The Chipettes Meet the Wolfman

A Fan Fic by Pontiac56 based on an alternate take on "Alvin and the Chipmunks meet the wolfman" film.

Disclaimer: I make no claim to the characters, themes, songs, anything, relating to the Chipmunks & Chipettes, etc. It is all property of Ross Bagdasarian Jr. & Janice Karman. This is just a fan writing created with no harmful or commercial intentions.

Summary: Theodore was the star of Alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolfman, but what if the story was altered? What if an unlucky Chipette in pink was the one given the dreaded curse of the wolf? How will the gang save her, and will Alvin be able to admit his feelings? Read on to find out!

Authors Note: If you have watched Alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolfman, you may recall how Theodore's negative qualities were enhanced essentially turning him into a mini Alvin! However Brittany is already a female version of Alvin, so how will she be affected by the curse? All this will be revealed if you read on! Please note that I will begin the story a little later than the original movie. We will find ourselves beginning from the night where Alvin freaked out and frightened everyone.

The night begins

The group walked slowly down the pathway through the dark, foggy night. The leader of the group wore his signature red sweater with a large yellow 'A' embedded on it. His red hat bobbed up and down as he walked, trembling. This person was none other than Alvin Seville, leader of the chipmunks. Behind him were his brothers and their friends the Chipettes. All were dressed in their usual shades of Blue, Purple, Green and Pink. Brittany however had opted to dress in a pink skirt and a pink tank top, rather than her usual outfit. If it had not been for her blue jumper, which she detested, she would be freezing walking through the dark night air. The chipmunks all walked in formation from oldest to youngest. It was far later than usual because everyone had been forced to stay late to clean up Alvin's chemistry explosion in the auditorium. Brittany had not forgotten and she was very annoyed. Theodore was walking towards the back of the formation slowly, he was very upset. Eleanor was attempting to comfort him. Theodore was being troubled by a school bully. No matter what the kind hearted chipmunk said or did, Nathan continued to bully him, pulling pranks on him, threatening him and even taking his lunch. All the other chipmunks felt sorry for Theodore, even the angry tempered Brittany.

"I just feel so sorry for Nathan, he must come from a very unloving family" Jeanette sighed after a while. The group had been walking in silence since they had left the school 10 minutes ago. Brittany huffed angrily.

"You know, I don't care if he comes from a pack of angry wolfs…!" she started to say annoyed when suddenly Alvin froze and she walked straight into him.

"Wolves!" Alvin said timidly, beginning to bite his nails in fear. Lately he had been watching and reading too much about monsters. He enjoyed it throughout the day, but at night every sound frightened him, and the last 3 weeks he had been plagued with nightmares. He was so afraid that he had actually been sleeping with one of Theodore's toy bunnies. Brittany growled and shoved him onwards. She wanted to get home, and Alvin screwing around was not helping.

"Oh but Brittany" said Jeanette almost pleadingly. She hated it when her sister showed no compassion for anyone but herself.

"Oh please, this passion you feel for all mankind is… sickening Jeanette" Brittany said annoyed at her sister. Brittany truly believed that Jeanette's compassion and kindness was not always a good strength to rely on. Brittany appeared angry, but deep down she did worry about Jeanette from time to time. She knew that Eleanor could take care of herself, she was very strong, but Brittany was afraid that were Jeanette in the same situation Theodore was in, it would be terrible for her.

"I wonder why Nathan picks on you so much Theodore" Eleanor said still doing her best to comfort the depressed chipmunk next to her. He had barely said a word the whole way home and she was very worried for him.

"Beats me, maybe he just doesn't like me" Theodore said, glancing at her for a moment before returning his view to the pavement. Eleanor sighed and started to rub his back reassuringly, hoping that she could try and make him forget his troubles, at least for tonight. As the group walked on, a sudden crackling noise in a bush brought the chipmunk in red into a state of alarm.

"Huh, did you guys hear that?" Alvin shouted the question, on the verge of hyperventilation. Theodore who had been so preoccupied in his own thoughts looked up. Noticing his brother's sudden fear, he couldn't help but grow a little nervous.

"Hear what?" Theodore stuttered starting to look around.

