this is my first fanfic of FMA (it's criminal right?) i've been a huge fan for years but i've never actually written a fic for it before! D: so i decided to start with AlMei,

it's a cute pairing, and Al is VERY VERY easy to get into character for me cause he's just so loveable, you know! ;)

BUT! I DON'T OWN FMA! If i DID! There would be alot more shirtless Kimblee running around _

Enjoy the story!3

"My Knight; My Princess"

When One Journey Ends, Another Must Begin.

The sound of a continuous clank landed on the floor of the car. He couldn't get his legs to stop bouncing up and down; something he never did when he was in that metal prison.

The feel of the wind, the smell of the candies and food, the feeling of the wriggling he had to do every hour or so to keep his butt from hurting…It was all wonderful.

He used to take things like these for granted. But now the long journey made it all worthwhile. All the people he met over that journey, all the sadness and hardships and lessons he had to endure. Like when teacher found out about what they had done.

Or when they couldn't see what that madman was up to…why couldn't they see he wasn't right?


He and his brother had struggled so much. But now the struggle for their bodies was over. They accomplished their dream. He was happy.

Wasn't he?

Even though I've recovered what was lost...I swear…it just feels like there's something missing…I can't put my-



The stupid train bell always interrupted brothers' thoughts, and it wasn't because he liked to sit near the front. Lately, loud noises seem to interrupt his as well. Was he being too impatient? And why should he? He's just going to learn a new form of alchemy. No big deal. Well not true it was a big deal; alchemy derived from medicine! To the normal world it was just one of those sliced bread things, but to an alchemist, it was like learning how to make a flying machine and keep it aloft for more than five minutes.

He stopped twitching and looked at the floor to see if he left any scuff marks, which he did and it's no surprise either! He'd been doing it for the past 40 hours….

40 hours? He didn't remember closing his eyes for too long…

Could he be there already?

He glanced outside and the giant "Welcome to Xing!" banner at the border-line station caught his eye.

Of course he only THOUGHT it says Welcome to Xing…those squiggles are so alien to him. Maybe he should learn Xingese from Mei…Mei…

"Alphonse-kun? Alphonse-kun!"

Had he nodded off again?

"Huh? Ah, Zampano. Are we really at Xing already?"

"Yea kid, you fell asleep." Jerso chuckled while he got their things from the top sleeper and slowly headed toward the door.


Well what do you know? He actually feel asleep on a train.