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It Started With Fan Fiction

Chapter 11

Hinata sighed for the hundredth time during their car ride home. Of course Neji had noticed, but frankly, he did not care. Or at least, he did not want to care. Even if he hadn't asked her yet, he already knew the answer. She was thinking of Naruto.

Ever since he'd been taking Hinata home early, she started to act weird around him. Maybe mad, if that's even possible when it comes to her. The tea she'd make him in the morning was all of a sudden cold. And every time he'd ask her for shampoo she'd give him soap instead and close her door.

This treatment was literally killing him… and his hair. Neji even lost 2 strands of hair yesterday! Was he finally going bald? Was this his punishment? What a cruel world indeed! Maybe… he should talk to her. All he wanted was for her to stay away from Naruto! Was that so much to ask for? Yes, yes it is. But Neji Hyuga was never fair. And he'd do whatever it takes to protect Hinata from idiot losers like Naruto.

"Hinata sama… you have to understa-" The older Hyuga started.

"How would you feel if I kept you away from TenTen chan?" Hinata asked, interrupting Neji abruptly.

Oh crap. She's using the guilt method Neji groaned inwardly. Why was she so difficult? When it came to Hanabi, all he had to do was buy her a new bunny and they'd be friends again. And that is where all her bunnies came from. Neji is in fact a regular customer at the pet store, all because of Hanabi, of course.

Neji grunted in annoyance. He's the one trying to protect her here! She could do so much better than Naruto, really she could. Why not just let the idiot fawn and trail after Sakuri…Sakore… whatever her name is! Isn't that the girl he loves? So why pester his cousin?

Said cousin was too distracted, and all she did was look out the window. What time is it anyway? She'd have to check her cellphone. She wasn't in the mood to talk to Neji and ask him for the time. He'd probably think that she dropped the argument already. So, naturally, she rummaged through her… bag?

"What the-?" Hinata muttered in confusion. Why is there four cups of instant ramen noodles? 'I don't remember buying any…'

There was also an orange shirt, some of Sasuke's class notes and… their class photo?

Hinata dropped the bag as if electrocuted. She covered her now flaming face as her mind was still trying to grasp on the conclusion that…

She had taken Naruto's bag.

'No-no-no-no-no!' She repeatedly chanted in her mind. This has to be a mistake… She couldn't have taken Naruto's bag! This is supposed to be her bag! Why do events like these always happen to her? She felt like fainting. Just thinking about the embarrassment she'll feel when she tells Naruto that she took his bag was enough to make her want to die.

'What if he'll think that I stole it? He'll never want to talk to me ever again! He'll think I'm a horrible person that steals bags and ramen. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?'

Neji raised his eyebrow at Hinata's peculiar behavior. She was shaking her head from side to side and was throwing the bag everywhere. Maybe she has her period today. 'Aha! No wonder she's so moody. Guess I have nothing to worry about.' Neji thought positively.

Finally arriving at their destination, Hinata swung the car door open and ran inside the house as fast as her legs could go. Neji heard the faint sound of a door shutting… rather hard too. 'Yup. It's her period.' The Hyuga male concluded.

Naruto paced from side to side, staring intently at the bag he decided to take home with him. Horrible, he knows. But when Naruto is curious, there is no helping it… at all. When he had spotted Hinata's notebook, he read her fanfiction notes. Naruto's an idiot alright, but not so much as to not realize that Hinata's ideas and stories were exactly the same as tomato cheeks.

For about 20 minutes after Hinata had left, the blonde had been at school. He was staring at the notebook in utter shock and was, for a long time, speechless.

Page 1

Naruto just kissed me today! Okay, that's a lie. It was an accident. It was my very first too. But not that I mind, I love him after all. I hope he's not mad at me. It's also going to be really awkward now... but I did get a lot of ideas for my fiction. This is just great! I'm betting Ramen is love will love the idea just as much as I do now.