"Someone's behind us!" Alvin said slowly turning around, fear dripping from his every movement. Simon looked at him and rolled his eyes before letting out an annoyed sigh.

"So what it's a public side walk" he said crossing his arms and lightly glaring at his terrified brother in red. Simon knew it was just Alvin's monstorphobia acting up, but he didn't want anyone else in the group to get frightened because of him.

"M-m-maybe it was N-N-Nathan" Theodore stuttered and started to shake timidly. Eleanor looked around before turning to Theodore.

"I don't hear anything" she said supportively, trying to calm him down.

"Alvin it was just your imagination" Simon said sighed. The chipmunk in red seemed to nod his head and started to calm down.

"Maybe…" he said in a casual tone, before suddenly turning back that of horrified fear, "And maybe not!"

Simon looked at him and shook his head before coaxing the rest of the group back into movement, something Brittany was all for. The group walked for a while before Jeanette started to look up. The fog had thickened and there were no stars in the dark, black sky.

"It seems a little dark tonight doesn't it?" Jeanette said stuttering a little. Eleanor looked at her and realized now she was starting to get a little worried. As smart as she was, Jeanette was still afraid of the dark. Eleanor had more than once woken to the sound of Jeanette whimpering once the hallway light had been turned off. Eleanor figured that being with everyone in the group, Jeanette had first coped with darkness rather well, but with the intensified fog and the absence of any light in the sky, she was beginning let her true colors seep out.

"Oh it's probably just the fog" Eleanor tried to reassure her. She looked over to Brittany for some assistance, but Brittany's annoyance had now turned into pouting.

"I hate fog!" she whined crossing her arms and glaring at nothing in particular. Simon and looked at her and gave an exasperated sigh. He hated having to deal with Brittany while she was pouting. In fact everyone did. The only one who could actually stand up to her in these states was Alvin, but with him now on the verge of hysteria with his fears of monsters, Simon had to try and take his place, stopping Brittany before her whines got too much to handle.

"It's merely condensed water vapor suspended in…" he tried to say, hoping his logic would bring her out of her pouting and back to being annoyed at someone. When Brittany was annoyed she was still unpleasant to be around, but she was generally far quieter, opting instead to simply glare at whoever irritated her.

"Like I care, it's creepy and it makes my hair frizz!" she growled and began to glare at him once he had turned around. Simon let out a triumphant smile when no one was looking. Suddenly Alvin stopped dead in his tracks and the entire progression collided with each other. Brittany started to growl.

"Now what?" she said angrily, placing her hands on her hips, her first stage before she became physically aggressive. The rest of the group took a step back from her.

"It sounded like breathing" Alvin stuttered, beginning to shake even harder. Before Simon could explain to the eldest chipmunk that he was being silly, a huge gust of wind bucketed passed, rustling leaves with it. The wind sounded like something large and spooky. Simon was the only one who didn't gasp as the wind passed them.

"What's that?" Alvin almost shouted wildly pointing his finger in front of them aiming at nothing but shadows. Simon sighed again, hoping this time he could stop the chipmunk before he escalated the situation more.

"Alvin there's nothing…" he began to say, when another gust of wind whooshed passed.

"Monster!" Alvin screamed. Simon watched as all 5 other members of the group began to scream and run for the direction of their houses. Simon groaned and began to chase after his brothers.

Jeanette was leading the way back to Miss Miller's house. No matter how logical she could be, in the dark any situation like this could bring her to screaming and running for her life. As the Miller house loomed in front of them, the three screaming Chipettes burst through the door and sprinted up the stairs and into their room. Miss Miller had been in the kitchen when she heard the girls bursting in and screaming. She had initially been irritated that they were so late, but now she was very worried. It was difficult to bring her girls to this kind of state. She watched as they all ran screaming to their room and slammed the door shut.

