Just a short oneshot I wrote a while ago. Inspired partially by Katy Perry's "One Of The Boys." I quite like it and thought it was worthy of being posted.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, blah blah blah, you know the drill. Just read the story, okay?

Leah watched as they rolled around in the sand, creating a huge dog pile on the beach. She loved playing football, but more so, loved watching the guys play. They almost always refused to play tackle with her and insisted on two-hand-touch, but nevertheless, football was football.

"Leah!" called Jared. "Come play, baby girl!" Leah just smiled and shook her head, content with watching for now. Any other day, she would've played, but today she felt . . . different. She'd been noticing lately that ever since the whole phasing thing happened, she'd become so much more like a guy. Tomboy-ish. She didn't really like it. She used to dress up all the time, just for herself. She used to get regular mani/pedi treatments, get her hair done, do her make-up; and now here she was, in her brother's boxer shorts, her Alpha's t-shirt, looking the complete opposite of her old self.

How did this happen?

She touched her legs, unshaven for weeks. Maybe I'll do that tonight. Yeah. I should call up Rachel and Kim. We could all go out. I can get dressed up again. We can go shopping. Holy shit, when's the last time I set foot in a mall? I wonder what the guys would think.

Leah giggled at the thought of the pack's faces if they saw her looking super hot for no reason whatsoever. That would surely shut Paul up for once. Sam would be delighted to see the old Leah. Maybe Jacob would even pay a bit more attention to her. Maybe he'd give her that giant smile she loved so much.

"Lee!" Sam's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "Come on, our team's one short! We need you!"

She smiled again, standing to her feet and jogging to place herself next to Jacob in the team's huddle. She would definitely call Rachel and Kim tonight; she needed that girls' night out.

But for now, She thought as she tackled Brady to the ground, I'll enjoy my time with my boys.

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