Amor caecus est (English story I Promise!)

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Read under 18 at your own risk! Will have rape, violence, Male Pregnancy, and sex between two men!

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Summary: This is my sequel to Taming the Beast! Hank leaves the institute due to what he did. Will Charles be able to bring him back? Or will it all end in heartache and the breaking up of the X-Men?

Warnings: m/m, beast, anal, rimming, MPreg, SoloM, oral, hj, Language, violence, angst, RAPE, OMC, WIP

Pairings: Charles/Hank

Amor caecus est= Love is blind, I will have Latin phrases through the story and will put a number by it and translate it at the end of the chapter.

Violence, and rape of an OMC in this chapter

Chapter 1—The Shattered Image

Shattered Image

I looked into the mirror,

And saw a face with no name,

I'd seen this face before,

Still it didn't look the same. [1]

Hank jumped up from his bed, sweat rolling down his face. It had been a few weeks since his Beast had taken such fierce control over him and ever since, he couldn't get his mind in full control. 'I can't stay here any longer! And these damn dreams! The Beast wants one thing only, Charles Xavier. And he won't rest until he has him again. I have to leave before I hurt the Professor or someone else!'

And with that Hank packed up some meager belongings and left a small note on the table next to his bed. It read,

I have to work out the anger of the Beast by myself. Please don't follow me! I don't want to hurt anyone else. Please understand! Goodbye my friends!

Hank McCoy

A tear rolled down his cheek as he stepped outside the gates of the mansion. 'I can't come back,' he thought sadly 'If I do, I'll hurt him more!'

"Goodbye, my dear friends!" he whispered to the night, and slipped into the forest. He had no clue where he was going, just very far away from the one man he wanted to stay by.


Charles woke to a pounding on his door, and shouting. "Charles, wake up!" he heard Storm's voice through the door. "Hank has disappeared!" Charles felt his stomach drop to the floor. 'No! Why Hank, I thought we worked this out!'

"Come in Storm!" he called out, sitting up to watch the weather witch quickly walk to his bedside. She handed him the note and watched his face turn extremely sad as he read it.

"I thought you helped calm the Beast?" Storm questioned, confused.

"Me too Storm," his voice was strangely hoarse, like he was trying not to cry. "Give me a few minutes, and assemble the students for a meeting." She nodded and left the room.

"Hank!" Charles sobbed, "Why'd you leave without talking to me first! I could have helped you!" he cried softly. It took him several minutes to stop crying, then a few more to clean his face and dress. Once he was ready he left, heading for the meeting with a determined look on his face.


Tears rolled down his cheeks,

His eyes, wild with fear,

His lips were moving up and down,

But his words remained unclear. [1]

Hank woke up, completely disoriented. All he could see was trees all around him, and sky above him. 'What happened last night?' he questioned, feeling sore and dirty all over. He suddenly realized he was naked. 'What the…?' He sat up quickly and noticed a person balled up on the ground, sobbing.

"Please!" the man cried out, "Don't hurt me anymore!" Hank looked at him in confusion.

"What?" suddenly visions of last night flashed through his mind.


The Beast had woken and was angry. So very angry that his lovely was nowhere to be found. He felt empty, something was missing. Something he needed more than air! Suddenly the wind shifted and the Beast smelled something…Delicious! It wasn't his lovely, but it would have to do for now.

He raced toward the smell roaring loudly. The man stopped cold, 'I knew there were wild animals here!' he thought anxiously, 'Why'd I come to my cabin alone!' He took off running, dropping the wood he was carrying and hurried to his cabin. He gasped as a blue fuzzy thing pinned him to the ground and tore at his clothes.

The Beast smelled the sweet scent coming off the male on the ground, and growled in satisfaction. "Smells…good!" Beast groaned, erection pulsing with each intake of breath. He ripped the man's clothes off, accidentally scratching his flesh. Small beads of blood pooled in the scratches as Beast ripped his own clothes off, freeing his hard erection.

The man hurriedly crawled away while Beast undressed, but he didn't make it far before Beast realized it. The man was dragged back crying by his feet and was pulled onto his knees. "Please!" he whispered hoarsely, crying hard. "Don't hurt me! I'm begging you!"

Beast dug his fingers hard into the small man, and thrust hard into him. "Ahhhhhh…fuck!" he screamed and cried, digging his fingers into the ground trying to claw himself away. The Beast pounded hard into the smaller body, growling ferally and bit hard into his shoulder. "Please…stop…hurts so much!" he gasped on deaf ears. The Beast continued his rampage. The blood from the man's ass only furthering his rage. It lasted through the entire night and only at dawn did he finally spill his seed into the poor man, then collapsed next to the sobbing heap.


