OK! So I got this new idea, it's kinda weird and maybe even confusing… but hear me out! It'll be awesome. I think. :S Oh, and to make things clear, they are 16 here and are in the modern world. There is no ninja stuff, or is there? Read and find out! Enjoy.

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It Started with Fan fiction

Naruto had just turned on his computer to read the latest chapter on one of his favorite fan fictions. I know, Naruto? Reading fan fictions? Everyone has a secret. ;)

Anyways, he would always check to see if his favorite author tomato cheeks had updated yet. She/He would usually make romance fictions, but Naruto enjoyed both the humor and romance since she/he was great at both anyway. Tomato cheeks did most of her fictions to the anime (and manga), Haruto. It's an anime about a certain ninja that was treated as a monster and was shunned from society because of the demon he had inside him. He still had the courage though to reach high and aim for the position of hokage, the highest rank for shinobi, so he could be recognized by everyone.

You probably already know the rest so let's continue on to my fan fiction here. Naruto really admired Haruto and he also thought that it was so cool how close their names are. Wow! I mean, can you believe it? His name is Haruto Uzamaku, and mine is Naruto Uzumaki. How much more awesome can your life get? Not as awesome as mine! He thought as he remembered the times his classmates would ask if his parents were ultra fans of the anime to name him that.

"That wouldn't be possible", he once said to his curious classmates, "Because Haruto didn't even exist when I was born!" He clearly clarified to them as he explained that it was just destiny that told him he would be just like Haruto.

So here we have Naruto, bad grades, loud mouth, rude… but you can't help but notice that he was determined, bright and he never went back on his words. He was just like Haruto, like he had said.

"NO WAY!" Naruto exclaimed as he continued to read the latest chapter of the fiction.

"Haruto is such an idiot! I mean, Nata already loves him and it is sooo obvious but he still goes and picks the girl who barely acknowledges him! Yakura calls him an idiot and ignores him all the time while she goes for that stupid prodigy and the last Ruchiha, Usake. It's so messed up!" The blonde teen then narrowed his eyes and started to type his review for the chapter.

Ramen is love (Naruto's user name): What? Man/Woman, you totally made Haruto seem like such a dense idiot, but I still liked the part where he said Usake's hair resembled a duck's ass. LOL. That was funny. Anyways, update soon.

Naruto then yawned as he stretched in his chair, "Well, better go to sleep so I can get to school early and copy the math homework off from Shikamaru." The blonde would always copy Shikamaru when he could, seeing as he was sleeping so much in class he would usually not notice Naruto copying his homework. It's not like he would mind anyway, I mean, he didn't care about anything. He'd usually say, "It would be too troublesome to argue with you about how troublesome it would be if the teacher caught you copying my homework, but since I don't have the energy for such a troublesome argument I will let you copy it."

And so, the tired whisker marked teen continued to get ready to go to sleep…

In Hinata's room

Hinata was surfing the net like any usual teen on a Sunday evening when she clicked to see the latest reviews she may have received from the latest chapter of her fan fiction.

The lavender eyed girl scrolled down as she noticed the person that would always review on her chapters. "Hmmm…Ramen is love again? This person seems to always review on my fictions. Heck, every chapter for that matter." She thought as she had her chin resting on her hand and her elbow on the computer desk. "I guess I should reply to his review, it's the least I can do for all the reviews I've received from him/her."

Tomato Cheeks: Hey Ramen is love, thanks for always reviewing on my fictions. Especially this one since you review on every chapter. Yeah, sorry about portraying Haruto that way…but you see, I'm basing the story on my life. Ehehe. It's what gives me ideas. Oh yeah! I knew you'd love that part, I mean his hair totally looks like a duck's ass. Lol. Well, thanks again for reading

Hinata looked up to her clock as she read the time 10:00 pm. "Ah, guess it's time to hit the sack." She sighed as she thought dreamily about the person she always longed to see every morning. Naruto. "Who am I kidding? I'll just stare at him and stutter every time I'm around him. I should really stop having these fantasies of him actually noticing me."

She turned her gaze to her computer again as she logged off and continued to turn off her computer.

Well, there you have it. ;)

sorry it was a bit short for your liking, but I gotta hit the sack as well. lol.

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