-Haruto finds Nata training

-He nears her, and trips on a stump bringing her down with him.

-they then kiss, by accident, when a squirrel jumps down and lands on Haruto's head.

-Nata faints, naturally.

After reading the first page, Naruto felt his cheeks and noticed they were really warm. He was blushing, hard at that. Naruto was even sweating a little. The notebook dropped to the floor as Naruto had his head in his hands. Guilt and regret hit him like a damn brain freeze after eating spoons filled with ice cream. All this time, she… loved him? And all he had been doing was chase after Sakura while she watched. Hinata had been hurt countless times, he guessed. And just thinking about all the pain he may have caused her made him feel like a huge bastard. Even worse than Sasuke maybe, and that's definitely saying something.

He didn't want to read anymore. He didn't want to feel any guiltier than he felt now. Naruto knows what else is in the notebook; after all, he's a part of it too. All of those events happened to him too. But even with Naruto's uncharacteristically depressed state, he found this new discovery as more of a reason to make her faint, beat Gaara, and go on the first date with her. It's the least he can do to make it up to Hinata. And when she… ever becomes his girlfriend, he'll make her so damn happy. He'll make her so happy that the past won't even matter anymore.

It'll be as if he had never liked Sakura, and that Hinata had been the only one to begin with. With that new goal in mind, Naruto left the building with some of the heavy weight lifted off his shoulders. Hinata's notes had a bunch of ways to make her faint! All he has to do is pick one. That's all. Should he kiss her? Hug her tightly? Well, all of that was in the notebook. If that was Hinata's idea of making a girl faint, then Naruto would do it.

"You're… so troublesome." Shikamaru commented as he closed his eyes with no trace of emotion showing on his face. Temari glared his way and flicked his head, hard.

"Ow! What the hell Temari!" The lazy teen hissed.

"Then stop being a bastard you dumbass!" she shouted angrily. Temari was getting so tired of this! She was tired of being thrown aside like garbage, tired of hearing his smartass remarks. When would he look at her as a woman? As an attractive, very attractive woman, who's in love with him? This loser is passing up a once in a lifetime chance, and yet he still has as much emotion as a rock! 'I don't see anyone else chasing after you.' She nagged a matter of fact inwardly.

"Shikaaamaruuu kuuun!" A loud voice boomed, shaking both Temari and Shikamaru out of their thoughts.

"Shikamaru! I knew I'd find you he-"the blond beauty immediately stopped in her tracks as she looked at Shikamaru with the sandy haired teenager. She was pretty, with her edgy look and her dark brown eyes. Ino felt a nerve pop just looking at her so close to the emotionless and lazy boy.

'WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS?" Ino screamed angrily, pursing her lips into a solid frown as she glared down at Temari.

Temari had the same look on as she linked her arm onto Shikamaru's, earning a raised eyebrow from him.

"O-Oi. What do you think you're do-" but he was soon interrupted as Ino too, grabbed his arm in an attempt to pull him away.

"H-HEY! Wait!" And Shikamaru just had to wonder why, out of all the guys in school, he was the one stuck with the most troublesome of girls. Ironic much? He never wanted this. All he wanted was to watch clouds. All he wanted was to breathe in some fresh air.

"He's coming with me you skank! Now LET HIM GO!" Ino yelled, pulling as hard as she could on his arm.

"Yeah right! I'm not done talking with him you clingy blond!" Temari stated loudly.

"You're one to talk!" the blond shot back.

'Oh it's on.' Temari mentally said as she stuck her tongue out at Ino. Shikamaru knew all too well, that his days of cloud watching were now officially over.

Sakura was on her way home when she spotted an all too familiar red head. And by red, I mean literally red.

"Hey! Gaara kun!" The pink haired girl yelled out as she jogged to catch up to him.

Gaara cringed at the sound of her voice and walked even faster. He really, really didn't need this right now.

