Hi everyone!

This is my first ever fic, so I would really appreciate some R&Rs… they really help me improve my writing.

This is set in the middle of 'Amy's Choice', in the dream with the Eknodines.



Oh no! Amy thought, clutching her bulging stomach. Not now, of all times!

She can feel her baby kicking wildly inside her and she knows this isn't a false alarm at all. She is about to go through labor right in the middle of the battlefield.

Outside the two-storey cottage, Amy, Rory and the Doctor could hear the Eknodines – aliens who took over old people's bodies as 'hosts' – wreck havoc against the house just to find a way inside.

Amy moaned in pain as she collapsed to the floor. She could feel both her boys grip each of her hands and she could just imagine what they were thinking now:

This can't be happening!

To her right, she can hear her best friend's soft murmurs against the sharp ringing in her ears, "Hang in there, Amy. Please, hang in there!"

She could also hear her husband's troubled cries, "C'mon, Amy. You can do it, dear. C'mon!"

But to her distress, she could also hear another voice in the room that doesn't belong at all.

"It's time, Amelia." he tells her evenly.

All Amy could think of doing is punching that smug Dream Lord right on his pug face, not that it would do her any good at all in her condition.

"No," she cried. "I can't!"

At once, she felt the Doctor's hand leave hers and through blurred eyes, she saw his figure stand menacingly in front of their foe.

"Leave her alone!" he bellowed.

The Dream Lord did not cower against his opponent's fiery rage. Instead, he smiled scornfully, "Not until dear Amelia here makes her choice."

Amy couldn't concentrate on anything else.

"I can't!" she yelled. "I just can't choose!"

She didn't see the Dream Lord's smile grow wider, but she can hear his sneering response. Clearly, he was enjoying this, "Then I shall have to choose for you."

With those words, the antagonist disappeared into thin air.

Shocked, Rory managed to stammer, "Where did he go?"

"I don't know," the Doctor replied honestly.

Three things happened as the pair spoke:

A large brown gnome smashed through the nursery window.

The Doctor, like the curious man that he is, goes over to investigate.

And the next thing Amy knew, the Doctor was lying on the ground, writhing in agony. An Eknodine seemed to have breathed on him somehow. And Amy, to her utmost sorrow, knew what was going to happen next.

Ignoring her baby's wild kicks, Amy summoned her remaining strength and crawled to where her best friend was sprawled upon, limbs twitching.

"Doctor?" she whispered, tears filling her hazel eyes as she clutched his hand. Already, it felt powdery against her skin.

Rory appeared next to her, shouting, "You can't die!"

The Doctor shook his head sadly. "Rory," he whispered his voice raspy. "Take care of Amy."

Rory, dumbstruck, couldn't think of anything else to say, so he nodded vigorously.

The Doctor shifted his blue-green eyes towards Amy, who sat there weeping like a child.

"My Amy," he murmured, before closing his eyes.

Instantly, the Doctor himself was reduced to dust, and Amy stared at the small pile of ash that was all that's left of her Raggedy Doctor.


An eerie silence befell on the large cottage.

Inside the nursery, a teardrop landed on a small mound of grey ash littering the cream carpet.

Moments later, the ghostly silence was interrupted by a shrill scream of pure agony.