"Oh god, I'm a monster!" He cried out, looking at the poor man lying on the ground.


Charles rolled into the dinning room where they were holding their meeting. He looked around at the assembled students. "Everyone, I have some sad news, Hank McCoy has gone missing." There was talking all at once.

"We have to go find him!" Someone yelled.

"He has no where else to go." Another called out.

"Enough!" Charles yelled, "I will be going after Hank myself…" The rest of his words were drowned out by more yelling, angry this time.

"You can't go by yourself!" Jean yelled.

"You have to take us with you!" Scott argued.

"NO!" Charles stated firmly, "No one else must go with me, I'm the only one who can bring Hank back to the mansion. I don't want anyone else there its too dangerous."

"So you expect us to let you go by yourself Chuck?" Logan questioned dangerously.


"Your crazy to think we'll just let you go like that."

"Neither you nor Storm can go." Charles answered his unspoken thoughts. "And I won't let any of the students come with me."

"Why can't one of us come?"

"I need both you and Storm here Logan, I'm leaving you both in charge of the mansion while I'm gone. You have to look after the students for me." He turned abruptly and rolled down the hallway to his room. Logan growled and angrily stormed after him. He slammed Charles' door open and faced the paralyzed mutant.

"Why do you have to go, I could get ol' blue back easy!" He stated, crossing his arms across his chest not intending to move without hearing an explanation.

"You don't understand Logan." Charles whispered quietly, voice sounding strained. "I'm the reason why he left, I need to go after him."

"Explain it to me then, let me help."

"No Logan, you can't help me. The only think I can tell you is that I couldn't help him control his inner Beast and that led to his leaving. That's all I'm going to say on the subject and you can't make me tell more."

"All right Chuck," Logan sighed, "I don't like it but I'll let you keep whatever secret it is, just be careful out there. If we lost you…"

"I know Logan, I know." Logan moved foreward and placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing slightly.

"I'll try to get everyone else to understand the importance of letting you get him, but you better keep in touch will Jean every day your gone or we'll come after you. Got it?"

"Of course Logan." Charles agreed, then hurried to pack his clothes and a more mobile wheelchair for his travel, then made one more stop before he went on his way. Cerebro.


As handsome as he was,

No beauty could I see,

The mirror wasn't broken,

Yet his heart seemed to be. [1]

Hank pulled the abused man into his arms, and quickly ran through the forest. He followed the man's scent to his cabin. Once there he drew the man a bath and set him in the slightly cool water, and set out some ointment and clothes. He didn't say another word to him, but took a pair of pants and left still feeling horribly dirty and ashamed.

"I need to control the Beast! I have to stay as far away from everyone as possible." With that said he headed deeper into the forest, making sure to make good time before his control slipped again.


Charles managed to find Hank's position with Cerebro and tried to talk to him, but was promptly pushed out of his mind. He sighed, 'I should have known he wouldn't talk to me. I'll just have to force him to talk in person then.' He thought with determination.

As he headed to his car he was stopped by his children. "Yes?" Charles asked, holding back a sigh expecting an argument.

"Uh…we just wanted to wish you luck, Professor." Kitty said softly and everyone else nodded. Then suddenly Kitty hurried foreward and hugged him. "Just be careful out there, okay?"

"Kitty, I'm not a child!" He started, hugging back, "But I appreciate your concern, I will bring Hank back. That I promise." The others came foreward and said their goodbyes and allowed him to head to his car.


I smiled, but he didn't,

I laughed, yet he still cried,

He looked like he was living,

But inside he must have died. [1]

Hank had been walking all day, and his feet were so bloody it was getting hard to keep walking. He finally managed to find a stream that led right near a cave. "That's perfect, its away from everyone and everything and there's fresh water. Now I just need to find food." He sighed not even caring, he made a fire inside the cave then headed to the river stripping of the stolen pants.

He washed the blood, sweat, dirt and semen off his body. Once he was done he headed into the cave, sitting in front of the fire and cried himself to sleep.


Charles managed to find the spot he had the coordinates for when he was looking for Hank. He looked for any signs of the blue mutant, and managed to sense a great despair coming off a human not to far away. He easily slipped into the man's mind and saw images of his rape.

'The Beast is out of control again,' he thought with despair. 'I must find Hank and help him quickly. Soon, if he doesn't get help he may not come to his senses at all.' Charles immediately continued his search for his friend. "Please be alright! I must save you Hank!" He cried out to the empty car.


I looked into the mirror,

What did I really see?

It was a shattered image.

A reflection of me. [1]


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[1] I found this poem on the internet, somewhere. It actually was about a woman, but I easily changed it so it was about a man. It fits this story really well, so I decided to use it in this chapter.