"Girls! What's wrong!" she cried from the bottom of the stairs. Receiving no response she hurriedly raced up the stairs and entered the room. The girl's room was always in pristine condition, except for tonight. The room was similar to the chipmunks in that each girl had their own bed and wardrobe; however they shared a mirror and bathroom. There was a closet in the room, but Brittany had taken claim too it, and now every inch of the closet was covered in pink clothes of some sort. The room was painted a light white color; however each girl had individually done some decorating around their bed to make it more to their liking. Next to Brittany's pink bed, she had placed a small pink lamp onto a desk, which she had painted pink. A small photo rested on it with a picture of her and Alvin playing together on a swing set. In the picture Brittany was laughing as Alvin happily pushed her back and forth. Although Alvin and Brittany had constant fights, they were both very close friends, and whenever they weren't arguing, which wasn't often, they spent a lot of time together. Brittany had also covered the area around her bed with stickers of pink flowers and butterflies. Eleanor had taken a similar approach to Brittany. Next to her light green bed sat a small green desk with a green lamp on it and a picture of her and Theodore together. In the picture she and Theodore were mixing a bowl of cake mix and were both covered head to toe in flour and other ingredients. The two were laughing together as they shared a wooden spoon to stir the mix. Eleanor had decorated her side of the room with pictures of little cakes with green icing and images of sports equipment, all of which was green in some regard. Jeanette was the only one of the three who had not stickered her area. She had a lavender desk next to her purple bed, also with a purple lamp on it. The photo on her desk was one of her and Simon. The two were cuddled next to each other sharing a book to read. Neither had noticed how close they were as they were too engrossed in the book, and they definitely hadn't seen a giggling Eleanor take the picture, but now Jeanette treasured the image as it was the closest she had been to Simon without blushing or being nervous.

Miss Miller looked at the once clean room. It looked as though a hurricane had hit it. The girls school bags had been thrown to the floor and all sorts of homework had flung out. Photos and other items on top of their dresser had all been knocked down, and the sheets had been ripped from their beds. Miss Miller looked around wondering what was going on. Suddenly she heard a whimper coming from Brittany's closet. She opened the door to see three shaking lumps underneath the missing sheets huddled in the corner. Miss Miller didn't know what to say. The girls were frightened out of their minds. She hurried over and pulled the sheets off them. They all let out a startled shriek and turned to see who it was. They calmed slightly at the sight of their worried mother.

"Girls what's wrong, why are you so scared?" Miss Miller asked dropping the sheets on the closet floor and kneeling to their height.

"A-A-Alvin saw a m-m-m-monster" Jeanette stuttered and started to cry, covering her eyes with her long sweater sleeves. Brittany and Eleanor were still very shaken, but they had started to calm down more now.

"Come here you poor little things" Miss Miller cooed softly and pulled her girls into her arms. After a minute Brittany and Eleanor let go of her hug, but Jeanette refused to let go of her, clinging to her like a frightened small child.

"It's alright sweetheart. There aren't any monsters out there ok. Alvin must have just seen a tree branch sway. You have nothing to worry about" Miss Miller said softly, gently rubbing the still frightened Jeanette's back. After a few minutes of hugging, Jeanette seemed to calm down a little and released her grip. Miss Miller carried her out of the closet and placed her gently onto her bed, with Brittany and Eleanor right behind. They had completely calmed down now and realized what they had just done. Thinking about it they both felt a little embarrassed at what had happened. They knew there wasn't such thing as a real monster, but they had run screaming home like 5 year olds none the less. They would both have a word with Alvin in the morning, but right now they were worried about Jeanette. She was always the timid shy one, and they hated to see her so upset.

"Brittany, Eleanor, will you two stay here with your sister for a moment. I need to go and speak with David about this" she said softly but sternly. Miss Miller was very angry that Alvin had managed to frighten all her girls, Jeanette especially. Brittany and Eleanor nodded and climbed onto their sister's bed and sat next to her. They watched as Miss Miller left the room, and moments later they could hear her screaming into the phone. Jeanette had stopped crying and shaking, but she refused to look at anyone.

"It's aright Jeanette, it's all over now" Eleanor said softly and gave her sister a hug. Brittany joined in as well. Jeanette hugged back but she still refused to look at them, choosing instead to stare at her bed.

"I'm sorry I was so scared" she said faintly under her breath. Brittany and Eleanor were still worried.

"It's not your fault Jeanette. We were all scared" Eleanor said softly and patted Jeanette's leg. She smiled for a moment then she frowned and almost began to cry again.