"Wait up, I need your help! Slow down tomato head, Geez!" Sakura then shouted in a more than annoyed voice. It sounded completely different from her tone awhile ago, even worse if that's even possible.

"What do you want?" He questioned rudely, turning around so she could see him narrow his eyes at her.

"You want Hinata chan, right?" Sakura asked smugly, enjoying every second that passed as his expression changed to one of interest.

"What of it?" Gaara questioned. He sounded on guard and defensive, but inside, he knew that this girl would be able to help him out.

"I can help you with that. You see, there's the spring dance coming soon right?"

He didn't answer, which meant he just wanted her to explain the rest. None the less though, he liked where she was going with her plan.

"You got the stuff?" Kiba whispered as he looked left and right, on his guard for any kind of movement or sound.

"Yeah. Be careful man. I worked hard to get this stuff here." Kankuro stated, as he too, looked around.

"No problem, I'll put it to good use. I was running out anyway, so it's a good thing you study here now. I mean, this stuff is really hard to get."

"No duh. You gotta admit, I got the best stuff around." Kankuro boasted as he smiled smugly.

"Haha. Guess you're right." Kiba laughed, scratching his head.

"Well, I have to go now. Temari is probably looking for me. Remember, don't tell anyone. I'll be swarmed by people if they find out."

"Yeah yeah." Kiba said, shooing Kankuro off as he too walked home, happy with his new supply.

That night, Kiba tried out his new "Man Make-Up" supply. He carefully applied his usual red triangles on his face and flashed himself a nice grin while looking at the mirror.

"Kankuro was so right! This stuff is way better than the paint I usually use!" Kiba shouted happily.

Kakashi was currently at the gym, working out as he usually does after school. He was getting weird looks lately, especially from the women. They were already used to his mask, and they all thought he looked sexy in it. So what was their problem?

"HELLOOOOO youthful beauties!" Gai shouted gleefully as he greeted them, like he normally would.

Kakashi sighed and waited for the disgusted remarks of all the women there. It wasn't unusual for them to do so. After all, Gai wasn't exactly the ideal man. Kakashi chuckled at the thought. But his short-lived happiness died off when he heard a comment he thought he would never, ever hear in his lifetime.

"Hey, Gai. Looking good, are you divorced yet? Because I was thinking we could maybe do something tonight." A random, but beautiful woman offered as she batted her eyelashes in a seductive manner.

"Sorry ladies, this beast is taken. But feel free to admire." Gai said, flashing them a sparkling grin as he continued on to walking to his rival. The women all sighed dreamily.

Kakashi rubbed his eyes. He rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. What the hell? Maybe the mask was doing this to him, maybe the mask was causing hallucinations!

"Hello eternal rival! Do not worry, for I have taken the liberty of exposing your true self! You're as free as a soaring bird in the beautiful blue skies!" Gai roared as he sparkled in his own glory.

Kakashi immediately sweat dropped and raised his eyebrow in question.

"What are you talking about?"

"Kakashi! How could you forget? Your admirable confession has inspired me to spread it everywhere! I feel as though I have helped a friend lift a heavy weight off his shoulders. Please, no need to thank me. Really, there is no need to thank me. Oh, No! Not at all, No thanks at all." The bowl haired man yelled dramatically, putting the back of his hand on his forehead.

"Y-y-you m-mea-!" Kakashi stuttered in utter disbelief.

"YES! My bisexual friend! You are now free!"

And without a thought, Kakashi roughly pulled the delusional man outside… and beat the crap out of him.

Gaara was now at home, still thinking about Sakura's offer. And once again, he wondered if it would really, actually work. The red head looked to the side and grabbed his cell phone. Gaara informed Hinata of band practice that day, and she had agreed she would go. Though, she didn't know where or when yet so Gaara took the initiative to make it a reason to call her.

He was kind of nervous to talk to her. Now that the pressure of the deal was nagging at his mind, he couldn't seem to concentrate as well. Was he… worried? Worried that Naruto might have gotten to her already?

