the stage. They had won.

Mockingjay has survived.

: : :

1 year later…

"Come in." Matt said, answering the knock to his dressing room door. Tai stepped in, ready for the show.

"Ready Matt?" he asked. His voice had progressed greatly over the past year. In fact, it had gotten so much better that he had begun to sing some of the songs with Matt.

Matt, on the other hand, was completely and totally in love with Tai's voice. It was smooth and gentle, a little deep, but perfect for singing. And making sexy inappropriate comments.

"Damn right I am. You know, it's been a year since we got the record deal. Can you believe how much we went through back then?" he asked. Tai smiled, sitting next to his boyfriend and grabbing his hand.

"We went through a lot. Some people might not have made it through all that. But we did, because we love each other, and we can do anything." he said. Matt smiled and kissed his boyfriend. When they pulled away, Matt smiled.

"Time to go." he said. Tai smiled, and they walked out, hand in hand, in front of an entire audience of screaming fans.

"Okay everybody! This is the last song of the night!" called Matt. Thousands of fans were screaming his name. He laughed. "Shall we begin?" Tai stepped up to a second microphone.

"Okay, let's go!" he shouted.

The music started, and Tai started off.

"I settle down,

A twisted up frown,

Disguised as a smile, well,

You would have never known,

I had it all, but not what I wanted,

Cause hope for me, was a place uncharted,

And overgrown,

You'd make your way in,

I'd resist you just like this,

You can't tell me to feel,

The truth never set me free,

So I did it myself."

Matt stepped up and joined Tai.

"You can't be to careful anymore,

When all that is waiting for you won't come any closer,

You've got to reach a little more,





This time Tai stepped back and Matt was on his own.

"Open your eyes, like I opened mine,

It's only the real world,

A life you will never know,

Shifting your weight to throw off the pain,

Well you can ignore it,

But only for so long,

You look like I did,

You resist me just like this,

You can't tell me to heal,

And it hurts remembering how it felt to shut down."

Once again, both boys sang together.

"You can't be to careful anymore,

When all that is waiting for you won't come any closer,

You've got to reach a little more,





There was a break in the words, and the music rang out loud. Then Matt began.

"The truth never set me free,"

Then Tai.

"The truth never set me free,"

And finally, they both sang.

"The truth never set me free,

So I'll do it myself,

"You can't be to careful anymore,

When all that is waiting for you won't come any closer,

You've got to reach out,

Can't be to careful anymore,

When all that is waiting for you won't come any closer,

You've got to reach a little more,





The music went for another few seconds before finally ending.

: : :

Tai was lying on Matt's bed, watching his boyfriend put his guitars away. He smiled when Matt came over, kissing him gently.

"That was good." he said. Tai nodded.

"Best show in weeks." he agreed. Matt grinned.

"So what shall we do now?" he asked. Tai thought for a moment.

"Well," he replied, "This was our one year anniversary. Perhaps we should celebrate?" Matt smiled gently this time.

"What did you have in mind?" he asked, making his voice as seductive as he could. Tai was much better at it.

"Oh, I think you know. Do you remember what we did a year ago?" he asked. Matt blushed slightly, remembering that night a year ago. He grinned.

"Oh Mr. Kamiya, what a naughty little boy you are." he said. Tai laughed, kissing him passionately as they celebrated their first year in private.


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