"Simon wasn't. Simon didn't get scared, he just ran after his brothers. He is going to think I'm just a big scaredy cat" she said and covered her eyes to try and stop the tears forming behind them from rolling out. Eleanor and Brittany looked at each other and sighed. They knew Jeanette had a crush on Simon, but she was just too nervous to say anything to him. They knew though that he cared about her. Jeanette would have been crushed if Simon started to think less of her for something like this, but Brittany and Eleanor knew he would never do something like that.

"Jeanette, Simon doesn't think you're a big scaredy cat. He would never think of you like that. He cares about you deeply" Eleanor said soothingly. Jeanette picked up the picture of her and Simon together and pulled it close to her. Eleanor started to rub her back kindly. Brittany suddenly let out a growl and jumped off the bed.

"Oh that Alvin! How dare he bring my sister to tears! I'm gonna go over to his house right now and give him a piece of my mind!' she said angrily and shook her fist.

"Brittany, it's late. I'm annoyed at Alvin too, but just leave it for now. We'll both talk to him in the morning" Eleanor said facing her eldest sister. There were three reasons Eleanor not wanting Brittany to go to Alvin right now, the first being that Eleanor was also angry at Alvin and she wanted to have a word with him just as much as Brittany did. The second reason was that she was actually afraid for Alvin. As angry as she was at him right now, she knew he had been scared out of his mind at the time, and she didn't want Brittany overreacting and beating the chipmunk. And the last reason was it truly was now getting pretty late and it was very dark out. She didn't want Brittany going out alone. It was just too dangerous. Brittany grumbled for a moment then she seemed to comply and sat back down on Jeanette's bed pouting.

"Thank you for trying to defend me Brittany. And thank you Eleanor" Jeanette said timidly. Both of her sisters immediately forgot about Alvin and turned back to Jeanette. She was still clinging to her photo but she was no longer staring at the bed.

"We're your sisters Jeanette. We'd do anything for you" Brittany said kindly and the three Chipettes began to hug again. Miss Miller reentered the room and watched the sight for a moment. She loved her girls so much, and she loved that they loved each other just the same.

"Alright sweethearts, it's time for dinner, then later we can watch a movie if you like" Miss Miller said happily as the girls broke apart. They all smiled happily and followed her from the room.

A few hours passed and now the girls were all getting ready for bed. After the events prior, Miss Miller was certain she left the door open a crack for Jeanette. She had calmed down a lot since earlier but Miss Miller didn't want her to get frightened again. As the girls finished brushing their teeth and got changed into their pajamas, she moved to each of their beds and tucked them in.

"Good night my angels. I'll see you all in the morning. I love you" she whispered and gave them all a kiss before leaving the room and turning off the light. Eleanor and Jeanette fell asleep very soon after, but Brittany remained awake.

"I can't believe how badly Alvin upset my sister. I don't care if it's late or if he's even asleep. I'm going over there right now to talk to him" she thought to herself. She checked to make sure that her sisters were asleep before hopping out of her bed and getting changed. She put on the same outfit she had wore earlier and placed on her blue jacket. As much as she hated the jacket, it really was comfortable. Normally she would have placed her hair back into a ponytail, as she slept with her hair loose, but she wanted to get to Alvin as soon as possible so she skipped doing her hair and left her room. She tiptoed down the hallway, hoping not to wake Miss Miller. She walked passed her adoptive mother's room to see her snoring loudly on the bed. Letting out a sigh, Brittany moved passed the room and down the stairs. As she opened the front door she felt a blast of cold hair hit her face. The fog was still very thick and the night sky was darker than ever. The only light at all came from the street lamps that stood next to the road. Brittany shivered for a moment and contemplated taking Eleanor's advice and simply waiting until tomorrow to speak with Alvin.

"No, I've come this far, I may as well keep going" she whispered to herself before lightly closing the door and walking off along the street. The Chipmunk's home was not very far away. They lived just slightly up the road from the four way intersection in front of the Miller's house. Carefully Brittany looked around before crossing the street. She was almost at the Chipmunk's house when she felt another sudden gust of cold wind.

"It is so cold tonight" Brittany shivered. She was about to keep going when she heard a rustling noise in the bushes behind her.

"W-w-whose there?' she asked nervously turning around. There was no one there, the path was completely deserted.