'Yeah right. That loser? No way in hell am I going to lose to him, especially when I was the one who proposed the deal.' He thought confidently. So finding the courage to call her, he dialed her number and waited for her to pick up.

Naruto was sound asleep and snoring when he heard a cell phone ringing. After all he found out today, he really did not have time to think about fanfictions. The point is that, Hinata is the one writing them. And she's probably done with waiting and dreaming. He'd make all that a reality. But right now, he needed some sleep.

He wasn't thinking, though, when he answered the phone, thinking it was his.

"Hello?" Naruto greeted, still half asleep.

"Huh?... Who is this?" Gaara asked, shocked when he had heard Hinata sounding so awful. Well, she sounded awful because he was expecting her soft and sweet voice. But who the hell was this?

Naruto immediately got up and questioned the first thought that came to mind, "Why're you calling me Gaara? Don't tell me you're… gay?"

"What…the HELL… are YOU talking about?" Gaara shouted with gritted teeth. He called Hinata! Not this imbecile!

Realization dawned on the whiskered teen as he made an 'O' shape with his mouth. He took a look at the cellphone he was holding and… it was lavender. It's definitely not his phone.

"Ah… Uh, Gaara! I… can't *shhhzzz* hear *shhhzzzz* you! Bye!" Naruto hastily said, shutting the phone abruptly.

Gaara could only stare dumbly at the screen of his phone as unnerving thoughts filled his mind. 'What is Naruto doing with Hinata's phone?' And then he started to get concerned.

'Are they together at the moment? Is Naruto at her house?'

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" Gaara yelled in frustration.

Temari chuckled at hearing her brother's loud outburst.

'Definitely puberty.' She laughed inwardly as she continued to write plans on how to get Shikamaru.

The next day

Naruto swiftly made his way to class, trying his utmost best to avoid confrontation with Gaara. And he had to admit, it was extremely difficult. Now that Gaara was chasing after him for answers, Naruto did not get the chance to talk with Hinata. Plus the fact that he still had her bag.

The moment he gives it back, he'll tell her he loves her.

But before Naruto could actually make it into the classroom, he was met with the feared redhead himself.

"Ah! Gaara, it's… you, ehehe…" Naruto laughed uneasily as he slowly took steps away from him until he hit a wall from behind.

"Unfortunately, it's you as well." Gaara replied darkly, following after the blonde until they were right in front of each other.

Hinata could hear Naruto's voice from inside the classroom. She immediately debated whether to follow it or not. 'He probably knows by now…' she pondered, remembering her fanfiction notes in her bag.

Hinata bit her lip and abruptly stood up. 'It's now or never, if he… loves me too, then he'll tell me.' She then carried Naruto's bag in her shaking hands as she made her way outside. But she stopped midway ease dropping on their conversation. It wasn't like Hinata to do things such as this, but at the moment, it seemed highly appropriate.

"Were you with her last night?" Gaara asked angrily.

"What are you talking about Gaara! Stop saying stupid things like that! I wasn't with her, believe it!" Naruto retorted back.

"Then why were you acting suspicious? Tch, especially when you hang up the phone in such a childish way. I wasn't born yesterday you idiot." Gaara gritted out.

Hinata couldn't believe what she was hearing. It actually sounded like… they were having some kind of love quarrel! Naruto couldn't possibly be gay! And Gaara too! Everything she believed in until now, about Naruto, were they all lies?

Before getting to conclusions, Hinata stepped outside and held her breath in at the image in front of her. 'Their faces are so close!' she screamed inwardly.

She blushed madly when the two realized she was now watching. And the only ticket to getting Hinata to date either one of them, happened. She fainted.

"Oh. So who wins, Gaara?" Naruto asked, oblivious to everything that had just transpired.

"Idiot." Gaara sounded before face palming himself.

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