Heeeeey! I'm back with my first ever Sam-centric Creddie one-shot. I'm not sure I liked how it turned out, but nonetheless: enjoy.


You always knew that it was going to be like this.

You always knew that Freddie was going to be with Carly.

And you always knew that you would be genuinely happy for them.

You're standing in a pale blue dress, flowers clutched in your hands.

Carly is elegant, in white and is glowing with happiness. Across from her is Freddie, who has never been seen happier.

You look out into the crowd, filled with so much happiness that you could burst at the seams. Mrs. Benson is sitting directly behind Freddie. She's sobbing quietly into tissue, but that's to be expected. She stifles a cough, and blinks away tears as she looks up with adoring eyes at her prized son.

Scattering among the people are relatives and friends who are all happy. They all knew that this was going to happen. A few aren't pleased, but all expected it. And all are happy that Carly and Freddie will be happy.

Freddie had asked you to help pick out a house. So you chose the pale green town house for the new couple. You helped him figure out the best way to propose, when to do it, and how to do it.

You try not to remember that even though you were his best friend, Carly will now forever come first. But you always remember when you feel neglected that this was always meant to be, that this was always going to happen. So you are happy for them.

You helped Carly plan every detail of the wedding, from the cake, dresses, location, and guests. Carly couldn't have done this without you, and she knows it.

You know that Carly and you had grown apart the last few years, and you also know that you won't be able to continue to be friends with Freddie without her supervision. Awkwardness will now fill the silences that used to be easy. You can no longer call Freddie just Freddie, but now you must call them Freddie and Carly. Carly and Freddie. His name is forever hooked to hers.

And you don't mind. You always knew that you were going to be the onlooker in their perfect relationship. You always knew that they were going to be happy, and have easy, comfortable lives.

You always knew that. And you don't mind, because a Puckett has always had to struggle to receive happiness. But the sweat, blood, and tears make that sweet joy seem even sweeter. So you sit back calmly, and appreciate all that you have, and you are happy for their soon-to-be perfection

Because if you weren't happy, you couldn't be anything at all.


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