"M-m-must have j-j-just been the wind" Brittany whispered to herself nervously. She turned to keep walking when she heard a low growl to her side. She slowly turned and let out a startled scream as a pair of glowing red eyes looked at her from the bushes. Suddenly a dark shape shot out and pounced towards her.

Alvin shot out of bed. He had heard a scream. Normally it would have been him doing the screaming as he awoke from another nightmare, but this time he knew it wasn't himself. He looked around. Both his brother's were asleep and he couldn't hear any noises to indicate it had been Dave.

"Maybe it was someone outside" he stuttered nervously to himself. He hopped out his checkered red bed and approached the window. He looked around for a minute. He was about to go back to bed when he noticed a small silhouette appear under a street lamp, slowly moving towards his house. Moments later there was a knock at the door. Nervously Alvin looked around. What could he do? No one else was awake and there was someone at the door. He was frightened that it was some sort of creature, but he knew that right now someone was at the door and he needed to see who, so he gulped and headed downstairs. The door knocked again as he approached it. He closed his eyes tightly and opened the door, waiting for the growl and the monster to attack him. But it did not come. He opened one eye and saw the figure of Brittany on his doorstep.

"Brittany?" he said quietly looking at the Chipette in front of him.

"What are you doing here so la…" he started to say but noticed something different about her. Her hair was messy and had some twigs in it. Her clothes looked ruffled. But the thing that caught Alvin's attention was her frightened look and her bleeding arm.

"Brittany, what happened? Are you alright?" he asked with wide open eyes. She didn't respond.

"Come inside" Alvin beckoned. The frightened girl walked passed him and into the den. Alvin closed the door and turned on the lights. He offered her a seat before approaching her.

"Brittany what is going on? What happened?" Alvin asked again, even more concern creeping into his voice. For a moment or two she didn't respond. Alvin was about to repeat the question again when she finally spoke.

"I was… on my way here t-t-to speak to you… you upset Jeanette when you scared everyone…. I w-w-was going to talk to you before…" she said before going quiet. She looked down at the wound on her arm. Alvin followed her stare. The wound was not very large, but it was obviously a bite of some sort.

"What hurt you Brittany?" Alvin asked moving to take a closer inspection at the wound.

"I'm… I'm not sure. I think it was… a really big dog or… or a wolf" she said faintly. Her gaze turned to the floor. Alvin looked at her with concern for a moment before taking her hand.

"Come on. Let's go clean this wound. Then I'll take you home" he said kindly, helping her off the chair. For the next few minutes everything was silent. Alvin took Brittany to their bathroom and washed the wound for her. Then he searched around under the sink and grabbed the first aid kit. He applied some disinfectant and wrapped the wound in a bandage.

"Alright Brittany, the wound should be ok now. It's alright" Alvin said kindly. When she did not respond, he pulled her towards him and brought her into a hug. At first he had expected she would push him away, but instead she clung to him tightly. He gently rubbed her back.

"It's ok Brittany, everything is ok. Let me grab my sweater and I'll take you home alright" he said kindly. Brittany nodded and smiled. He walked upstairs and grabbed his big red sweater he had been wearing earlier, and slid it over his pajamas. He then walked downstairs to find Brittany quietly sitting in the den.

"Come on Brittany, it's alright. Let's get you home" he said kindly and helped her down. He took her hand and led her out of the house. As they approached the intersection, Brittany suddenly grabbed a hold of Alvin tightly and refused to let go. Alvin assumed this must have been where she was attacked. He looked around to make sure that the dog or wolf and disappeared before proceeding onward, leading the frightened Brittany with him. After a few minutes they approached the Miller house. Alvin knocked on the door loudly and waited for a few moments. When he heard a groan from somewhere upstairs and moments later a disheveled Miss Miller opened the door. She glanced down at Alvin.

"Alvin, it's the middle of the night, what in the world are you…" she started to say before she caught sight of Brittany.

"Brittany, what's going on, are you alright?' she asked looking at the frightened girl in front of her.

"She was coming over to talk to me about frightening them earlier, which I'm sorry for by the way, when she was bitten by a dog or a wolf. She was really frightened when she came over. I cleaned her wound and brought her back here to make sure she was safe" Alvin said, still looking concerned at Brittany. Miss Miller gasped bent down to pick up Brittany.

