Dim flickers rose to life in the shadowed room. The light from the moon outside the large glass window reached out its thin limbs and tried to fill the darkness to no avail. It succeeded only to cast a small glow on the two sweat soaked figures that rested only a few feet away on a beaten and worn mattress with no frame. The older of the two men sat half propped against the closet wall, the wrinkled sheets beneath him felt familiar and the cool wall's surface was soothing on his heated back. He took a long drag from his freshly lit cigarette and gazed expressionless out the barrier between night winds and the thick artificial indoor air.

His eyes never moved but he could feel the man next to him shift as he lit his own slow death. Murdoc grinned as he released his held poison fumes into the stuffy room and listened as the song on the ever-cycling play-list moved to one of their own. The eyeless creature beside him smiled too.

There was their vanity. False icons or otherwise, there was a sense of righteous achievement every time their own sounds echoed back to them. 2D played them shamelessly and one had to wonder how much truly resounded within his empty mind. All but Murdoc of course who could not have cared less, or perhaps already knew, but all the same held his tongue on the matter.

"Your rhinestone eyes are like factories far away.."

"What's a rhinestone anyway?" Murdoc asked, his usual gruffness was present in his voice, but the words weren't judgmental.

The tone of his companion's voice inclined 2D to answer, "Fakes. They're fake jewels. Shiny, and pretty, but..err..cheap? Yeah, like diamonds but cheaper." He allowed his cigarette to slip slightly between two long fingers. His arm sagged a bit as his own focus seemed to shift to his strangely complacent friend.

"Hmm..." Was the soft reply of the green tinted man.

"They are pretty though," The younger of the two felt the need to express suddenly, "Just, superficial. For when you want to look nice without paying for it. Like putting up a front. Faking it." His words slowed then and halted. 2D's muscles felt suddenly weak and he allowed his arm to fall lifelessly off the edge of the bed. He snuffed out the burning end of his drug into the filthy carpet. Empty eyes fell on the unmoving man to his opposite side.

"This storm brings strange loyalties.."

A soft sigh escaped the older male as his arm moved again to feed his habit and the dark smoke rolled in between his lips as the clean air escaped through his nostrils. His free hand was limp beside his covered waist and the moisture under his palm was becoming too much to bare. A heavy silence fell between the two sin soaked men.

"Same time everyday same routine.."

"They put them on hats sometimes," Murdoc finally said, his eyes moved from the window to his companion and held there in the mismatched orbs was an unreadable expression.

"Yeah!" 2D agreed eagerly a small smile spread across his features, his ominous black dents remained emotionless, "They do don't they?"

"They do indeed," Murdoc agreed as he pressed his cigarette into the wall and leaned over to reclaim his most prized instrument; his singer.

"You're love's like rhinestones...falling from the sky.."

Hey guys. So I know I should be working on other things but here's a little something I did to get out of my recent writing slump. Randomly used proper format for their diolog this time..that changes depending on my mood/ the fic XD

If anyone's wondered why (or even noticed that) I've been so slow to post it's because I've been spending all my free time on my orginal novel.

Anyway, this is one of about twenty different meanings I get when I listen to that song. Rhinestone Eyes is my favorite song on the album, hands down. I hope you all enjoy.
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