"Oh my poor baby" she said and hugged her. Before she re entered the house she turned to Alvin.

"Thank you for bringing her home dear" she said thankfully and kissed his cheek. He smiled weakly at her.

"That's alright. I'm just really worried. I'm so sorry that she got hurt. She was coming over to yell at me" he said sadly, his smile fading away.

"Don't worry about it dear. I'm just glad that you made sure she was alright and got her home safely. You're a good friend Alvin. Thank you" Miss Miller said and patted his shoulder.

"Good night Miss Miller" he said and gave a slight wave.

"Good night dear" Miss Miller replied and waved back, then she carried Brittany inside and closed the door.

"I hope she'll be alright" Alvin whispered to himself worried, before turning around and walking back towards his house.

Miss Miller took Brittany in the kitchen and sat her down on the table.

"Brittany that was very dangerous of you to go out this late on your own" Miss Miller said softly, but sternly. As upset and worried as she was about Brittany, she needed to make sure the girl had learned her lesson and wouldn't do something this foolish again.

"I'm sorry Miss Miller… I was really upset about Jeanette and I… I just wanted to…" Brittany started to say before tears started drip from her eyes. Miss Miller looked at her and all sternness in her voice completely vanished.

"I'm just glad you're ok" she said and hugged her daughter again. Brittany was still very upset. Miss Miller heard a noise from behind her and saw a tired yet worried Jeanette and Eleanor.

"Is Brittany alright? What happened?" Eleanor asked, taking a good look at her frightened sister.

"She is alright. She was on her way to go talk to Alvin when she was bitten by a big dog or a wolf of some sort. Alvin cleaned her wound and brought her back" she said. She had been very angry at the boy earlier, but now she very proud of him. He had taken care of her daughter and made sure she was safe.

"Oh Brittany. I told you not to go out this late to talk to him" Eleanor said worriedly. Brittany just started to cry again. All three other members of her family surrounded her and started to hug her.

"It's ok Brittany. It's all over now. Let's just go to bed and forget about it alright" Jeanette said kindly to her sibling. Brittany nodded her head and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"I'll get Brittany all cleaned up. You two go back to bed" Miss Miller said. Jeanette and Eleanor wanted to stay and make sure Brittany was ok, but they knew Miss Miller would just get cross with them. The two younger Chipettes said good night to Brittany and Miss Miller then headed back to their room.

"We'll have to thank Alvin in the morning" Jeanette said.

Eleanor paused for a moment. She wasn't sure what to say. She was still upset about what had happened earlier that night, but after what he had just done for Brittany, Eleanor felt inclined to agree. Jeanette seemed to guess what she was thinking.

"I know Alvin scared us all earlier, but he had just been very frightened himself. He didn't mean it. And now he just made sure Brittany was safe and brought her home. We need to thank him' Jeanette said softly to her younger sister. Eleanor looked at her. Unlike Brittany, Eleanor loved Jeanette's compassion for others, and right now it showed what kind a person she really was. Eleanor nodded and hugged her sister.

"You're right Jeanette. Tomorrow we'll thank Alvin. Right now let's go to bed and get some sleep" she said. Jeanette nodded and the two slipped back under the covers on their bed and fell into slumber once more. Miss Miller helped get all the twigs out of Brittany's hair and got her dressed back into her pajamas. The Chipette was still a bit frightened about the ordeal, but she had calmed down a bit. Miss Miller gently picked her up and carried her to bed.

"Good night Brittany. I'll see you in the morning" Miss Miller said and kissed her goodnight before leaving the room. It took a long time for Brittany to get to sleep that, and when she did it was not peaceful. All night her dreams were plagued by nightmares of wolves and creatures attacking her. She began to sweat and roll around in her bed. The room was completely dark except for a one thing, a purple glowing symbol on Brittany's hand.

So I hope you guys like the first chapter. This is my first story 'original' fanfiction so I hope you guys enjoy it. What will happen now? Will Brittany start showing signs of the dreaded curse of the wolf? And how will the others react when they learn the truth? Find out on the next update!